10 big things to stop poisonous air in Delhi

1. Residents of Delhi complain of headaches, cough and eye irritation. All 6000 schools in Delhi have been closed till Saturday. The Delhi government has told the people of the city that if there is difficulty in breathing, do not leave the house at all.

2. The Delhi government has once again withdrawn the implementation of the Odd-Even formula for 5 days. This scheme has been implemented from 04 November to 15 November. If this is not done, then a fine of Rs 2000 will have to pay.

3. Patients with lungs, heart attack, lung cancer, and respiratory disease should avoid the mist of poisonous winds. The air pollution level has reached 600 in Delhi 12 times. This indicates the atmosphere of the capital is highly polluted.

4. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also talked to the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana Government and asked the farmers to stop burning the paral. Apart from this, the entry of trucks and construction of buildings in the capital has banned until further orders.

5. The Delhi High Court has held an emergency meeting with the Center, Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab government and ordered to control poisonous winds as soon as possible.

6. Not only this, but the Central Government should also order to make every effort to improve air quality in Delhi. Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan has to face criticism for ‘doing nothing’ every year for failing to take steps to avoid air pollution and mist of toxic winds.

7. There is also a directive to stop the movement of trucks (except essential items) in Delhi till further orders and implement it by Traffic Police, Transport Department and Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

8. Dr. Arvind Kumar, the lang surgeon of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, says that due to air pollution, I have never seen this situation in Delhi in my last 35 years. As a doctor, I would have no hesitation in saying that the situation in Delhi is like setting up a health emergency. To get rid of it, all the schools and offices should be closed by then the toxic winds will have to wait for Delhi to withdraw from the atmosphere.

9. Farmers of Haryana and Punjab, two big agricultural states around Delhi, regularly burn millions of tonnes of the wheat crop during October every year, which is very important to ban. State officials say that unless farmers give funds by the state governments to buy machines to clear the land, it is difficult to stop burning the poor wheat.

10. In view of the dangerous level of pollution, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal talked about meeting with the government of Punjab and Haryana, adjoining Delhi. At the same time, Punjab CM Amarinder Singh said through a Twitter post that the situation is very serious, but Punjab is still helpless. The problem is on a large scale and the state does not have the money to pay compensation to farmers for their management. So Guys These 10 big things to stop poisonous air in Delhi that we should know.

How long will Odd-Even apply

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also made all announcements related to Odd-Even on Thursday. He has said that the Odd-Even scheme will be applicable from November 4 to November 15. This scheme will also be applicable to the trains of other states coming to Delhi. Delhi CM said that apart from women, disabled people, two-wheelers have been exempted from this scheme. Apart from this, if there are any children or children with disabilities in a school dress in a car, then they are exempted from odd-even.—_d Also, those who violate the rule will be fined four thousand rupees instead of two thousand rupees. Odd-Even will be applicable from 8 am to 8 pm on all days of the week except Sunday. So Guys These 10 big things to stop poisonous air in Delhi that we should know.


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