50 Interesting and Unknown Dinosaurs Facts for Kids

Dinosaurs are said to be the kings of the history of the earth who ruled the earth for about 6 crores years and they were the biggest, dangerous and magnificent creatures of that time living on earth, then one day one of the big of earth They came to an end after the incident which proved to be a boon for us humans. Today we are going to tell you interesting dinosaurs facts for Kids, which you will be surprised after knowing.

FACT#1. Dinosaurs are counted in Reptiles.

FACT#2. The word dinosaur means monstrous lizard.

FACT#3. Dinosaur fossils have been obtained from the Narmada Valley of India.

FACT#4. The largest head of a dinosaur was the size of a car.

FACT#5. Bacteria have been found in almost all dinosaurs.

FACT#6. A species of dinosaur has the longest tail of 45 feet.

FACT#7. Dinosaurs, like snakes, used to leave their earthworms from time to time.

FACT#8. The largest vegetarian dinosaurs ate up to 1 ton of leaves in 1 day.

FACT#9. The oldest dinosaur of all species of dinosaurs was the Eoraptor.

FACT#10. The largest bone (spine) found so far from a dinosaur is 5 × 5 feet.

FACT#11. The discoveries so far have shown that about 40 types of dinosaurs lay eggs.

FACT#12. The lifespan of dinosaurs of all species ranged from 50 to 200 years on average.

FACT#13. The remains of dinosaurs on Earth were first found on the Upper Missouri River in 1854 by the North American geologist Ferdinand Vandavir Haden (Geologist -Ferdinand vandavir Hadean).

FACT#14. Scientists believe that there have been more than 1000 different species of dinosaurs in the history of the Earth, which are still to be discovered.

FACT#15. There is a very deep connection between dinosaurs and modern birds, strong evidence of which has been found in the remains of many winged dinosaurs since the 1990s.

FACT#16. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 16 million years and the history of us humans is only 2.5 million years old.

FACT#17. The dinosaur fossils show that the dinosaur with the highest height was up to about 100 feet.

FACT#18. The largest organism ever found on Earth was the Argentinosaurus dinosaur (Argentinosaurus), a herbivorous animal.

FACT#19. Among the species of dinosaurs, small and carnivorous dinosaurs were the most agile and clever dinosaurs.

FACT#20. Among species of carnivorous dinosaurs, the dinosaurs with average weight and size were able to escape, which could run about 20 miles per hour.

FACT#21. There were large holes in the bones of the dinosaur’s skull, which kept their head weight quite light.

FACT#22. Carnivorous dinosaurs had about 50 and very strong teeth in their mouths, with the help of which they could steal the bones of any other creature.

FACT#23. The remains of all the dinosaurs discovered so far and Nisha has revealed that they were residents of all the continents of the Earth, even Antarctica.

FACT#24. Just as the bones of many birds found in the present are hollow, in the same way, the bones of carnivorous dinosaurs were also hollow.

FACT#25. People know that dinosaurs are not completely extinct because many species of dinosaurs were also in the form of birds which always fly and the birds of today have also originated from them.

FACT#26. It is just a myth that all dinosaurs were very large in size, but the fact is that some of their species had a chicken-shaped dinosaur and some species had dinosaurs up to 111 feet.

FACT#27. One of the largest toothed dinosaurs in carnivorous dinosaurs was a tooth about 9 inches long and its jaw could open up to about 3 to 4 feet.

FACT#28. The dinosaurs were not able to roar, they could just stare.

FACT#29. Nearly all types of dinosaurs build a nest and lay eggs in it and take care of them until they are born.

FACT#30. The hind legs of Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus) were very large and strong, but their front legs were equal to the hands of humans.

FACT#31. Like all animals, the asking of dinosaurs also assisted them in walking and running.

FACT#32. The t rex dinosaur could not chew the meat but would swallow large pieces of the meat of the mass.

FACT#33. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 16 million years and were eradicated from Earth about 6.5 million years ago.

FACT#34. The T rex dinosaur could eat about 22 tons of meat a year.

FACT#35. The largest dinosaur of all flying species of dinosaurs was the Quetzalcoatlus dinosaur with a wingspan of about 12 meters.

FACT#36. The first dinosaurs that came out of the dinosaur species were non-vegetarians, followed by vegetarian dinosaurs.

FACT#37. Today, living lizards and crocodiles on Earth are considered to be a dinosaur breed.

FACT#38. The term dinosaur was first used in 1842 by a British biologist, Richard Owen.

FACT#39. The very first dinosaurs of very small size originated on Earth, which was almost equal to our knees.

FACT#40. The t rex dinosaur was very fast to escape which could chase its prey at a speed of about 28 kilometers per hour.

FACT#41. Among the non-vegetarian dinosaurs, there were many who swallowed pebbles and stones along with food, which was helpful in digesting food in their stomachs.

FACT#42. Talking about the eggs of dinosaurs, the largest egg was almost the size of a football and their eggs were large and their armor was also strong upside down.

FACT#43. Vegetarian dinosaurs were very heavy-weight, so they would walk on four legs and almost all carnivorous dinosaurs could walk and run on two legs due to their being smaller and less weighty, which helped them speed up their pace to chase prey. Used to meet

FACT#44. The most vicious/notorious predator of all carnivorous dinosaurs was the Velociraptor dinosaur.

FACT#45. The larger dinosaurs were cold-blooded and the smaller dinosaurs were warm-blooded and the warm-blooded creature required 10 times more food than the cold-blooded creature.

FACT#46. Triceratops dinosaur was the largest skull dinosaur with a skull about 2 meters long.

FACT#47. The brain of the Stegosaurus dinosaur (stegosaurus dinosaur) was very small in proportion to its body. You can think of it as – Its body size was as much as a tempo, while the shape of its brain was just like a nut.

FACT#48. Just as vegetarian animals are found in groups in the forests today, in the same way, vegetarian dinosaurs also used to live in flocks for their protection because they were less agile and they did not have any special equipment to protect themselves. There was no other good way.

FACT#49. Exactly 65 million years ago, a large meteorite collided with the Earth near Mexico, and after that event, all the dinosaurs on Earth went extinct, although you have to know the whole story to understand it.

FACT#50. Dinosaurs have been the most popular of all creatures in history and on earth today, they were very huge and ferocious in appearance and humans had never seen them with their eyes and then they were mentioned in books written on dinosaurs. It was more effective than the rest of the books, due to which this organism is most popular on earth today.

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