Interesting Facts About America

FACT#1 It has been said many times that the Apple company has more property than the US treasury.

FACT#2. Smoking is not a crime for minors here. Yes, but they can not buy it.

FACT#3. About 20 million Americans live in mobile homes.

FACT#4. It was illegal to celebrate Christmas by 1836. It was considered a “pagan holiday”.

FACT#5. In 1893 there was a demand for an amendment to change the name of America. Its name was changed to ‘The United States of the Earth’.

FACT#6. 7 percent of people living in America claim that they are never bathing.

FACT#7. One of the eight people works in McDonald’s in this country. This job is especially for young people here.

FACT#8. A person living in the US uses resources equal to 32 people living in Kenya. There is a great difference in the lifestyle of people in America and other developing countries.

FACT#9. Interesting Facts About America that in the US, a black man was the first to be slaves.

FACT#10. In 1867, the United States bought Alaska for $ 7.2 million from Russia. Russia feared that if there was a war with Britain then they would capture it.

FACT#11. America’s smallest state is the largest name. it is called  “Rhode Island”

FACT#12. America’s Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world.

FACT#13. America’s Wabash and Indiana were the first such cities in the world that used the electricity.

FACT#14. The highest cyclones in the world come in the midwestern part of the U.S. and from where it occurs, it is called “Tornado Allel” (Tufan Gali).

FACT#15. Ever since the US used Eddie slippers in the war, it has not lost any war.

FACT#16. At the time of the American Revolution, the price of maize was 10,000%, the price of wheat was 14,000%, the cost of flour was 15,000% and the cow’s mass was 33,000% more times.

FACT#17. Governments have control over 32 percent of America’s land.

FACT#18. America’s first capital was New York, but it was later Washington DC.

FACT#19. In the US, you can drive only when you are 16 years, you can put a pistol and vote only after 18 years, and buy alcohol only when you are 21 years.

FACT#20. Interesting Facts About America is that the most obese country. Its 33 percent of the population is a victim of obesity.

FACT#21. One of the eight couples in the United States was added to this year which was found online last year.

FACT#22. Indians did not have the right to take US citizenship until 1924.

FACT#23. Americans spend 90 percent of their time inside the house.

FACT#24. The average American consumes 6 times more protein than needed every day.

FACT#25. Interesting Facts About America is that Americans eat the highest ice cream on any side of the world in the world.

FACT#26. The most known Hawaii island is land of America

FACT#27. Only 1 percent of Americans have 33 percent of the money and 50 percent has just 2.5 percent of the money in the United States.

FACT#28. America’s most populous city is New York and after that comes the number of Los Angeles and Chicago.

FACT#29. America’s Navy force is the world’s second-largest water force, and the air force is at number one.

FACT#30. The world’s first telephone directory book was printed in 1878 in the United States. It had only 1 page and 50 names were recorded on it.

FACT#31. 18 percent of Americans still believe that the Sun travels around the Earth.

FACT#32. Every year 50 million cycles are unleashed.

FACT#33. The earliest coin in the United States was started in 1794. This coin was made of silver.

FACT#34. Americans play gambling 54-55 billion dollars (about 30 million crores) every year.

FACT#35. Every American uses an average of 8 batteries a year.

FACT#36. There are 800 cyclones in the United States every year.

FACT#37. On an average 60,000 people pass over the US by air in an hour.

FACT#38. An American man spends 3,500 hours working during his lifetime.

FACT#39. Americans consume 35,000 tonnes of “Pasta” every year.

FACT#40. At New York was the right of the “Dutch” and it was called New Amsterdam.

FACT#41 Americans make the most pollution in the world.

FACT#42. In America, 18 acres of pizza are eaten in one day.

FACT#43. Americans throw 25 million plastic bottles every year.

FACT#44 Every 45 seconds, a house in the US burns with fire.

FACT#45 Americans eat 1 million to 5 million hot dogs every year.

FACT#46. About 1 million cars were sold in the USA in 1913.

FACT#47. American people read 4 crores 40 lakh newspapers daily.

FACT#48. The average weight of every woman in America is 50 kg.

                                       FACT#49. 63 percent of American youth can not find Iraq on the map.

                              FACT#50. The number of animals is 3 times higher than humans In Montana city of America.

FACT#51. About one of the four Americans has come on a TV show.

FACT#52. Almost every American drinks 600 cold drinks in one year.

FACT#53. There are approximately 535 million dogs in the United States.

FACT#54. If you wrote the names of all 50 states in the English language, you would use all the letters except ‘Q’.

FACT#55. In the US, 80 million tonnes of paper are used every year.

FACT#56. In 1867, the American gave only 72 million dollars for Alaska, which is today equivalent to Rs 1 rupees per acre.

FACT#57. Alaska is the largest state in the region in terms of area.

FACT#58. There is a city in America called Ding Dong!

FACT#59. America’s highest mountain peak is called Mount McKinley. Its height is 6,194 meters.

FACT#60. Every American uses paper equivalent to 465 trees during its lifetime.

FACT#61. Hawaii is the newest state in the United States and it became the US state in 1959.

FACT#62. There are three such cities in the United States, named “Santa Claus”.

FACT#63. According to a recent survey, about 81% of Russian people think about the United States is negative.

FACT#64. The most paid government employee in the state is a football coach.

FACT#65. The United States of America’s State of Alaska is 429 times larger than Hawaii Island. But the population of the Hawaii Islands is more than Alaska.

FACT#66. Alaska’s coast is the largest of the United States’s 49 states, which connect states with each other.

FACT#67. The real name of the city of Atlanta is “Terminus”.

FACT#68. Maryland is the state with the highest capita income in the United States.



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