45 Interesting Facts About Computers and History

Do you think you know everything there is to know about dogs? Think again! Check out these 45 interesting facts about computers and their history you may have never heard.

FACT#1 Did you know that Computer Mouse was the first made of wood that was used in Daily Use.

FACT#2. Did you know that the invention of the first floppy disk was in 1970, with a capacity of Store Capacity only 75.79 KB?

FACT#3. Did you know that Copy and Paste were discovered by Larry Tesler?

FACT#4. If a computer was like a human brain, then the computer could calculate 38 thousand trillion in a second and hold 3580 Terabyte Memory.

FACT#5. Did you know that the world’s first Web browser “Mosaic” came in 1933 and this browser was quite popular at that time?

FACT#6. You will not believe it, but it is true that the 15-year-old child hacked the largest Space Organization NASA website, due to which NASA’s work ceased for 21 days.

FACT#7. 80% of all the information available in the English language on the internet so far.

FACT#8. You will be stunned to know that the computer speed is so sharp that it can do about 38 thousand trillion in seconds counting.

FACT#9.Ray Tomlin” was a Computer Programmer. Who had invented the first email website from one network to another and used @ sign the first time

FACT#10. If you save the name of any file on your computer by “con” it will not be saved on the computer because this word is secured on the computer. If you save any file by con name, then this file will be written by Name Reserved.

FACT#11. We all know that Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia on the Internet. The highest traffic comes from Google, about 50 million people use it every month in the world. But it does not advertise in any way.

FACT#12. Today, we use a device such as a Pen drive, CD, or DVD to send data to the hard disk and to take data into a computer. But did you know that prior to the invention of these devices, the Floppy Disk had been used for sharing the data, which had very little storage capacity?

FACT#13. The first invention of the computer was in the 19th century when Charles Babbage was the first computer to make them known as the father of computers.

FACT#14. You must be surprised to know that all the visuals seen on the Computer screen are made up of three colours Red, Green, and Blue.

FACT#15. The most used USB hardware pen drive in the world came in 1999 But in the market, it had launched in 2000, at that time its Storage Capacity was only 8 MB.

FACT#16. The world’s first computer keyboard was invented in 1968.

FACT#17. Macintosh was the world’s first computer to run on Graphical User Interface instead of Command and was introduced by Apple Company.

FACT#18. Do you know that about 5000 computers Virus is created every month?

FACT#19. Internet Computer is the largest network, so far 17 billion Devices have connected to the internet.

FACT#20. DOS (Disk Operating System) is a disk operating system that helps to connect the computer hardware to the Software Interface.

FACT#21. The first electronic computer ENIAC was over 27 tons heavier and 1800 square feet large.

FACT#22. When 1 KB RAM was the largest memory chip by Intel in the year 1969.

FACT#23. The first 1 GB hard disk drive had announced in 1980, which weighed about 550 pounds and was worth $ 40,000 US Dollars.

FACT#24. The first online website to go online was “info.cern.ch“, which was also made by Tim Berners-Lee’s research laboratory CERN in 1990.

FACT#25. Tim Berners-Lee created the phrase “world wide web” in the year 1990.

FACT#26. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that you can write using only the keys on a line of computer keyboards.

FACT#27.Siddhartha” was the first computer that was built in India.

FACT#28. ‘Www.symbolics.com‘, was the first domain name.

FACT#29. The U.S. has set  00000000 the password for the computer control of nuclear missiles for eight years.

FACT#30. There is a very interesting similarity between HP, Microsoft, and Apple – they all started in the garage.

FACT#31. 9 of the world’s 10 supercomputers are running on Linux Operating System.

FACT#32. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are all powered by Linux. But, Linux is not one of the most popular OS for general consumers.

FACT#33. An average person blinks normally 20 times in a minute, but while using the computer, he only blinks only 7 times in a minute.

FACT#34. A group of 12 engineers composed the IBM PC and called “The Dirty Dozen”.

FACT#35. The original name for Windows was Interface Manager.

FACT#36. The first microprocessor 4004 was created by Intel. It was designed for a calculator, and at that time no one imagined how it would lead.

FACT#37. Computer full form
C = Common
O = Oriented
M = Machine
P = Particularly
U = United and used under
T = Technical and
E = Educational
R = Research

FACT#38. 47% of the world’s working computers will start doing work themselves by 2034.

FACT#39. Sanskrit is considered to be the best language for Computer Software.

FACT#40. Until today’s date, there is not a single computer that can solve Captcha automatically.

FACT#41. Computers around the 1950s were called Electronic Brains.

FACT#42. Every 30th of December is celebrated as the day of the Computer.

FACT#43. You must be surprised to know that the first computer bug was a dead insect.

FACT#44. The term computer is derived from the English language “Compute” which means to calculate.

FACT#45. 1 TB OR 1024 GB was the first Hard Disk maker Hitachi. Which made it in 2007.

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