Interesting Facts About Irrfan Khan

Here are some unknown and Interesting facts about Bollywood best Actor Irrfan Kahn. Nobody can change the reality of today but still, we will like to share some Unknow and interesting facts about Irrfan Khan with you.

Bollywood veteran actor Irrfan Khan has left the world at the age of 53. He took his last breath at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai. The drug-starring actor made his way into the film industry without a godfather. Irrfan was admitted to the ICU of a city hospital following a stomach infection on Tuesday. He lost his life due to cancer and infection between corona infections. He has also acted in many of the best films in Hollywood including Hindi films. Irrfan Khan was not only a respected artist but also a strong man. While fighting the war with cancer, he knew that he would not survive, so he used to write his pain in the letters. There have been hundreds of secrets in his life. Irrfan, who once wanted to become a cricketer, was once declared a terrorist as well.

FACT#1. His real name was Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan. He was born in a royal family in Jaipur but saw a very bad time.

FACT#2. Irrfan Khan was born on 7 January 1967 in a Royal Family in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His father’s name was the late Jagirdar Khan, who ran a tire business in Khajuria in Tonk district. His mother Saeeda Begum was from Tonk Hakim Family.

FACT#3. Irrfan had two brothers and a sister. His mother Saida Begum had died a few days earlier. He was unable to attend his mother’s funeral due to the lockdown.

FACT#4. Irrfan Khan liked the extras “R” in his name, so he changed his name to Irrfan.

FACT#5. Irrfan wanted to become a cricketer during his youth. His parents did not support him in this. Then after getting a scholarship from NSD, he decided to go into acting.

FACT#6. Irrfan received an MA degree, as well as an Acting Diploma in 1984 from NSD.

FACT#7. This actor did not get fame like this. During his struggle, he worked to repair AC. He used to say that when he went to repair the AC for the first time, it was the home of Bollywood legend actor Rajesh Khanna. Also taught tuition for money. He had to struggle a lot in Mumbai for films.

FACT#8. Irrfan Khan made his debut with the award-nominated film Salaam Bombay which released in 1988. But his role in this film was cut. It was said about his length. He did small roles in TV serials like Chanakya, Bharat Ki Khoj, Sara Jahan Hamara, Banegi Apni Baat, Chandrakanta, Anunaganj, Srikanth, Star Bestsellers and Sparsh in his early career.

FACT#9. Irrfan got recognition in the year 2000. When he worked in London-based director Asif Kapadia’s ‘The Warrior’. Irrfan gained international recognition after playing the lead character of Lafkadia Warrior in the film, which was screened at various film festivals in 2001. In the year 2005, he got the lead role in the film Rog, but the film did not do well.

FACT#10. After this, Irrfan did not look back. He has been widely appreciated in films like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘Paan Singh Tomar’, ‘The Lunchbox’ ‘Kissa’, ‘Talwar’, ‘Piku’. In 2017, Irrfan Khan’s three-hit films ‘Madari’, ‘Hindi Medium’ and ‘Nearly Single’ earned well at the box office.

FACT#11. Irrfan has done a great job in Hollywood with “Spider-Man”, “Jurassic World”, “Inferno” and many other international level projects. Irrfan also won the National Film Award for his acting. He received the National Award for Paan Singh Tomar.

FACT#12. Irrfan used to always make blatant statements about Islam and the bigotry of religion. Once, he made a ruckus related to the sacrifice. Islamic religious leaders opened a front against him. The religious leaders have advised Irrfan to concentrate on his work and not to get involved in religious matters. However, Irrfan said that he was not afraid of religious leaders. He does not live in a country run by the contractors of religion.

FACT#13. Irrfan Khan has also been a charming person, he was serious and cheerful. He had a strange desire to give his mother a suitcase full of notes. He wanted me to give such a suitcase to my mother just as I give a suitcase full of money in movies.

FACT#14. Irrfan Khan was honoured with the Padma Shri award in 2011 for his contribution to the arts sector.

FACT#15. Once Irrfan Khan was declared a terrorist. He was intercepted and searched at the US airport. It was not because of his name but because his face was meeting a dreaded terrorist. Later, the misunderstanding was cleared and he was let go with forgiveness and full respect.

FACT#16. Irrfan can be called Mr Perfectionist, he did not do any film or dialogue unless he wrote well. His wife once told that she had scripted a film for about 11 times.

FACT#17. Irrfan is the only actor in Hindi cinema to have won the Academy Awards, he won these awards for Slumdog Millionare (2008) and Life of Pie (2012). His film Lunch Box received the Cine Choice Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

FACT#18. Irrfan Khan received the National Film Award for Best Actor in 2012. He received the Filmfare Critic’s Best Actor Award for Paan Singh Tomar. He has won three International Indian Film Academy Awards. He received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for Hindi Medium in 2017.

FACT#19. His mother wanted to make him a lecturer, but Irrfan brought up his name as an actor. When the people of Tonk saw Irrfan Khan living in a normal way of life on the screen, he could not believe that it is Irrfan Khan right there. People are very sad.

FACT#20. His memories are associated with the historic “Kutchhery” area and descendants of the Nawab family still live here. Although once the centre of justice used to be very beautiful, now it is losing its existence.


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