20 Interesting Facts About Valentines Day

Every year 14 February is celebrated as the day of love i.e. Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, couples express love by giving each other roses, chocolates, gifts, and many other things. There are many of us who are waiting for Valentine to come once again. As soon as the month of February comes, many of you must have started counting on your fingers, but do you know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? And why this day was named Valentine. If, you know, then it is a good thing, but you do not know, then we are going to tell you about the history of Valentine and some interesting facts about Valentines Day.
Celebrated on February 14, this day is celebrated in different countries in different ways and with different beliefs. In western countries, this day is celebrated in its own way, but in eastern countries also there is a way of celebrating this day.

While in China this day ‘Knights of Sevens’ is special for hearts immersed in love, in Japan and Korea this festival is known as ‘White Day’. Not only this, people in these countries express their love for a whole month from this day and express their feelings by giving gifts and flowers to each other.

FACT#1. The description of St. Valentine is found in the book ‘Aurea of ​​Jacobus de Varagin’, compiled in 1260. According to this, Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius in the third century. According to him, the power and intelligence of men are reduced by marrying. He ordered that none of his soldiers or officers would marry. Saint Valentine opposed this cruel order. On his call, many soldiers and officers got married. After all, Claudius hanged Saint Valentine on 14 February 269. Since then love day is celebrated in his memory. Saint Valentine is said to have donated eyes to Jacobus, the jailer’s blind daughter, at the time of his death and wrote a letter to Jacobus, in which he wrote ‘Your Valentine’ at the end. This day was 14 February which later came to be celebrated in the name of this saint and the message of selfless love is spread all over the world on the pretext of Valentine’s Day.
FACT#2. Valentine’s started in India in 1992 but people here gave more love less hate on this day.
FACT#3. Asaram Bapu encouraged the youth to celebrate Valentine’s Day as Mother-Patri-Wojan-Day.
FACT#4. 180 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day, in America alone.
FACT#5. There is a tradition in Italy that the man who shows the woman in the morning, probably he will be the husband of the woman.
FACT#6. In Japan, only men celebrate Valentine’s Day.
FACT#7. In South Korea, the 14th of every month is celebrated as the day of love.
FACT#8. Only Muslims cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day in Malaysia.
FACT#9. Every year on February 14, 1 Ab card is sent, all over the world.
FACT#10. The Iranian government also banned Valentine’s Day in 2011. Here red roses, heart shapes, and everything related to it have been banned which promotes Valentine’s Day.
FACT#11. Valentine’s Day is a 10 trillion rupees industry in America.
FACT#12. Now Americans spend Rs.16 only on Valentine’s Day cards.
FACT#13. U.S. Greeting Cards are estimated to send cards to one billion Valentines around the world every year, making it the second-largest card-selling festival after Christmas.
On the festival, to celebrate this festival traditionally in western countries, love letters are exchanged in the name of ‘Valentine’s Day, along with giving gifts like hearts, cupids, flowers, etc. Emotions are also expressed. In the 19th century, America officially declared a holiday on this day.
FACT#14. About 3 percent of people give gifts to their pets on this day.
FACT#15. The people of Finland celebrate Valentine’s Day as ‘Friends Day’. Friends are remembered there on this day.
FACT#16. There was a time when doctors used to ask their patients, whose hearts is broken in love, to eat chocolate. Doctors believed that eating chocolate at such times would give some relief to the patients from the pain of their lost love.
FACT#17. More than 35 million heart-shaped chocolates are sold on this day.
FACT#18. On average, 220,000 people propose marriage to their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day each year.
FACT#19. The red rose is considered a symbol of love as the color red signifies romantic feelings of love.
FACT#20. On this day, about 73 percent of men and 27 percent of women buy flowers to express their love.

If, you know, then it is a good thing, but you do not know, then we are going to tell you about the history of Valentine and some interesting facts about Valentines Day.

What is its history?

Let me tell you, it is about 270 AD. There was a king in the Roman Empire. The name was Claudius Gothicus II. It is said that he was strictly against love affairs and marriage. He believed that by love or marriage, soldiers forget their goals and lose the war. That’s why he banned the marriage of soldiers. There was a saint in the same kingdom. Whose name was Valentine? He opposed this order.

Claudius had Saint Valentine put to death. It is believed that the date on which Saint Valentine made the sacrifice was February 14. Since then this day was celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Some believe that was jailed

Even some historians believe that Valentine was imprisoned. From there he wrote a letter to the jailor’s daughter. The girl believed in Saint Valentine a lot. In the last of this letter, it was written ‘From your Valentine’.

Mass Marriages were also

Another belief is that the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the year 496. Many believe that Valentine’s Day originated with the Roman festival. It is around the end of the 5th century. Pope Gelasius declared 14 February as St Valentine’s Day. Since then it is being celebrated. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia and it was celebrated in mid-February. Mass marriages take place on this occasion. Now let’s say Happy Valentine Day to your Valentine quickly.

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