Facts About UPSC Topper and Top Model Aishwarya Sheoran

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Facts About UPSC Topper and Top Model Aishwarya Sheoran

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results of the civil service examination 2020 on 3rd August 2020. After the results were released, success stories of rank-holder candidates started appearing on the Internet. One of them is Aishwarya Sheoran. For Aishwarya Sheoran, this is the second breakthrough in her career. Earlier, Aishwarya entered the modeling world at the age of 19. After this, Aishwarya became Miss India’s 2016 finalist. At the same time, after getting 93 ranks in UPSC Civil Services Exam, she is getting praise on social media by calling her ‘Beauty with Intelligence.’This article will tell us interesting facts about UPSC Topper and Top Model Aishwarya Sheoran.

FACT#1. This information has been given on the Twitter page of “Femina Miss India.” Aishwarya Sheoran was a Femina Miss India 2016 Finalist, Campus Princess Delhi 2016, and Freshface winner Delhi 2015. then now She got an All India Rank 93 in Civil Services Examination.

FACT#2. It is being told that Aishwarya has been a Shri Ram College of Commerce, student. Aishwarya wanted to pass the civil service exam from the beginning. In an interview with ‘The Print,’ Aishwarya Sheoran said she left social media in 2018 to prepare for UPSC. The 23-year-old model says modeling is her hobby and civil service is her passion.

FACT#3. Aishwarya Sheoran has secured 93 ranks in the UPSC CSE result. Who studies science, has achieved this position on the strength of her will. After her selection, She told the media that my mother named me after former Miss World and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

FACT#4. Mother wanted Aishwarya to earn a name in the modeling and fashion world. But Aishwarya said that she still wants to see me become Miss India. By the way, I was selected among the 21 finalists of Miss India. But it was always a dream for me to go into administrative service.

FACT#5. Aishwarya Sheoran said that I was good from childhood. I should have done coaching classes to clear UPSC. Instead, they found different ways to focus on their studies. For example, while reading, the phone was kept off and made a distance from social media, but from childhood, the intensive study helped to clear the UPSC Exam.

FACT#6. Aishwarya Sheoran was a science student. But later, she was admitted to Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. His father, Colonel Ajay Kumar, is the Commanding Officer of the NCC Telangana Battalion.

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