Unknown and Interesting Facts About Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi

Here are some unknown and Interesting facts about Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi. Indian or Italian? Sonia Gandhi’s nationality has raised too many controversies.

FACT#1. Sonia Gandhi is one such name in India’s politics, which was accepted with respect even after being an outsider. Born on 9 December 1946 in Luciana, a small village some distance from Vicenza, Italy, Sonia’s father, Stefano Mayano, was a former fascist soldier. Sonia’s childhood was spent in Orbasano, some distance away from Italy.

FACT#2. After this, she moved to England in 1964. Where he studied the English language at the University of Cambridge. During this time he met former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, who was studying at Trinity School Cambridge at that time. This meeting changed Sonia’s life.

FACT#3. Little is known that Sonia Gandhi is a skilled cook. She often makes Red Chili Oil. In the days after marriage, she used to feed her mother-in-law, Indira, by making delicious pasta. What to say about his handmade carrot halwa !!!

FACT#4. A few days after the wedding, Sonia’s mother returned to Italy. After her departure, like every daughter, she started feeling depressed. Indira Gandhi realized the situation. He wrote a letter to Sonia. The letter read, “Hi Sonia.” We just want to tell you that everybody loves you very much. “This thing settled in Sonia’s heart. She used to call Indira as a mummy.

FACT#5. Sonia loves Premchand’s literature in the Hindi language. She reads his novel. ‘Godan’ is his favourite book.

FACT#6. Like former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, Sonia is proficient in many languages. She speaks and teaches about nine languages including Hindi.

FACT#7. She loves handloom sarees. At her wedding, she wore a pink cotton saree. Her daughter Priyanka also loves sarees.

FACT#8. She does yoga daily. Stay away from fast food. Sonia, who eats lentils and bread, drinks coffee a lot in the winter.

FACT#9. She has taken a course in art and painting. She is able to test art. From time to time, they take inspiration from world-famous artefacts.

FACT#10. Before marriage, she used to walk with Rajiv on the streets of Delhi. He loved to eat ice cream at India Gate. She also used to purchase ice cream for her mother-in-law.

FACT#11. Sonia was pregnant when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman visited Delhi after becoming Bangladesh. Nevertheless, she went to the airport to receive him with her mother-in-law. The very next day, Priyanka Gandhi was born.

FACT#12. Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi first met in 1965 in a Greek restaurant named Varsity at Cambridge University. It was here that Rajiv first saw Sonia. Seeing Sonia at first sight, Rajiv gave her his heart. For Rajiv, it was like being love at first sight.

FACT#13. Rajiv wanted to talk to Sonia. Wanted to sit close to him, after which he requested the restaurant owner to give him a seat next to Sonia. The restaurant owner said in an interview that when Rajiv asked for a seat next to Sonia, he said that if you want this to happen, you will have to pay double. Rajiv was immediately ready on this. The owner of the restaurant says that at the same time he got to see such love as only in books.

FACT#14. Rajiv then wrote a poem for Sonia on a paper napkin in the restaurant and sent it to Sonia with a bottle of the most expensive wine there. This is where Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia’s love began. In an interview to Simi Grewal, Rajiv had also said, ‘It was from the very first time I saw Sonia that she was the girl who was made for me. He is very straight forward and outspoken. She never hides anything. He is very sociable. ‘

FACT#15. Sonia also liked Rajiv at first sight. However, Sonia did not know at that time that Rajiv belonged to India’s largest political Gandhi family. Sonia was from an ordinary family. Along with studying at Cambridge, she also worked part-time in restaurants. After meeting Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia gave her heart. Rajiv’s love had made him so crazy that she wrote letters and told his family about Rajiv. She wrote in his letter, ‘I love an Indian boy. He is a player. I always dreamed of such a prince with blue eyes. ‘

FACT#16. It was not easy for Rajiv and Sonia to live without meeting each other for a year, but both spent a year with great difficulty. During this time, the love of the two became deeper. After this, Sonia’s father had no choice but to accept their relationship.

FACT#17. Sonia Gandhi’s father Stefano Mino did not want her to be married to Rajiv Gandhi, both of them were not allowed to marry as he was the son of the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. The two finally got married in 1968, after which Sonia Gandhi came to India and in 1983 she accepted Indian citizenship.

FACT#18. Rajiv Gandhi often wrote to his mother Indira Gandhi about Sonia. One day Indira Gandhi told him that she was coming to London for an exhibition related to Jawaharlal Nehru. During this time she wants to meet Sonia. Indira and Sonia met. She talked to Sonia about her and her studies. After this, Indira told him that she should not be afraid at all, because she herself had fallen in love with her youth.

FACT#19. Sonia Gandhi first came to India in 1968. Since Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India at that time, keeping Sonia in her house before marriage was like giving the opportunity to opponents. That is why the stay of Sonia Gandhi was done in Amitabh Bachchan’s house.

FACT#20. After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in a suicide blast, senior Congress leaders announced to make him the president of the Congress without asking Sonia. Sonia denied it. The wound of killing her husband felt so deep that she even said that I will see my children begging, but I will not step into politics.

FACT#21. Sonia Gandhi became MP for the first time in 1999. She won the election from Amethi seat of UP and she was elected Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha. After this, in the 2004 general elections, the Congress under his leadership defeated the NDA. She herself became MP in this election. On 23 March 2006, he resigned from the post of MP and contested and won. She also won from Rae Bareli in 2009 and once again in 2014 she managed to win her seat. Earlier in 2004, when it came to becoming Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi put forward Manmohan Singh’s name. After this, in 2009, he gave the leadership of Manmohan Singh to the UPA government.

FACT#22. On not becoming Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi had told that she had confidence in Manmohan Singh to be a better Prime Minister than herself. On the Hindi language, Sonia Gandhi says that initially, she had difficulty speaking in Hindi, but Indira Gandhi used to ask her to speak only in Hindi. Sonia Gandhi now speaks Hindi correctly.

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