A Story of Mirabai Chanu with President

When the President ate a poor Indian girl’s false rice

This is the story of Mirabai Chanu.

At that time he was 10 years old. Born in a poor family in the village of Nongpok Kakching, 200 km from Imphal, Mirabai Chanu, the youngest of six siblings, used to go with her four-year-old brother, Saikhom Santomba Meitei, to collect wood on a nearby hill.

One day his brother could not lift the bundle, but Meera easily picked it up and she brought it to her home about 2 km away.

In the evening, Mirabai Chanu went to the neighboring house to watch TV, and there was talk of bringing her bundles from the forest. Her mother said, “Daughter if we had a bullock cart today, you would not have to carry the bundle.”

“How much does a bullock cart cost, mother?” Mirabai asked.

“So much money that we will never see in life.”

“But why can’t you see, can’t money be earned? Will there be any way to earn money to buy a bullock cart?” When Chanu asked, then a person from the village said, “You lift more weight than boys, if you become a weight lifter then one day definitely By lifting heavy weights and winning gold in the game, you can sell that medal and buy a bullock cart.

“Good thing, I will win gold and sell it and buy a bullock cart.” He was confident.

He learned about the sport of weight lifting, but there was no weightlifting center in his village, so he decided to travel 60 km daily by train.

He started from Khuman Lampak Sports Complex in Imphal.

One day his train got late. It’s nighttime. He had no place in the city, no one even knew him. She thought that she would take shelter in a temple and practice tomorrow and then go to the village the next day in the evening.

He saw an unfinished building on which Arya Samaj Mandir was written. She went into it. There he found a priest whom he called Baba and sought refuge in the night.

“Daughter, I can’t give you shelter, this is a temple and there is a terrace in the same room in which I sleep. In the second room, the roof is not yet erected, the angle has fallen, the stone ingots have come but the money has run out. You take shelter somewhere else.”

“Where shall I go at night, Baba,” said Mirabai, “allow me to stay in the room without a terrace.”

“It’s good, as you wish,” said Baba.

She slept on top of the soil in that room, yet the floor in the room was not even there. When there was no roof, where would the floor be from? But during the night it started drizzling and his eyes opened.

Mirabai looked at the ceiling. There were iron angles on the walls, but the ingots were below. Half-finished life was also made. He picked up the stone ingots from below and placed them at the top angle and then in a short time, keeping dozens of ingots at the angles on the walls of the room, he printed the room.

After that a rain foil was lying there, he put it on the ingots, picked up a shovel and a tash, filled the soil, and put it on the ingots on the roof. Thus Mirabai prepared the roof.

It rained heavily, and she came to her room. Now he was not afraid of getting wet, because he himself had made the ceiling of that room.

The next day, when Baba came to know in the morning that Mirabai had put the ceiling of the room, he was surprised and gave her permanent shelter in the temple, so that she could prepare for the game by staying there because from there the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex was near. Was.

Baba himself prepared and fed rice for him and Mirabai had made the rooms beautiful by covering them with cow dung and yellow soil.

When she got time, Baba would hand her a book, which she would read and recite, and that book not only instilled in her faith in religion, as well as of patriotism.

After this Mirabai Chanu became the under-15 champion at the age of 11 and won the junior champion title at the age of 17.

Buying iron bars was heavy for the family. Meerabai, who was mentally disturbed, told this problem to Baba, then Baba said, “Don’t worry daughter, if you come by evening, you will get the bar ready.”

When she came till evening, Baba made a bamboo bar and got it ready so that she could practice.

Baba introduced him to Kunjurani. In those days, Manipur’s female weightlifter Kunjurani Devi was the star and went to play in the Athens Olympics.

After this Mirabai accepted Kunjurani as her role model and Kunjurani took the initiative to help her in every way possible on Baba’s request.

Seeing the Kunjurani, Meera had a dream of becoming a world champion, Meera broke her 12-year-old national record of the same idol in 2016, that too by lifting 192 kg.

She had the opportunity to participate in the 2017 World Weightlifting Championship, Anaheim, California, USA.

He had to attend a dinner before the match. The US President was the chief guest at the dinner.

The President saw Mirabai being served rice in old utensils in front of her, while everyone was enjoying the royal meal in the luxurious utensils of the hotel.

The President asked, “Why was this player served rice in old utensils, is our country so poor that there are fewer utensils for a girl, or is it being discriminated against, is she an untouchable?”

“No, Your Excellency, it is not like that,” he got the reply from the people serving the food, “Its name is Mirabai. Wherever she goes, she takes rice from her country India. Wherever it happens abroad, it is eaten by boiling the rice of India itself. Here too, I have brought this rice by myself by boiling it from my room.

“Why so?” the President asked, looking at Mirabai.

“Your Majesty, even the gods yearn to eat the food of my country, so I eat the food of my own country.”

“Oh you are very patriotic, I will definitely visit India once in the village where you were born,” the President said.

“Your Majesty, what is the need to go to my village for this?”

”Why ?”

“My village is with me, I give him darshan here.”

The President laughed at the words of that foolish girl while saying, “Good morning Darshan!”

Mirabai was carrying a handbag with her, she untied a bundle from it, then first applied it to her forehead, then turned to the President and said, “This is my holy village and great country.”

“What is this?” The President said looking at the bag, “Is there soil in it?”

“Yes this is the holy soil of my village, the blood of the patriots of my country is mixed in it, the blood of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Ramprasad Bismil, Chandrashekhar Azad is mixed in this soil, so it is not soil, it is my whole India.. .”

“From which university did you get such education, Chanu?”

“Your Majesty, such education is not given in the university, Macaulay’s education is given in the university, such education is given at the feet of the guru, I have received this education from Baba, who performs Havana in Arya Samaj, I read him, Satyarth Prakash. I used to tell, that inspired me to patriotism.

“Satyarth Prakash?”
“Yes Satyarth Prakash,” Chanu took out Satyarth Prakash’s copy from his handbag and handed it to the President, “You keep it, I will take more from Baba who performs the havan.”

“Tomorrow you will win the gold medal,” the President continued, “I have read that your Lord Hanumanji lifted the mountain on his hands, but tomorrow even if Hanumanji comes against you, you will still win… your God too. I Will be defeated, tomorrow in front of you.

The President gave that book to an officer and then ordered, “Send this book for research to see what is in it, after reading which this girl started to boil so much patriotism that she brought rice from her own soil to our biggest hotel.” I started eating it by boiling it.

Chanu had eaten rice, there was some rice left in it, so the President picked up that grain of rice from his plate and put it in his mouth and got up, and walked on.

“It just came out of the mouth, “Surely this girl will win tomorrow’s gold medal, she eats the food of Devbhoomi.”

And the next day Mirabai won the gold medal, but no one was surprised at this, except the people of India…

America already knew she would win, the lead had already made news before the BBC won.

The BBC was in front of the readers as soon as it won, while the Indian media was still waiting for the lead news to arrive.

After this, Chanu lifted the weight of 196 kg, of which 86 kg was in snatch and 110 kg in clean and jerk, giving India its first gold medal of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Along with this, he also broke the Commonwealth Games record of the 48 kg category.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh announced a cash amount of ₹15 lakh for winning gold with a world record in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

In 2018, he was honored with the Padma Shri award by the Government of India.

On receiving this award, Mirabai first bought a bullock cart for her house and gave one lakh rupees to her as Guru Dakshina to make Baba’s temple concrete.

Hitesh Singh Kardam

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