Interesting Facts About Rahat Indori

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Interesting Facts About Rahat Indori

There are many stories about the life of Rahat Saab, who lives in luxury, which very few people knew. Rahat Indori, known as Rahat Saab, once became a painter to make a living. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting Facts about Rahat Indori.

Rahat Qureshi, later known as Rahat Indori, was born on 1 January 1950 in Indore to Rafatullah Qureshi, a cloth mill worker, and his wife Maqbool Un Nisa Begum. He was their fourth child. He did his schooling from Nutan School Indore from where he completed his Higher Secondary. He completed his graduation from Islamia Karimia College, Indore in 1973, and has passed his MA in Urdu literature from Barkatullah University Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) in 1975. Rahat was awarded a Ph.D. in Urdu literature from the Bhoj University of Madhya Pradesh in 1985 for his thesis titled Urdu Main Mushaira.

FACT#1. Rahat Indori was born on 01 January 1950 in Indore to Raftullah Qureshi, an employee of a textile mill, and Maqbool Un Nisha Begum.

FACT#2. All the studies of Rahat Indori have been done in Indore. He got his early education at Nutan School Indore. After this, in 1973, he completed his graduation from Islamia Karimiya College in the city. Then in 1975, he did his MA in Urdu literature from Barkatullah University, Bhopal.

FACT#3. Rahat Indori received his Ph.D. in Urdu literature from Bhoj Open University in Madhya Pradesh in 1985. After which he got the title of Doctor.

FACT#4 By the way, the original name of Rahat Indori was Rahat Qureshi. But he loved his city of Indore. Because of this, he made it part of his name.

FACT#5 Rahat Indori started his career as a teacher of Urdu literature at Indrakumar College, Indore. He soon became popular among the students.

FACT#6 The financial condition of Rahat Indori’s family was not very good, due to which he had to face many difficulties in the initial days.

FACT#7.Very few people know but Rahat Indori was a good player with the poet. He was also the captain of the football and hockey team at the school and college level.

FACT#8. Talking about the family, Rahat Indori had two elder sisters named Tehzeeb and Takib. Apart from this, he has two brothers Akil and Adil.

FACT#9The financial condition of the family deteriorated, Rahat Indori had to start working as a sign-painter at less than 10 years of age. But later he started liking the work and he also came to know as a good painter.

FACT#10. There are very few poets who apart from poetry also write Rahat Indori songs. Rahat was one of them. Apart from this, his poem ‘Bula hai Magar Jaane Nahin’ became viral on Tik Tok.

FACT#11. It was also a period when customers had to wait for months to get boards painted by Rahat Indori. Paint done for shops here can be seen on many signboards even today in Indore.


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