Historical Events on 2nd August

Friends, every time we hear that our history is very old, but we are not fully aware of the history of our country and the world, so we are making a small effort here, which will give you the Historical Events on 2nd August of the whole country and the world and the history of today. To get information so that your knowledge can increase further.

1763: The British army had a battle with Mir Qasim in West Bengal’s Giria after the capture of Murshidabad.
1790: The first census was conducted in America.
1858: The British Government passed the Government of India Act.
1980: Bomb blast in Italy and 85 people died.
1984: The euro court criticized the phone tapping.
1990: Iraq invades Kuwait.
1999: China tests surface to surface missile from a long distance (8000 km) surface
2007: The terrible hurricane “Agassi” damaged the southern island of Kyushu in Jaffna, caused widespread damage.
1876: Pingali Venkaiya was born. who designed the Indian flag.
1790: The first census was conducted in America.
1831: The Netherlands’s army occupies Belgium after a ten-day campaign.
1858: The British Parliament passes the bill taking over Indian administration from the East India Company.
1870: The world’s first underground tube railway tower in London has begun.

History in 20th Century 

1922: Historical Events on 2nd August in World sixty thousand people died due to cyclones in China.
1923: 29th President of the United States Warren G. Harding (1921 – 1923) died in office.
1932: A particle of the electron was discovered by “Carl D. Andersen”.
1934: Hitler’s cabinet passed the law to transfer all powers to the head of state after the death of German President “Paul Fon Hindenburg”.
1944: Turkey broke diplomatic relations with Germany.
1955: The Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test.
1970: Mutukamma Chuhivelia Veliappa appointed as Ambassador to Hungary. She was India’s first female diplomat.
1990: Iraq begins to occupy Kubayt. Within two days the Kuwaiti army dispersed. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein made Kubat the 19th province of Iraq.
2010: 7 people including Tadatoshi Akiba awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.


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