20 Interesting Facts About Bollywood Actor Rajkumar Rao

Actor Rajkumar Rao is an inspiration to all those struggling actors who want to make their mark in Bollywood. Rajkummar Rao has proved that if you have the ability, Bollywood will come forward to embrace you with open arms. National Award winner Rajkumar Rao was born on 31 August 1984. Rajkumar Rao himself has told interesting tales of his Struggle days many times we will tell you 20 interesting facts about Rajkumar Rao.

FACT#1. Rajkumar Rao dreamed of becoming an actor from his school days. After completing his studies at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, it took Rajkummar Rao about a year and a half to get his first film. He gave many auditions and got rejected. His family had full support in this struggle.

FACT#2. Rajkummar Rao made his debut in 2010 with the film ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’. After this, on the basis of his excellent acting, he kept on moving forward. He also received the National Award for Best Actor in 2014 for the film ‘Shahid’.

FACT#3. Rajkumar Rao went ahead with this success as well. In 2017, his film ‘Newton’ was sent to the Oscars from India. However, while this film proved to be special for Rajkumar, its journey was also painful for him. It was during the shooting of ‘Newton’ that he got the news of his mother’s death.

b Rajkummar Rao is fond of reading biography. With this, they get to know about different people in the world. Rajkumar tries to hone his acting by observing the lives of different people.

FACT#5. Actor Irrfan Khan is also known for his excellent acting and out-of-the-box films. In an interview, Rajkummar Rao has said that he has a deep desire to work with Irrfan.

FACT#6. Rajkummar Rao is dating model-actress Patralekha. Raj and Patralekha were seen together in the film ‘Citilites’. Patralekha made her Bollywood debut with this film. The two may have done the same film together but have appeared together in many interviews. Fans find their pair very cute. The fans of both have given him the nickname ‘Patrao’.

FACT#7. In an interview, both told that before actually meeting each other, Raj had seen Patralekha in an ad and wanted to meet that cute girl. At the same time, Patralekha saw him in the film ‘LSD’ (Love Sex and Dhokha).

FACT#8. Rajkummar Rao was seen opposite Kangana Ranaut in the film ‘Queen’ in 2014. In the film, he breaks Kangana’s heart after which she goes on a honeymoon alone. Regarding this, Rajkumar said in an interview that in fact, some boys do not think at all before breaking the hearts of girls. He knows many such boys who broke up over the phone and never came to meet the girl.

FACT#9. Rajkumar pays a lot of attention to every character. Before acting, he understands the character completely and tries to think like him. He was playing the role of terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh in the film ‘Omerta’. He was so immersed in the character that when he saw the news of the terrorist attack in Paris on TV, ‘Well done’ came out of his mouth. He immediately restrained himself and said that it was very unfortunate.

FACT#10. When Rajkumar, who played a serious role in many films, appeared in films like ‘Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana’, ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’, his female fan following also increased a lot. After this, his fan following continued to grow with films like ‘Fannie Khan’, ‘Stree’, ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’.

FACT#11. Rajkummar Rao got his first break in Bollywood with films like ‘Rann’, ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’ and ‘Ragini MMS’ but he got recognition from the film ‘Kai Po Che’. When Rajkumar was not successful at the beginning of his film career, he changed the spelling of his name at the behest of his mother and started writing Rajkumar Rao instead of Rajkummar Rao. Well, his real name is Rajkumar Yadav.

FACT#12. Rajkumar has a habit of doing his every role with gusto. In Shahid, he played the character of lawyer Shahid Azmi in such a way that he was awarded the National Award. He became the election officer in Newton and Pritam rebels in Bareilly Ki Barfi. Every character of Rajkumar was different from each other. This is the reason that today he has a different audience and he is a superhit in it.

FACT#13. Rajkumar Rao did not get success so easily. He also saw those times when he did not have money. In an interview, Rajkumar had said that I used to give seven thousand rupees from my share which was too much for me. Every month 15-20 thousand rupees were needed. Once I had only Rs 18 in my account and Rs 23 with my friend.

FACT#14. Rajkumar Rao had told that his teacher had paid his fees for two years due to financial constraints. In Mumbai, he used to go to audition on his friend’s bike. He didn’t know what to wear to look good. Regardless of all these things, the prince used to apply rose water on his face and thought that it would make him look good.

FACT#15. Of course, Rajkumar Rao got recognition from the film ‘Kai Po Che’ but he got his first break in Bollywood with films like ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’ and ‘Ragini MMS’. That is why she is still grateful to filmmaker Ekta Kapoor for giving her the first chance.

FACT#16. Like many successful actors in the film industry, Rajkumar did not leave his studies in the middle, he is a graduate from Delhi University and after that, he has also done an acting course from FTII Pune.

FACT#17. Few people know that Rajkumar is a big fan of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and that is why he accepted a small role in the film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur 2’. For the same reason, he accepted a small role in the film ‘Talaash’ as he is also a huge fan of Aamir Khan.

FACT#18. Rajkumar says that when he was in class tenth, he understood that he wanted to actor and would later become an actor. That is why after completing his studies, he took admission to acting school in Pune. He was associated with theater in Delhi from his college days.

FACT#19. However, during the days of struggle someone told him that his eyebrows are very ugly, he is black and he does not look anywhere to be a hero. But the Rajkumar Rao did not give up his stubbornness, and the result is in front of everyone today.

FACT#20. A Rajkumar Rao once said that failure hurts him, but success never spoils his mind.


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