Interesting Facts About Smartphones

Smartphone has become the first need of everyone in today’s era. There was a time when phone calls were great to people but today’s time is that everyone wants to get a better smartphone. There is no doubt that the Smartphone has changed our lives. With Smart Phone, we do our own work with just a few clicks. In this post, we will be discussed about interesting facts about smartphones We are going to tell interesting facts about smartphones in this article. Which will increase your knowledge and feel amazing?

FACT#1 Martin Cooper made the first call from a mobile phone in 1973.

FACT#2. Nokia 1100 was the only product in the history of electrical gadgets. It sold more than 250 million mobile phones.

FACT#3. The first mobile phone was built in 1983 and the price of this mobile phone was 2.5 lakhs US Doller in the USA.

FACT#4. 90% of people use waterproof smartphones in Japan.

FACT#5. 90% of Smartphone users always keep their smartphones in their hands.

FACT#6. Smartphone has more than 18% of the bacteria present in the bathroom, so using the Smartphone is harmful to health.

FACT#7. You may feel a bit weird but this is true, 3.5 billion people do not do a toothbrush, but 4 billion people keep their mobile phone.

FACT#8. The highest mobile bill had come to 142,000 pounds, and her name was Keron Alos.

FACT#9. Smartphone’s computing system used in today’s time is also very impressed with the computer’s Apollo 11 engine computer’s computing system.

FACT#10. Apple sold about 440 Million iPhones in a quarter of the year in 2012, and the largest maker of smartphones means that approximately 340,000 iPhones were sold every day.

FACT#11. The company named Bellsouth Cellular created the world’s first wireless Smartphone, in 1983. This smartphone was named “Simon

FACT#12. Sonim XP3300 is the world’s strongest phone, if this phone is also dropped from the height of 84 ft, then there is no harm in it. The name of this phone is also included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

FACT#13. According to experts, more uses of smartphones are a disease such as nomophobia, telephony phobia, and ring-gate.

FACT#14. In the United Kingdom, more than one million Smartphone people accidentally fall into the toilet every year.

FACT#15. There is 20 percent of people in the world who do not leave their smartphones during sex.

FACT#16. 90 percent of the world’s messages are read within 3 minutes of sending.

FACT#17. The world’s smallest phone is Zanco tiny t1.

FACT#18. Most people use a pin code to lock the phone. While 28 percent of people do not use any locking feature.

FACT#19. The world’s first smartphone built-in 1983, after which there was a continuous technological change.

FACT#20. There are many diseases caused by the use of smartphones. It is also a disease that is lost in a smartphone or worrying about its distance, which is known as nomophobia.

FACT#21. Mobile Phone launched on April 3, 1973, by Motorola engineer Martin Cooper. He joined the Motorola Company in 1952.

FACT#22. The first cell phone from Motorola was about 10 inches long and weighing 1 kg. Motorola Company had launched its first Mobile Handset market in about 10 years.

FACT#23. Motorola’s first mobile handset was Diana Tac. Its battery could be talked about once for about 35 minutes. When Diana Tac was launched for the first time, its weight was high. Its weight was reduced to about 794 grams.

FACT#24. The comedian Area Wise first called the Vodafone office from St. Catherine’s port and Known as O2, Cellet broke his monopoly of Vodafone by starting his service in 1985. Vodafone took nine years to create one million subscribers. Cellet had added ten million subscribers in only one and a half years and launched a mobile phone with the camera on June 11, 1997.

FACT#25. French businessman, Philip Khen started the camera mobile phone with photos of his newborn daughter “Sofie

FACT#26. An Establishment of Arizona had launched Mobile Phone for Dogs in September 2007. This mobile phone for dogs was worth about 25 thousand rupees and this phone was equipped with GPS satellites.

FACT#27. The world’s first Smartphone was IBM Simone in the 1993 wireless world conference. The Smartphone equipped with the initial round touch screen and worked as the world’s first Smartphone Mail, Electric Pager, Calendar, Calculator, and Address Book.

FACT#28. The world’s largest mobile handset manufacturers are Samsung, Nokia, and Apple.

FACT#29. In the UK in 2011, Mobile Phone subscribers sent 1.5 billion emails. and there were more than 12 to 15-year-olds in sending SMSes. They had sent 193 SMS messages per week on average.

FACT#30. 47 percent of US smartphone users have said that they cannot live without their phones

FACT#31. The Ericsson “GS88 Penelope” was the first mobile phone to be called a smartphone.

FACT#32. 70% of mobile phones are manufactured in China.

FACT#33. The iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the most expensive phone in the world, worth $ 15 million.

FACT#34. The world’s population has more mobile phones. 

FACT#35. The first mobile phone sale was held in the United States of America USA, in the year 1983, it was priced at $ 4000, which was used a lot.

FACT#36. Almost all people in the world use Android phones and most of all companies are making Android phones and Malware virus is a virus that attacks 99% only on Android mobiles.

FACT#37. An average person unlocks their phone 110 times daily.

FACT#38. It seems strange to say that your urine can charge a mobile phone, but it is true. Scientists have devised such an idea.

FACT#39. Mobile phone throwing is the official game of Finland.

FACT#40. A divorce can be granted by sending a text message to your partner in Malaysia. This is legally valid.

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