Short Essay on Air Pollution for Students

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Short Essay on Air Pollution for Students

A short air pollution essay is available here for school students. This article can help students to read a short essay on Air pollution for students in English in more than 600 words. They can also be able to write their own essay on air pollution in any essay.

Air Pollution Introduction

Air Pollution is more than a curse. It poses a serious threat to city dwellers and is a matter of everyday concern. However, no effective action to curb air pollution has been taken so far, While there have been lots of seminars and symposia, the solution still remains a far cry.

Public exposure to air pollution all over India causes an estimated 15000 premature deaths and several million of cases of illness every year. It is estimated that if air pollution levels in the four large cities in the country were reduced to the levels outlined in the WHO guidelines of 1996 as many as 15000 deaths, 6.5 Million cases of ailment requiring medical treatment, and 850 million minor illness could be avoided annually.

Emission from motorized vehicles is a major source of air pollution in India. From the health point of view, the most harmful pollutants are particulate matter (PM) and hydrocarbons (HC).
Uncontrolled emissions from motor vehicles have been identified as one of the major causes of air pollution.

According to the available air quality date, fine particulate matters are by far the most serious pollutants. Transport contributes significantly to particulate emissions and a two-stroke engine vehicle of which there are estimated 65000 three-wheeled public transport vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles in Delhi.

The government has promulgated emission standards and other regulations pertaining to in-use vehicles. These measures need further fine-tuning because merely setting off these laws and regulations cannot deal with the pollution.

Air pollution not only affects humans it has a bad impact on trees, houses, and archaeological structures as well The Taj Mahal, a miracle in marble and historical monuments, is facing grave danger from air pollution.

But we are lagging behind since little has been done to abate air pollution. Our eyes are only on vehicular air pollution because it is very much perceptible and we do suffer instantly. But what about the thousands of kind around the country? What about the thousands of unplanned industries? Do they care about the environment? Definitely, some of them obtain environmental clearance certificates from the Department of Environment But they never bother to comply with the term and conditions impose upon them. Because often there is neither any monitoring activity nor any follow up to those from the authority. In most cases, the industries and projects do not comply with the environmental management or mitigation measures outlined in their environmental reports submitted to the DOE.

Regulatory reforms aimed at improving the air pollution in cities such as Delhi have been quite difficult to implement, however, for example, India’s Supreme Court recently lifted a ruling that it imposed two years ago which required all public transport vehicles in New Delhi switch to Compressed gas (CNG) engine April 2001. This ruling, however, led to the disappearance of some 15000 taxies and 10000 buses from the cities. Creating public protest, riots, and widespread “Commuter Chaos”. The court was similarly unsuccessful last year when its attempt to ban all public vehicles that were more than 15 years old and ordered the introduction of unleaded gasoline and CNG.

Air Pollution Essay Conclusion

India’s high concentration of pollution is not due to a lack of effort in building a sound environmental legal regime, but rather to a lack of enforcement at the local level. Efforts are currently underway to change this as new specifications are being adopted for auto emissions, which currently account for approximately 70% of the air pollution. In the absence of co-ordinates government efforts, including stricter enforcement, this figure is likely to rise in the coming years due to the sheer increase in vehicle ownership.

In our country, we need to struggle for improving a lot of the common masses, educate them, and make them aware of the pollution. We need industrialization for economic emancipation but that kind of industrialization, which will not harm our environment and pollute our air.


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