27 Interesting Facts About Sunder Pichai

The world’s largest search engine Google (Google) turns 21 on 27 September 2019. Google celebrated its 21st birthday by creating a doodle. Google showed an old computer in Doodle, in which the date of Google had written 27 September 1998. The CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse are all seen in the picture of this computer. By the way, Google was started in 1996 during a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The Google.com domain was registered on 15 September 1995. Google was registered as a company on 4 September 1998. Today Google is available in more than 150 languages. At the same time, he takes over as the CEO of Google. Here are some very special things about Google CEO Sundar Pichai on the occasion of Google’s birthday. then We will be discussed interesting facts about Sunder Pichai in this article.

FACT#1. Sundar Pichai was born in Tamil Nadu in 1972 and is now 43 years old. His real name is Pichai Sundararajan, but he is known as Sundar Pichai.

FACT#2. Sundar had no attachment to technology at all in his childhood, he was the captain of his school’s cricket team.

FACT#3. The memory of Sundar Pichai is said to be tremendous. According to media reports, when the telephone was first installed at his house in Tamil Nadu in 1984, all relatives used to take Sundar’s memory when they forgot someone else’s number. Sundar remembers even small things.

FACT#4. Almost everyone knows that Sundar Pichai has studied from IIT Kharagpur, but very few people know that he has also become a victim of ragging during his college days.

FACT#5. “Sundi” was a favorite of ragers at IIT Kharagpur. Because Sundar used to listen to him at one time. They used to dance on the table after climbing.

FACT#6. Sundar Pichai lived in a two-roomed house in Chennai. After engineering, he received a Stanford University scholarship for further studies. At that time, the financial condition of his house was so bad that his father had to take a loan for Sundar’s air ticket.

FACT#7 His wife Anjali was living in India after moving to America for studies. They did not have enough money to call India and talk to Anjali. Many times it used to happen that they could not talk for six months.

FACT#8. Pichai joined Google in 2004. At that time he was a product and innovation officer.

FACT#9. Two things proved to be milestones in Sundar Pichai’s career. First, he designed Gmail and Google Map apps which became popular overnight. After this Pichai designed Android apps for all Google products.

FACT#10. Sundar Pichai created Google Chrome which is used by the whole world today.

FACT#11. Pichai has the art of team management. He always appreciated the work of his team and stood by the team in every situation. Once upon a time when Marissa Mayer was the executive of Google, Pichai would sit outside her office for hours only to ensure that Marissa gave her team members a good performance number. (Now Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo.)

FACT#12. American media considers Pichai to be the right hand of Larry Page and always go to a meeting with them. Pichai likes to speak less. They speak as much as is necessary.

FACT#13. Twitter had given the job to Sundar in 2011 and they were also ready, but Google gave 305 crore rupees for not leaving the job. Because Google knew that this fellow had power.

FACT#14.  When twitter offered Sundar a job in 2011, his wife advised him not to leave Google. Both Sundar and Anjali have done engineering from IIT Kharagpur and Sundar had proposed to Anjali during the final year.

FACT#15. Sundar Pichai was also included in the Microsoft CEO race in late 2013. Sundar Pichai was also the choice of Steve Ballmer. However, Satya Nadella later became CEO of Microsoft.

FACT#16. Sunder Pichai is one of the people of Google who has experience in getting Google up and running in the emerging market. He is also considered better than Google Founder Larry page.

FACT#17. Sundar’s father was an engineer in the British company GEC. His family lived in a house of two rooms.

FACT#18. There was no separate room for Sundar’s studies. So he slept with his younger brother on the drawing-room floor. There was neither a television nor a car in the house.

FACT#19. From this one can infer the economic status of his family, but the engineer father sowed the seeds of technology in his son’s mind as a child.

FACT#20. All the deprivation could not be a hindrance in the way of Sunder’s progress and at the age of 17, he passed the entrance exam of IIT and enrolled in Kharagpur.

FACT#21. Sundar was always the topper of his batch during his engineering studies (1989–93) from IIT Kharagpur.

FACT#22. Professor Sanat Kumar Rai, who taught Sundar at IIT, says, “Even while studying metallurgical and material science, Sundar was working on various subjects in the field of electronics. That too at a time when there were no electronics in the syllabus of IIT. ”Even then Sundar’s first love was electronics.

FACT#23. Sundar living in the Nehru Hall hostel of IIT and Professor Rai says that Sundar is very gentle, polite and soft-spoken.

FACT#24. He also won a silver medal in the final examination in the year 1993, topping his batch. He then went to Stanford University for further studies after obtaining a scholarship.

FACT#25. After leaving IIT, he never looked back. He started a job at Google some 11 years ago while working in various companies.

FACT#26. “It is difficult to find a single person in Google who does not like or be influenced by Sundar,” says Sejar Sengupta, Pichai’s classmate and later worked with him for eight years at Google.

FACT#27. Another of his classmates, P. Subramaniam, says, “Sundar always had a smile on his face and we used to jokingly call him a bookworm.”

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