35 Fun Facts About Sharks For Kids

‘Shark Week’ was launched by Discovery Channel in 1988. Important programs related to sharks are shown on the Discovery Channel in this program. In which you will be able to see all kinds of information about sharks. Shark fish have always attracted the attention of humans, some due to their dread and some due to their strength. At the moment, we have brought here 35 interesting information related to the shark for you. We have discussed fun facts about sharks in this article for kids

Sharks have been living in our oceans for over 400 million years. Some old Sharks have been discovered to the Devonian era. Do you know? Shark has survived five major extinction events on this planet. These extinction events caused the most deaths on Earth and ultimately killed dinosaurs 65 million years ago. So, friends, today we will learn interesting facts and information related to shark fish in this post!

FACT#1  A shark can have up to 30,000 teeth in its life. They are constantly replaced and transferred within the mouth.

FACT#2 Sharks are color blind.

FACT#3 The shark is one of the earliest known species of cladocerans. The fossils of this 1.2-meter shark are 400 million years old.

FACT#4¬†The shark has no bones in its body they are made of a rubbery tissue called “Cartilage“.

FACT#5 You will be surprised to know that Indonesia has a fishing community with pet sharks!

FACT#6 There are 440 different species of sharks in the world.

FACT#7¬†A shark’s jaw is not attached to its cranium because its mouth located below its head, a shark may temporarily expose its jaw and pull it forward for biting!

FACT#8 Great White Shark can weight up to 5,000 pounds.

FACT#9¬†¬†People used the rough skin of Shark before the invention of sandpaper its called “Shagari”. Japanese warriors wrapped the shark’s skin around their swords to protect the sword’s handle from falling out of their hands.

FACT#10 In 1935, a captive shark vomited on another shark in Sydney, Australia It was carrying a human hand in its belly, and that hand was used to solve the murder.

FACT#11 You’d be surprised to know that strange things have been found in the stomach of a Shark which includes shoes, chairs, the back half of the horse, a nail box, a torpedo, drums, and bottles of liquor.

FACT#12 Recently, scientists discovered a new species of shark whose length is just five and a half inches. This American pocket shark named Aptly is not only dwarf but it also glows in the dark.

FACT#13 The shark has very little chance of cancer, so scientists are doing a deep study of Sharko to find a cure for cancer.

FACT#14When a shark feeds, it cannot digest it, so it vomits out the waste food.

FACT#15 Shark word was first used in 1569, while before this, sailors and fishermen called it Sea Dog.

FACT#16 There are more than 400 species of sharks that are divided into eight groups. only 30 species are known to attack humans, of which the Great White, Tiger, Bull, Mako, and Hammered Sharks are prominent. Most sharks do not harm anyone.

FACT#17 Gray Reef shark is also called gangster shark because it is a shark of very aggressive nature.

FACT#18 Sharks found in almost all the oceans of the world.

FACT#19 About two-thirds of shark attacks occur in waters with depths of six feet.

FACT#20 Humans die more than shark attacks due to bee bites and celestial lightning.

FACT#21 Most sharks live in deep-sea less than 100 feet. Although shark attacks occur in all parts of the world, most of them occur in North America, Australia, and South Africa.

FACT#22 Sharks often give us warning signs of attacks such as bashing the back, raising the head, and pointing down the pectoral fins.

FACT#23 Shark liver is the main source of vitamin A in humans. A shark named Basking Shark weighs 1800 pounds, of which 600 gallons of oil can be released.

FACT#24 By far the largest fish, Great White shark caught with rod and reel. It weighed 2,664 pounds and was 17 feet in length.

FACT#25 A bull shark can live in both fresh and saltwater because it regulates salt and other elements in its blood. Bull sharks have carried out 1916 attacks in New Jersey, America.

FACT#26 The largest living shark is the spiny and piked dogfish, which can live up to 70 years and some live up to 100 years.

FACT#27 An estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year. Necklaces are made with shark teeth, manure is made from cartilage, leather is made from skin. Face cream makes fuel from the liver. The environmental balance is deteriorating due to the mass murder of Shark.

FACT#28 Sometimes sharks attack metal objects. Perhaps the reason for this is that there is a weak electric signal in the saltwater from the metal which confuses the shark.

FACT#29 The longest shark is the whale shark which is 50 feet long and weighs 40 thousand pounds.

FACT#30 Whale sharks give birth to the most children. It gives birth to more than a hundred children in liter water.

FACT#31 Basking shark remains pregnant for more than two years while another shark remains pregnant for a few months.

FACT#32 Shark fish can live for 150 years. It is one of the largest living organisms on earth.

FACT#33 Shark does not make a sound during hunting, it is also called a silent killer.

FACT#34¬†Big jaw twice the lion’s jaw. The jaw of a shark is twice as large as the jaw of a lion. By which she can attack easily.

FACT#35 Many sharks glow in the dark. They have a light-emitting organ, called a photosphere.

FACT#36¬†Sharks can swim quite fast. The world’s fastest salmon shark swims at a speed of 55 mph. Darf Caltrain sharks and pygmy sharks are the smallest sharks. They are up to six inches

FACT#37 Portuguese sharks live at a depth of 12 thousand feet which is two miles deep.

Some Interesting Facts About Tiger Shark

Tiger Sharks Facts
The Tigers have an excellent sense of smell and sight. Some native Hawaiians think their eyeballs have the power to look into the future.

Tiger Shark hunts all the creatures found in the sea, whether it is a fish or a bird or a mammal. The tiger shark got its name due to the black strips showing on it. Which slowly fades with aging. Tiger sharks have a sensory muscle next to their heads, which helps to feel the movement of creatures passing through it. The head of a tiger shark keel-shaped, which helps it to move rapidly in the water. It can travel at sea with a speed of 32 kilometers per hour and considered as invaders. Tiger Shark always hunts at night. The female tiger shark gets ready for sex after every 3 years. Tiger shark, found towards the southern hemisphere, occurs between November and January. Whereas Tiger Shark, found in the northern hemisphere, occur between March and May.

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