Historical Facts on 7th August in World

Friends, every time we hear that our history is very old, but we are not fully aware of the history of our country and the world, so we are making a small effort here, which will give you the Historical Events of 7th August of the whole country and the world and the history of today. To get information so that your knowledge can increase further.

Historical Facts on 7th August in World of the country and the world many incidents recorded, in which they are:

In 1668 Newton received a master’s degree from Trinity College Cambridge.
In 1753 The UK Museum established under the Parliament Act.
Year 1880 The appropriate speaker was the newspaper published by Pandit Durgaprasad Mishra.
In 1914 Indian National Congress boycotted British goods.
Russia attacked East Persia.
In 1944 The first electronic calculator with a weight of 51 kg, 8 feet height, and five tons was constructed.
Year 1947 The electricity and transport system was formally transferred to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
In 1957 Historical Facts on 7th August in World on this day The US conducted a nuclear test at the Nevada test site.


Facts Between 1966 to 2013

In 1966 Racist riots in Lansing, Michigan
In 1985 Geet Sethi became the third Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards Championship.
 Year 1990 the US deployed forces in Saudi Arabia and launched Operation Desert Shield.
In 1994 The first telephone service between Israel and Jordan started.
In 1998 Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania capitals.
Year 2000 Expanding its power by signing a law by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
In 2003 12 people died car bomb explosion outside the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad.
In 2005 Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigned from his post.
Year 2012 Three gunmen assaulted 19 people in the church at Okan, Nigeria.
In 2013 bomb blasts in Pakistan’s Karachi city killed 11 people in the bomb blast

Born On 7th August

Italian poet and writer “Francois Patark” was born in 1304.
The famous artist and writer of India Avinindranath Thakur were born in 1871.
The famous scholar Vasudev Sharan Agarwal of India was born in 1904.
Renowned Indian agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan was born in 1925.
South African actress Charlize Theron was born in 1975.

Died On 7th August

“Estanissla Whiskey” died in 1938. He was the director of Russia’s theater.
An Indian writer and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Thakur died in 1941.
PC Adichan, a member of the fourth Lok Sabha of India, died in 1976.
Gulshan Bawra, the famous lyricist of Hindi films, died in 2009.
Bhishma’s father, Karunanidhi, died in 2018 of Tamil Nadu politics.


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