Interesting and Unknown Facts About Ramayana Serial

I am sharing with you some of the important Interesting Facts About Ramayana Serial that I have learned from social media and other sources. This is the world’s most popular TV serial.

The super-duper hit religious serial “Ramayana” of the ’90s is once again shown during the nation’s lockdown to entertain the people again! Due to this, many memories of that time are being refreshed which is very interesting and interesting for everyone! Today we are presenting a treasure of unheard interesting things related to such Ramayana Serial So let’s know – Ramanand Sagar Ramayan serial

FACT#1. The Ramanand Sagar Ramayana was named as “MYTHOLOGICAL SERIAL” in the Limca Book Record on June 2003.

FACT#2. When junior artists were needed in The Ramayana, artistes were recruited by going to the village after playing the drums.

FACT#3. The Ramayana was seen by more than 65 crore viewers and shown in five continents worldwide.

FACT#4. Every week fresh cassettes of Ramayana were sent to Doordarshan office and somewhere outside, these cassettes used to reach office half an hour before the broadcast.

FACT#5. When Ravan dies in Ramayana, mourning is celebrated in the village of Ravana’s character Arvind Trivedi.

FACT#6. Ramayana was the first such serial in India. Which used to be a 45-minute broadcast. The rest of the other serials played only for 30 minutes with the advertisement.

FACT#7. The first episode of “Ramayana” recognized by the Government of India was aired on 24 January 1987 on the Indian government channel “Doordarshan”.

FACT#8. According to Information of the Department of Broadcasting Survey, Ramayana serial was broadcasted on 99% T.V of India.

FACT#9. When Ramayana TV serial had been broadcasted in India During which the public transport was jammed.

FACT#10. In some parts of India, people used to take off their shoes before the arrival of “Ramayana” episode. They used to give him the full status of God.

FACT#11. An Indian sent a check and a letter of five thousand to Ramanand Sagar. It was written in that letter that I want to give my daughter a tape of Ramayana in dowry.

FACT#12. All Indian producers refused to sponsor the Ramayana. Ramanand Sagar then sponsored himself and this was a great hit.

FACT#13. All the episodes of Ramayana were shot in the “Umargaon” studio. Which was about 15 miles away from Mumbai? Which was hired for specially Ramayana only?

FACT#14. Ramanand Sagar made vegetarian food for all 150 workers of the team during the shooting of Ramayana.

FACT#15. The temples of some parts of India have photographs of the main artists of Ramayana, Arun Govil (Ram) and Dipika Chikhaliya (Sita).

FACT#16. Arun Govil (as Ram) gave up the consumption of intoxicating liquor, beedi-cigarette, pan-masala after performing Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana.

FACT#17. Arun Govil (as Ram) was asked by the late “Rajiv Gandhi” to contest elections from Allahabad seat to Congress Party but Govil refused, He said that ‘this will spoil the image of my Lord Ram.

FACT#18. When Arun Govil (Ram) and Dipika Chikhaliya (Sita) were called to attend a program, people used to take their blessings by touching their feet.

FACT#19. Now Dipika Chikhaliya (as Sita) works as a marketing head in the cosmetic company of her husband Hemant Topiwala and She may soon be seen in Sarojini Naidu’s biopic.

FACT#20. Arun Govil (as Ram) and Sunil Lahiri (as Laxman) together run their production company in Mumbai under the name of Ram-Laxman Production House.

FACT#21. The Sartaj of the music world “Ravindra Jain” had sung the Songs of Ramayana and His voice entered all home of India.

FACT#22. After the completion of 78 episodes of Ramayana, The audience demanded Luv Kush Serial or Uttar Ramayana but Ramanand Sagar had already said that Uttar Ramayana would be fictional and there was a 10-year court case against Ramanand Sagar because of the controversy over this serial.

FACT#23. Even today, 33 years later, with the telecast of the Ramayana on Doordarshan at 9:00 am, the Ramayana started trending on social media while Coronavirus lagged behind on social media.

FACT#24. You will be surprised to know that computer graphics was not used to show the scene of war in Ramayana! 2000 Junior Artists were called when the war scene was shot! 33 years ago, up to Rs 9 lakh, a day was spent in shooting this scene!

FACT#25. Even today people see “Ramanand Sagar ki Ramayan Serial”! Due to the lockdown in India, it is being broadcast again on DD National from 9 to 10 in the morning and 9 to 10 at night to entertain the people!

FACT#26. Ramanand Sagar died on 12 December 2005! But he will be remembered for years for this serial.

FACT#27. Temples in some parts of India still have photographs of the main actors of Ramayana, Arun Govil (Ram) and Dipika Chikhaliya (Sita).

FACT#28. This religious serial in India was so entwined with the sentiments of the people that as soon as Ram or Sita appeared on TV, people appeared with folded hands!

FACT#29. Today, 95% of the Indian people who are 40 years or older have seen this serial at that time.

FACT#30. The first episode of the Ramayana serial was telecast on television on 25 January 1987.


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