Historical Events on 3rd August in World

Friends, every time we hear that our history is very old, but we are not fully aware of the history of our country and the world, so we are making a small effort here, which will give you the Historical Events of 3rd August Revolutionary of the whole country and the world and the history of today. To get information so that your knowledge can increase further.

1347: Alauddin Bahman Shah founded the Bahmani Sultanate (1317-1518).
1749: Chanda Sahib defeats Nawab Anwar-Uddin of Karnataka in the battle of Amber.

1886: Maathilisharan Gupta, the poet of classical compositions like Panchavati, Yashodhara, Saket, was born in Chirgaon of Jhansi on this day.
1914: Germany declared war against France during the First World War.
1916: Historical Events on 3rd August in World Today the songwriter Shakeel Badayu was born.
1957: Abdul Rahman was elected the new leader of Malaysia under whose leadership Malaysia gained independence from Britain. Abdul Rahman, who educated in Britain, used to come from the royal family, but he always called the leader of the common man.

History Between 1984 to 2018

1984: American swimmer and Olympic champion Ryan Lacte was born.
2003: The Anglican Church of America decided to appoint a gay bishop. Jane Robinson was elected bishop by an overwhelming majority by the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church.
2005: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad becomes President of Iran.
2009: “Eric Emerson Schmidt” resigns from Apple Inc for remaining at Google.
2010: The US, Russia, and Britain did not participate in the global treaty on cluster bombs with the support of 102 countries.
2010: The largest border conflict took place between Israel and Lebanon after the 2006 war.
2012: Workplace Safety Bill passed against sexual harassment of women.
2016: “Pushpakal Dahal” becomes the 39th Prime Minister of Nepal.
2018: India elected President of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Development Institute for two years.


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