26 Interesting Facts about Australia

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Australia? Think again! Check out these 26 interesting facts about Australia, you may have never heard.

FACT#1. Australia is the only place where you will see 350 years old lungfish.

FACT#2. It is the only national island of 20 million people in the world.

FACT#3. It is the Most Interesting Fact about Australia. It has the highest number of migrant settlers compared to any developed country, more than 25% of Australians have been born in another country.

FACT#4. The Australian Friendly Society, with the principle of “advance Australia”, was an Australian Native Association (ANA), established in 1871 in Victoria.

FACT#5. Australia is a multicultural country where indigenous people live and people from around 200 countries have come to live here.

FACT#8. It is the sixth-largest country in the world, spread over 7.6 million square kilometres.

FACT#9. It is the third-largest ocean area in the world and three oceans are spread over an area of 12 million square kilometres.

FACT#10. Vegetation covers 7 million square kilometres of Australia and about 91% of the area.

FACT#12. Most of Australia’s flora and fauna do not appear to us anywhere else in the world.

FACT#14. The first Australian of the Year award was given to Professor McFarlane Burnett, who also won the Nobel Prize in 1960 for groundbreaking physiology research.

FACT#15. There are a total of 16 World Heritage Sites in Australia, including historical settlements, cities, and landscapes.

FACT#17. Australia is believed that the tribal game Mangrook is a game influenced by the rules of Australian football, while it was discovered in Sydney but it was famous in Victoria.

FACT#18. Australia is the second country in the world where women were also given the right to vote in 1902.

FACT#19. Australia Day is a celebration of the diversity and tolerance of Australian society, embracing religious backgrounds, racial differences, and political perspectives.

FACT#20. About 1.35 trillion bottles of wine are produced each year in Australia.

FACT#21 Canberra was made the capital of Australia because the dispute between Sydney and Melbourne to become the capital was not over.

FACT#22. Australia is the only place that is simultaneously considered a continent, a nation, and an island.

FACT#23. About 50,000 years ago before the British settlement in the British 18th century, there were indigenous Australians living in Australia, who usually spoke the language divided into 200 groups.

FACT#24. Australia’s economy is the 13th largest economy in the world and according to Capita Income Australia’s economy is the ninth-largest economy in the world. With the second-highest Human Development Index.

Fact#25. Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country located on the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and many small islands.

Fact#26. The life, health, education, economy, freedom, and political rights of this country are also the highest among all countries.

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