20 Interesting Facts About MDH Owner Mahashay Dharampal Gulati

Dharampal Gulati was born on 27 March 1923 in Sialkot in present-day Pakistan. His father was Mahashay Chunni Lal Gulati, the founder of MDH. His family migrated to India during the partition of India. The family spent some time in a refugee camp in Amritsar, and then they moved to Delhi in search of work. Once in Delhi, Gulati opened a spice shop in Karol Bagh. In 1953, he rented a second shop in Chandni Chowk. In 1959, Gulati purchased land in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to set up the manufacturing unit of Mahashian Di Hatti. Today we will talk about some unknown and interesting facts about MDH Owner Dharampal Gulati. So let’s know about the interesting facts related to “Mahashay Dharampal Gulati” and his life.

FACT#1. Mahaashay Dharampal Gulati, the owner of the country’s famous spice company MDH, is once again in the news. Actually, Chinese research firm Hurun India has released a list of Indian rich. It states that the eldest Emir in India is Mahashay Dharmapala Gulati. He is currently 98 years old.

FACT#2. Dharampal Gulati was born on 27 March 1923 in Sialkot (Pakistan). After the partition of the country in 1947, he came to India. Then he had only 1,500 rupees.

FACT#3. He was born in the house of his father Chunnilal and mother Channan Devi in a locality in Sialkot, Pakistan.

FACT#4. Dharam Pal Gulati has studied up to class five. He did not go to school for further studies. He may not have taken much bookish education, but big businessmen consider him to be the iron. His father set up his spice shop for work. During this time many other works were learned for the experience. His shop used to run a lot. A few days sold “Pouches of Mehandi”  on the street.

FACT#5. Dharampal Gulati was the biggest challenge to earn money Coming to Delhi. In those days only 1500 rupees were left in Dharampal’s pocket. Out of these 1500 rupees he got from his father, Dharmpal for 650 rupees bought a horse and a tanga and started running a tanga at the railway station. A few days later, he gave it to Tanga Bhai and started selling spices by planting a small kiosk on Ajmal Khan Road in Karolbagh.

FACT#6. According to Euromonitor, Dharampal Gulati was the highest-grossing CEO of the FMCG sector. Sources said that last year in 2018, they used to get Rs 25 crore in-hand salary.

FACT#7. Dharampal Gulati used to donate about 90 percent of his salary. He was also running 20 schools and 1 hospital. Apart from this, he used to help needy people from time to time.

FACT#8. There were ten people in his family, apart from his parents, brothers Dharmaveer, Satpal, and five sisters Durgadevi, Shanti Devi, Lilavati, Satyavati, and Santosh. There were two buffaloes in the house.

FACT#9. The business was going well. Being 18 years old, the pressure increased for her to get married. Married to Lilavanti in 1942.

FACT#10. During the partition of the country, Sialkot had to be abandoned, because the whole area had started burning badly in the fire of riots. He saw that during this period the people of RSS helped the victims a lot. Amidst the chaos, somehow reached Amritsar and took refuge with one of his agents there. He did not feel like there. Elder brother Dharamvir and a few relatives moved to Delhi.

FACT#11. During this time the whole family including the father came to Delhi. After leaving the work of Tanga, then he put a jaggery-sugar shade on Ajmal Khan Road. Bored of him too. The mind was inspired by the old business of spices. Then started a store of pulses, oil, and spices on Ajmal Khan Road. There was the experience, so the work went on and buy spices from Khari Baoli, Delhi.

FACT#12. When the family grew, he decided to leave the rented house and buy his house. In 1954, he bought a house worth 45 thousand on Ajmal Khan Road. The whole family including brothers came there and Work started from the house above.

FACT#13. When the work started increasing, they were set up a big factory in 1960 at Kirti Nagar, Delhi, and thus after a long struggle, he got a place in Delhi. MDH spices started spreading across the country and their spices were used in every household.

FACT#14. The house that was opened for a living was in the name of a Roopak. Opened ‘Roopak stores’ of clothing by the same name. Expanded and transformed him into a superstore. Also started home delivery. It was widely publicized on the radio. Later, he closed a clothing store and started a shop called ‘Chaat Bar’. He became a famous restaurant. Later he closed the ‘Chaat Bar’ due to increasing busyness but the Roopak store continued to operate.

FACT#15. Six daughters and two sons were born to his house. When business was established, efforts started for the upliftment of society. When the desire grew further, a Channan Devi Hospital was built in Janakpuri after mother’s name along with the hospital, many schools, ashrams, gurukuls were constructed in Delhi and in the country. Operated many gaushalas. Currently, more than 50 products of MDH are in the market. Apart from Delhi, Gurugram and Nagaur have three factories each. MDH has agencies across the country. MDH supplies to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

FACT#16. Dharampal Gulati used to add all his spices himself even in old age. Often you have seen them telling about their spices on TV. He is considered to be the oldest ad star in the world. Apart from this, he also used many special techniques to make his spices tasty.

FACT#17. The untimely demise of younger son Sanjeev caused deep anguish but handled it as a master of this mortal world. As a special strategy, the company itself became a brand ambassador despite the age. Promoted advertisements on the TV itself. With the ‘Asli Masala Sach-Sach’ and ‘This is the real India’ dialogues, he introduced the promotion of spices in a different way.

FACT#18. Today he is 98 years old. Wake up at 4:45 am as usual. The decades-old rule is that after getting up in the morning, drink copper glass water. Along with some honey. Arriving in the park at 5.25 pm, take a walk, exercise, posture, pranayama. Everything in food is ‘light-hearted’. Once again park in the evening, followed by light food and in bed at 10:30.

FACT#19. He said, if you want to stay young, take care of three things. Shave daily. Once add Kesar to the milk, drink it, and if possible massage the almond oil. Old age will not come near.

FACT#20. Whether the bank’s check is five rupees or five crores rupees. He signs on his own. The entire purchase is monitored. He believes that social and religious participation is necessary to be successful and stress-free in life. His participation is still going on today. Havan has been practiced for years. And still doing today.

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