Interesting Facts About Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the leading sports competition in current competitions, in which thousands of athletes participate in many types of sports. In the Winter and Summer competitions of the Olympics, more than 200 countries are participating in these games. The Olympic Games have organized every four years at intervals. The International Olympic Committee organizes Olympic Games. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Olympic Games? Think again! Check out these 20 interesting facts about Olympic Games, which you may have never heard.

FACT#1. If we see the history of the Olympic Games It started in Greece in 776 B.C. and 2794 years ago. These games continued till about 12 centuries, after which Emperor Theodosius stopped at 393 A.D. These games were dedicated to the Olympian gods.

FACT#2. The International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) was established in 1894. But the Olympic Games started two years later.

FACT#3. The modern Summer Olympic Games started on April 6, 1896, in the city of Athens in Greece and the modern Winter Olympic Games began on January 25, 1924, in the city of Chamonix, France. Initially, the Olympic Games were held every two years, but after 1994, they started to happen every four years.

FACT#4. A torch-lit in the Olympic Games, it has passed through Russia almost 70 times.

FACT#5. In 1591 William Shakespeare was the first person to use the word Olympian. He used this word in his book, Henry VI Promise to give prizes for them.

FACT#6. The first player to win the first medal in the modern Olympics was named James B. Connolly (United States). He won medals in three jump games.

FACT#7. Only men had participated in the first Olympic Games. Women were first included in the 1900 Olympics There were 22 women who participated in just 5 games like tennis, sailing, crotch, horseback riding, and golf. But now about 44% of women participate in the Olympics.

FACT#8. Five rings printed on the Olympic flag show the five important continents Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceana. Rings are from left to right, blue, yellow, black, green, and red. These five colours were chosen because at least one of these five colours is on the flag of every country. This flag was created by Pierre de Coubertin in 1914 but was the first wavy in the Olympic Games in 1920.

FACT#9. The inaugural ceremony was inaugurated during the 1908’s Olympic Games. During this ceremony, the team of athletes is always at the forefront of the Greek team and then according to the language of the country, the rest of the team in alphabetical order, and finally, the country team hosting.

FACT#10. The Olympic Gold Medal which was completely made of gold was the last time it is given in 1912. The weight of this medal was 24 grams and the price was $ 14.58. But today, the gold medal of the Olympics is 1.2% (6gm) of 99.9% purity and 98.8% (49gm) silver of 92.5% purity.

FACT#11. Horses travel to business class for participating in the Olympic games. They have their own passports.

FACT#12. Cricket was included in the Olympics in the 1900s. Only Britain and France participate. Britain took the gold, and France made silver.

FACT#13. India first participated in the 1900 Olympics. India had won 2 silver medals in athletics and There is also a fact that neither the Olympic Games have been played to date nor till 2050 in India.

FACT#14. In 1924 tennis was fired from the Olympics. Replaced in 1988.

FACT#15. Olympic medals prepare every time by the organizing committee of the host city. Every medal should be at least 3 millimetres thick and 60 millimetres wide.

FACT#16. In the 1900 Paris Olympics, people coming to the 1st position were painted instead of gold medals.

FACT#17. Due to World War First and World War II, the Olympic Games of 1916, 1940, and 1944 could not be held.

FACT#18. Olympic is MOTTO: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger). It was declared in Paris in 1924.

FACT#19. This has happened when due to an event the Olympics have been replaced. The 1908’s Olympic Games were to be in Rome but Mt. Vesuvius Due to the eruption of the volcano, they were shifted to London.

FACT#20. Greece, Australia, France, Switzerland, and Britain are the only countries that have participated in every Olympics. America could also join this list, but America did not send her athlete to the 1980 Olympics which was held in Russia.

FACT#21. India first participated in the Olympic Games in 1900, in which India won two silver medals in athletics.

FACT#22. India has won a total of 28 medals in the Olympic Games. (9 gold, 12 bronze, 7 silver). There is also a fact that neither Olympic Games have been held in India to date nor will it be till 2032.

FACT#23.  In the 2016 Rio Olympics, so many condoms were used that 42 condoms per athlete and a Total spend of 4 lakh 50 thousand.

Some Interesting Facts About 1904, St. Louis, America Olympic

FACT#1. The 1904 Olympic Games were held outside Europe for the first time.

FACT#2. The format of awarding three medals started in these games, which is continuing till now. Gold medals were awarded for the first time.

FACT#3. Boxing, dumbbell, freestyle wrestling, and decathlon sports debuted.

FACT#4. American gymnast George Iger participated in the Games with a prosthetic leg and won six medals, including three golds. He lost his left leg in a train accident when he was young.

FACT#5. Louis in 1904 and due to European tensions caused by the Russo-Japanese War, 523 of the 630 players were from the United States. More than half of the events were entirely attended by domestic competitors.

FACT#6. The United States won 239 medals, the most medals for a country in an Olympic Games.

FACT#7. Swimming events were held in the artificial lake created on the ground.

FACT#8. The marathon took place on a dusty road and in the sweltering heat it was dusted by runners running and there was only one water station.

FACT#9. South Africa took part in these games for the first time. Two of their eight players were runners Len Tau and Jan Masini. In the middle of the race, there were dogs in the back of the lane who chased them for a mile.

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