40 Interesting Facts About New Zealand

Interesting Facts About New Zealand When Dutch explorers believed that New Zealand was not connected to the continent of South America, then they changed their name from Staten Landt (South America) to Zeelandia (New Zealand).
Queen Elizabeth II of England is officially called Queen of New Zealand. He is considered a representative of the country’s governor-general.

FACT#1 only 5% of the total population of New Zealand is human and all others are animals.

FACT#2. The rate of corruption is lowest in New Zealand.

FACT#3. The smallest dolphin fish is found in New Zealand.

FACT#4. New Zealand’s Blue Lake river water is the cleanest water in the world.

FACT#5. There is no single snake in New Zealand, and if the snake is seen anywhere, then it has to be compliant in the police

FACT#6. The first (Sir Edmund Hillary) to climb Mt Everest was also from New Zealand.

FACT#7. New Zealand’s national animal is Kiwi

FACT#8. New Zealand is the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893

FACT#9. Gay marriage is valid in New Zealand.

FACT#10. Wanderlust magazine declared New Zealand the best country in the world in 2007 and 2008.

FACT#11. Dolphinfishes were trained in New Zealand and they protected water vessels from sea threats and rocks in the 19th century.

FACT#12. High school children in New Zealand are allowed to carry explosive materials like uranium and thorium for academic purposes, whereas if these substances are torn, then there is a fine of one million dollars.

FACT#13. The number of sheep in New Zealand is nine times higher than humans

FACT#14. New Zealand is the only country with two national Anthem. One of which God Defend New Zealand was accepted in 1940 and the second God Save the Queen was accepted in 1977.

FACT#15. Plastic Surgery inventor (Harold Gillies) was also from New Zealand

FACT#16. New Zealand does not have a single nuclear power station

FACT#17. There are TV ads bans for Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

FACT#18. 96% of prisoners are men in New Zealand prisons.

FACT#19. New Zealand’s history is 800 years old before there were no humans.

FACT#20. New Zealand is counted among the world’s least populous countries. The population here is only 47.9 lakhs. (2017)

FACT#21. New Zealand is counted among the most peace-loving countries in the world.

FACT#22. The popularity of cars in New Zealand is very high, so here even there are only 47 lakhs of the population but there are 25 lakh cars.

FACT#23. New Zealand’s ex-prostitute Georgia Bayer became the first transsexual member of the world to sit in Parliament in 1999.

FACT#24. The length of Ninety Mile Beach is only 56 miles (90 km) in New Zealand.

FACT#25. New Zealanders have the highest life expectancy in the world in which women’s life rate is 82.3 while men’s age is 78.3.

FACT#26. Auckland City Sky Tower is the highest free-standing structure on the southern hemisphere, whose height is 328 meters.

FACT#27. New Zealanders are called by the name Kiwi, the story behind which is associated with World War I when the New Zealand soldiers were called by Kiwi. New Zealand Dollars are also called as Kiwi in the international financial markets. On one side of the dollar is a sign of a Kiwi bird.

FACT#29. There are more Scottish pipe bands in New Zealand (according to per person) than in Scotland.

FACT#30. A tree named “Kouri” of New Zealand takes 200 years to mature. The world’s largest courtyard tree “Tāne Mahuta” (Lord of the Forest) is a place in “Wapaua jungleo“, which is 2100 years old.

FACT#31. New Zealand has the second place in the world in cotton production, Australia is in the first place.

FACT#32. New Zealanders (KIWI’s) are more accustomed to roaming outside and their popular national sport is Tramping, also called Hiking or Walking.

FACT#33. Veta bug is a wingless insect find in New Zealand, which has not changed in the past 190 million years.

FACT#34. Rugby is one of New Zealand’s most popular sports, which is currently a national sport, with two million people playing at the club level. Here the national team is known as All Blacks.

FACT#35. New Zealand earns $ 1 million every year from the Kiwi fruit. The origin of this fruit was in China, which called Monkey Peach.

FACT#36. The native migratory to New Zealand is the Moa, which can not fly.

FACT#37. New Zealand has won more Olympic gold medals than any other country per person.

FACT#38. Lake Taupo had considered the origin of the world’s largest volcanic eruption, which is 70 thousand years old.

FACT#39. There are a total of 400 golf courses, both public and private. It means a golf course for every 9000 people, which is the number of golf courses per person in the world.

FACT#40. Cricket is being played in New Zealand for the past 150 years, which is New Zealand’s oldest systematic game. New Zealand won the first Test in cricket against West Indies in 1956 and won the first Test series against Pakistan in 1969.

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