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Do you think you know everything there is to know about dogs? Think again! Check out these 23 interesting facts about dogs you may have never heard.

FACT#1. A dog is the only organism that recognizes the human body language by looking at the eyes apart from humans. If you think this is a lie, once you see your pet dog with intimidation and you notice it, you will know yourself.

FACT#2.Be careful with the dog” this warning was found written on the door of a city in ancient Rome about 2761 years ago.

FACT#3. The smell of the dog “Sniffing” is very tremendous. About 1,000 times more than humans If he is allowed to smell a thing, he will easily recognize his smell again. They can also smell up to the disease. This is the reason that dogs are used to catch explosives and narcotics. As well to sniffing, the ability to hear the dog is 5 times more than the human.

FACT#4. Wolves can also be trained like a dog. DNA of dogs and wolves is up to 99% because their ancestors were the same.

FACT#5. The dog feels very hot in his body nose and claws are the only organ where sweat comes out.

FACT#6. If your dog has left the house then do not follow it. Lie down on the floor and show that you got hurt. Your dog will return to see you.

FACT#7. Humankind’s blood is only of 4 types (O, A, B, AB) but the blood of the dog is of 13 types.

FACT#8. Keeping a pet dog in Iceland is against the law, and if you try to tease a dog, you will be taken into custody in Oklahoma.

FACT#9. Dogs and cats are also left and right-handed like humans.

FACT#10. Every Japanese citizen keeps a special bag with him while they walk with their dog, and they collect the dog’s stool.

FACT#11. Do not feed the chocolate to the dog. Because of eating chocolate, it may die. Theobromine found in chocolate is like caffeine, which directly affects its pulse.

FACT#12. The dog of Abraham Lincoln was also murdered It was named FIDO.

FACT#13.  The bitch keeps the baby in her womb for 62 days. When a dog is born, it is blind, deaf, and without teeth.

FACT#14. A war between Greek and Bulgaria was fought just because a dog in Greek had crossed the border of Bulgaria.

FACT#15. The dog of one year old is as adult as the 15-year-old man. The dog can learn about 150 words as smart as a 2-year-old child.

FACT#16. Dogs also dreamlike human beings to ever notice if the dog shakes his feet while sleeping, then It is dreaming. The small dog can dream of 10 minutes at once, but the big dog sees a dream of one hour.

FACT#17. The dog can sing 10 different types of sounds and can also listen to sounds of 35,000 vibes per second, while the humans can only listen to sounds of 20,000 vibes per second.

FACT#18. The snuffling cells are 22 million in the German Shepherd breed dog. whereas only 5 million cells are in humans.

FACT#19. The dog of the greyhound breed runs in a few minutes at a speed of 45 miles per hour. Similiar, 66 feet per second.

FACT#20. The Hitler Nazi army tried to teach dogs to speak and read but they failed during World War II.

FACT#21. The world’s first astronaut was Laika it is a bitch, which was sent by the Soviet government to Space on November 3, 1957. But it died due to excessive heat in the space shuttle.

FACT#22. The trained dogs of the Soviet Union used ammunition on their back as suicide bombers for German tanks in the second world war.

FACT#23. We know those surprising dog facts for kids. The average temperature of dogs is 100.2-102.8 degrees Fahrenheit

FACT#24. Dog potts are different from their body structure, so dogs are able to run fast.

FACT#25. 50 per cent of dogs over 10 years of age die due to cancer.

FACT#26. Dogs also deal with obesity problems like humans, most dogs in Western countries.

FACT#27. If the dog shakes his tail fast-fast, then understand that it is absolutely happy and full of confidence with you. And if he sticks down the tail in the middle of the legs, then understand that it is scared.

FACT#28. Town’s dogs live more than three years than the village’s dogs

FACT#29. The dog named “MAGGIE” had to live for more than 29 years. This dog born in Australia was alive for 29 years and 5 months. It was born in 1986 and died on April 14, 2016.

FACT#30. Dogs have a special habit that running behind vehicles. In fact, dogs set their areas by a piss up on the tires of the vehicles. In such a situation, when a car passes through the other premises, then the dog gets his smell and dogs do not tolerate it. That’s why they run away behind the car.  

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