Historical Events on 6th August in World

Friends, every time we hear that our history is very old, but we are not fully aware of the history of our country and the world, so we are making a small effort here, which will give you the Historical Events of 6th August Revolutionary of the whole country and the world and the history of today. To get information so that your knowledge can increase further.

Historical Events on 6th August in World of the country and the world many incidents are recorded, in which they are:

In 1821 Brussels published the first edition of the ‘Courier of Page Bass’ newspaper.
In 1825 Bolivia gained independence from Peru.
In 1862 The Madras High Court was established.
In 1906 Historical Events on 6th August in World, The Chief freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das and other Congress leaders started publication of the “Vande Mataram” newspaper.
In 1914 Austria declared war against Russia.
In 1945 The US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Japan.
In 1960 Cuba nationalized all property in the country.

In 1964 The world’s oldest tree Prometheus was cut in Nevada, USA
In 1996 NASA predicted the possibility of life on Mars.
In 2001 Economic Agreement of India and Australia.
In 2002 Australia recalled its citizens from Pakistan due to tensions in India and Pakistan.

In 2007 An old Hindu temple in Central Trinidad was damaged.
In 2007 Hungarian scientists claimed to have received fossils of cedar trees of about 8 million years old.
In 2011 Yingluck Shinawatra of the Pewia Thai Group became the first female Prime Minister of Thailand.
In 2012 NASA’s Curiosity Rover reached Mars.

 Born on 6th August

japan’s Emperor Go Toba was born in 1180.
Independent fighter and former governor of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh M. Chandy was born in 1921.
The fifth Lok Sabha Speaker of India, Gurdial Singh Dhillon, was born on 6 August 1915.
Indian cricketer A. G. Kripal Singh was born in 1933.
India’s famous environmental worker Rajendra Singh was born in 1959.
Indian, American film director M. Night Shyamalan was born in 1970.

  Died On 6th August

Indian National Congress leader Sir Surendranath Banerjee died in 1925.
Famous Malayalam Literature S. Of Pottekkatta died in 1982.
Indian leader Bhupesh Gupta died in 1981.
Suraj Bhan, an Indian politician, and Dalit leader died in 2006.


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