21 Interesting Facts About Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s full name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. He was born in the year 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden studied law at Syracuse University after studying at the University of Delaware. He was elected a councilor in 1970 from New Castle County. He served as Vice President twice during Obama’s tenure from 2008 to 2016. If he wins the presidential election this time, he will be the oldest American president at the age of 78. Today we will talk about some unknown and interesting facts about Joe Biden. So let’s know about the interesting facts related to “Joe Biden” and his life.

FACT#1. Delighted to become President, veteran leader Biden, who arrived from Delaware, got the biggest breakthrough when he managed to win a place in the presidential race in South Carolina’s Democratic Party Primary on February 29, 2020.

FACT#2. Joe Biden spent five decades in Washington, was a well-known face to the American public as he served as Vice President twice during the tenure of then US President Barack Obama.

FACT#3. Joe Biden (79 years old) defeated 74-year-old Donald Trump in the presidential race, became the oldest president in American history to date.

FACT#4. Joe Biden had failed in the presidential race in 1988 and 2008.

FACT#5. As a senator in the state of Delaware for nearly three decades and during his tenure of eight years during the Obama regime, he has always been an advocate of strengthening Indo-American relations.

FACT#6. Joe Biden also played an important role in the passage of the Indo-US nuclear deal. Biden has a large number of Indian-Americans with strong ties to Indian politicians.

FACT#7. In July 2020, during a campaign to raise funds for elections, Biden said that India-US are “natural partners”.

FACT#8. Recalling his eight-year tenure as Vice-President, Joe Biden referred to further strengthening relations with India and said that if he is elected President, the Indo-US relationship will remain his priority.

FACT#9. Joe Robin Biden Jr. Born in Pennsylvania in 1942 and studied at the University of Delaware and later received a law degree in 1968.

FACT#10. Biden was first elected senator in Delaware in 1972 and held this position six times. Biden, who became a senator at the age of 29, is the youngest ever senator to become a leader.

FACT#11. Biden is going to become America’s 46th president.

FACT#12. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has entered the US election race for the third time. In 1988, he tried for the presidential election for the first time. However, at that time he faced a serious charge, which led to him withdrawing from the election. Joe Biden was accused of plagiarism. After 1988, Biden tried for elections in 2008. But that year, he backed out due to Barack Obama. However, Biden is considered close to former US President Barack Obama. When Obama was the President of the United States, he was made the Vice President. From 2008 to 2016, he was the Vice President. This time Obama has also given full force to Biden’s victory.

FACT#13. Joe Biden, the US presidential candidate, has an older relationship than controversies. He was accused of plagiarism. Also, a woman had accused him of sexual abuse. The woman, who works in Biden’s Senate office, alleged that Biden sexually abused her in 1993. A police complaint was also filed in this regard. In addition, Biden also admitted that he had stolen the article reviewing the law while he was studying law. Apart from this, he had once reported being shot. However, he later said that the bullet had come out from his side.

FACT#14. According to media reports, Biden stammered in childhood, which used to make fun of his people. He used to be called ‘Dash’. During the presidential election campaign, Biden once said that he counsels stammering children.

FACT#15. In 1972, Biden’s first wife, Nelia, and their one-year-old daughter died in a car accident. After this, Biden was given the responsibility of raising two young sons. At the same time, one of them, son Bue, also started being active in Biden’s political activities. However, at the age of 46, the son died of brain cancer in 2015. It is said that Biden could not participate in the presidential race in 2016 due to this setback. Forgetting past memories, Biden had remarried. Joe Biden’s wife is Jill. They were married in 1977. Jill is strategizing with Biden in elections.

FACT#16. Joe Biden is a millionaire. He was known as a middle-class man. Biden, who was the Vice President during Barack Obama’s term and his wife, had assets worth more than $ 150 million in 2019, according to financial documents. In September 2020, details of Biden’s 2019 tax return were revealed, according to which Biden Couple paid $ 3,46,000 in taxes and other payments. This information has been given by quoting a media report.

FACT#17. Joe Biden’s condition is said to have deteriorated so much in the year 1988 that even the pastor was called for his funeral. Let us tell you that Biden exercises five days a week. According to his doctor, Biden is fit to assume responsibility for the US presidency. However, he has previously struggled with intracranial hemorrhage. At the same time, Biden also does not consume alcohol or cigarettes.

FACT#18. Biden said that when he first became a member of the Senate in 1972, he received a Biden letter from Mumbai. Mumbai-based Biden told him that the two had ancestors. In the said letter, he was informed that his ancestors worked in the East India Company in the 18th century. Biden also regretted that he could not go into details about this.

FACT#19. In 2015, he again mentioned this incident at the Indo-US Forum meeting in Washington. He told that his ancestor was probably married to an Indian woman, whose family members are still there. He also told that there were five people of Biden surname in Mumbai, about whom a journalist informed him. Biden had also quipped that he could contest elections in India as well.

FACT#20. It was the name of Amtrak, the train that used to travel between Willington and Washington every day to meet its sons and became famous because of that name.

FACT#21. Joe Biden has married twice in his personal life. His first wife was a week before Christmas in 1972 when he went out to buy a Christmas tree from the market, along with his 3 children. His car crashed, killing his wife and his daughter. Their two sons, Bue and Hunter, were seriously injured. During this time, Biden suffered significant mental trauma.


Full Name: Joseph Robinette Biden
Date of Birth: 20 November 1942
Father’s Name: Joseph Biden
Mother’s Name: Catherine Eugenia
Wife: Jill Biden
Age: 77 years (2020)
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, Scranton, United States
Nationality: American
Zodiac: Scorpio
Hometown: Scranton, United States
School: St. Paul Elementary School, Orkamere
College: University of Delaware, Sirkash University
Educational Qualification: B.A Juris Doctor
Occupation: Politician and lawyer
Political Party: Domestic Party United States
Siblings: one sister two brothers
Total Worth: $ 9 million (2020)

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