50 Most Interesting Facts Around the World

FACT#1. Curd can not be made by “Camel Milk”.

FACT#2. A cockroach can survive for several days even after cutting the head.

FACT#3. The real color of Coca-Cola was green.

FACT#4. The lighter was invented before the matchbox.

FACT#5. Rupees are not made from paper. It is made of cotton.

FACT#6. ​​Women’s shirt buttons on the left while men’s shirt buttons are on the right side.

FACT#7. The human brain has 80% water.

FACT#8. Human blood can be stored Only for 21 days.

FACT#9. The marks of a human tongue are also different from fingerprints.

FACT#10. Horses can sleep in standing Positions because their legs are strong.

FACT#11. The upper jaw of the tooth is the strongest part of our body.

FACT#12. Swans have more than 25 thousand feathers on the body.

FACT#13. There are so many species of apples in the world that if an apple is eaten every day. it will take 20 years for every apple to eat.

FACT#14. Human is filled with 80% water in the brain.

15. People with the right hand eat food on behalf of the right side.

FACT#16. The human brain has so much storage capacity that information can be kept at 5 times as much information as it can on Wikipedia.

FACT#17. There is no reservation for recruitment in the Indian Army.

FACT#18. The temperature inside the Earth is equal to the temperature of the sun.

FACT#19. There is no odor in sweat. The odor is due to the bacteria present in the body.

FACT#20. In the morning we are 1 inch longer than in the evening.

FACT#21. The eyes of an ostrich are bigger than his mind.

FACT#22. The Bat leaves from the cave and always turns to the left.

FACT#23. The world’s 100 richest people earn so much in one year that the world’s poverty can be eliminated 4 times.

FACT#24. A squirrel’s teeth always grow.

FACT#25. Our left foot is bigger than our right foot.

FACT#26. A squirrel has age 9 years old.

FACT#27. 80% of traffic on the internet comes from search engines.

FACT#28. Kangaroo can not walk backside.

FACT#29. Every second 100 falls sky lightning on the earth’s surface.

FACT#30. You will never remember where your dream started.

FACT#31. Bill Gates earns around 12,000 rupees in 1 second.

FACT# 32. There is so much iron in our body that it can be made of a 1-inch long nail.

FACT#33. It is impossible to wake up for more than 11 days by a human.

FACT#34. The beating of the heart stops for 1 millisecond while sneezing.

FACT#35. Some insects eat themselves when they do not eat food.

FACT#36. The heart of the sea creator is in his head.

FACT#37. Honey is not bad for thousands of years.

FACT#38. Neil Armstrong was on the left side of his left leg on the moon when his heart was hit 156 times in a minute.

FACT#39. The elephant is the only animal that can not jump.

FACT#40. Ants never slept.

FACT#41. Reading and dreaming is the verb of the different parts of our brain, that is why we can not read in the dream.

FACT#42. According to a study People are happy to spend more money on troubled people.

FACT#43. Facebook maker “Mark Zuckerberg” has no college degree.

FACT#44. A glass of cold water instead of a cup of tea in the morning opens your sleep fast.

FACT#45. Nobody can kill yourself by stop breathing.

FACT#46. When sugar is applied to injury then the pain is reduced immediately.

FACT#47. More tension may stop your brain for some time.

FACT#48. 92% of people just laugh when they do not understand the front thing.

FACT#49. The most commonly used password in the world is 123456.

FACT#50. Your brain can not make a single face on your own; Whatever face you see in dreams, you have never seen it in life.


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