Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

We will be discussed interesting facts about Adolf Hitler, He was a brutal dictator, who was born on 20 April 1889. Hitler was considered the most dangerous leader in history, in front of which the whole world was shivering. Because of Hitler, the most devastating battle in human history was fought. This war was the second world war because of which millions of people died. Once upon the persecution of the Jews, it seemed as if humanity was eliminated from this world. Anything you read about Hitler seems to be less.


FACT#1. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, on 20 April 1889.

FACT#2. He was a famous German politician and dictator and the leader of the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ (NSDAP). This party is often known as the ‘Nazi Party’.

FACT#3. Hitler’s first love was a Jewish girl but he did not have the courage to express his love for that girl.

FACT#4. The day of Hitler’s life was the happiest when The Times Magazine gave Hitler the title of “The Man of the Year” in the year 1938.

FACT#5. For the first time in modern history, Hitler was the first person to launch an anti-smoking campaign.

FACT#6. At the age of 16, he left school and took a picture on the postcard. Hitler joined the army before World War I broke out. He was awarded the ‘Iron Cross‘ twice.

FACT#7. Many people died because of Hitler But you would be surprised to know that Hitler was purely a vegetarian, the person who crossed all the limits of cruelty to humans. Not only that, but he also made a law against animal cruelty.

FACT#8. Hitler’s father made three marriages For the first time married a woman much older than herself. The second time married with young lady, and for the third time, she was married to Hitler’s mother.

FACT#9. According to the media report, Hitler’s caste policy led to the death of approximately 10 million people. Due to World War II, nearly 60 million people lost their lives.

FACT#10. Hitler’s dream was to become a painter. But in 1907 and 1908, the Academy of fine arts was rejected twice.

FACT#11. Even today Hitler’s mustache had called ‘toothbrush munch‘.

FACT#12. Adolf Hitler’s mother Clara Hitler had planned to have an abortion, but at some point, Doctor refused to do so.

FACT#13. Adolf Hitler became homeless after the death of his mother and the second time reject the Art School in 1908.

FACT#14. In the First World War, British soldiers spared the lives of an injured German soldier. He was the lucky soldier Adolf Hitler, but later he slaughtered Jews.

FACT#15. In 1936 when Germany was Olympics, India fought with Germany, due to Major Dhyanchand, India beat Germany 8-1 score. Hitler was also watching this match and was impressed with Major Dhyan Chand’s game and offered him a high rank in his army and offered to play on behalf of Germany. But Major Dhyanchand turned down this offer.

FACT#16. Perhaps you may not know that Hitler had only one testicle. That’s why he never became a father.

FACT#17. Hitler used injections made from bull semen to increase sex life so that his young girlfriends could be happy.

FACT#18. Hitler was a big fan of Charlie Chaplin’s and also kept a mustache like him.

FACT#19. Hitler liked chocolate and ate at least one kilogram of chocolate in a day.

FACT#20. According to Dr. Jan Bondeson, Hitler and his faithful servants were completely surrounded by “teachings” dogs, with whom they talked. Whenever a dog was attracted to it, it was believed that as much as he would help the war. From this point, it can be assumed that Hitler was very much attached to his dog. The main ones are Blondie and Bella. Hitler had killed his own dog before killing himself.

FACT#21. Hitler was suffering from flatulence. For this, he took medicines of 28 ways. Not only this, but it was also 80 kinds of drug addiction. Among them, bull’s semen, rat-killer, and morphine Hitler were very much liked.

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