20 Interesting Facts About Bikes and Royal Enfield

The origin of vehicles in the world has a long history. Before the development of automobile engineering, people travelled in oxen and horse-drawn carriages, which was very difficult and tiring. At the end of the 19th century, many automobile companies were born worldwide, starting on a very small scale. These companies today sell their products all over the world. Today we will talk about some motorcycle companies whose history has been very interesting. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Bikes and Royal Enfield? Think again! Check out these 20 interesting facts about Bikes and Royal Enfield, you may have never heard.

FACT#1. Yamaha – Piano maker: The famous motorcycle company Yamaha started as a piano maker. The company started making motorcycles after a long time. Even today, the company manufactures many types of equipment, including pianos, keyboards, wheelchairs, and industrial robots.

FACT#2. Longest Motorcycle: India holds the record for making the longest motorcycle in the world. Bharat Singh Parmar of Gujarat made this motorcycle in 2015. The length of this motorcycle is 86 feet and 30 inches.

FACT#3. Isle of Man TT: The Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Race, held annually in Iceland, is considered the fastest and most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. In this race, the race is done by closing the common roads. The shortest lap recorded in the race is 17 minutes and is completed at a speed of 215 km/h.

FACT#4. Suzuki Starts With The Loom Company: Yes, the famous motorcycle company Suzuki was initially a handloom company. Suzuki began the production of motorcycles in 1953. The company made the first 36 cc motorcycle which also had pedals.

FACT#5. Motorcycle found underground: A man from North Carolina, USA, had declared his theft to avoid paying off a bank loan. On this, the bank waived his loan, and the insurance company also paid him the cost of the bike. After a few years, someone else got the property excavated, and the bike was found buried under the ground.

FACT#6. Longest journey covered in 24 hours: A South African man set a record for travelling 3256.5 km by bike for 24 hours in 2014. He made this record while riding a bike on a normal road.

FACT#7. KTM Bikes has a very strong relationship with India. In 2007, KTM partnered with India’s well-known company Bajaj Auto. At that time, Bajaj Auto had 14.7% shares in KTM, which has now increased to 49 per cent. KTM Bike has a total of 460 stores across 365 Indian cities.

FACT#8. Generally, people have the impression that expensive bikes perform well. But the truth is that the performance depends on the maintenance of the bike. In today’s time, most youths get influenced by commercial videos in terms of buying a bike. Let us tell you that professional bike riders used to prepare the video who are seen doing stunts in the video. To attract customers, the company shows attractive advertisements for the bikes. In such a situation, before buying a bike, you should take a long test drive and get complete information about it. Because for a long time, the claims that the companies are making about the bike have yet to prove true on the city roads.

FACT#9. The first bike from KTM in India was the Duke 200, launched in 2012. After this, the sale of KTM 390 Duke started in the year 2013. The starting model of KTM Bike 125cc Duke is priced around 1.50 Lakh. Apart from this, the most expensive bike in the range of KTM Bikes is 390 Adventure, which costs around 3 lakh 20 thousand. Friends, there is a reason for the price of KTM bikes to be so high. KTM makes racing bikes, due to which its motors are quite strong, and this sports bike remains very comfortable when driven on the road.

FACT#10. A year after KTM’s first racing win, the 125cc model of the R100 competed in the Austrian National Championship and took first place in the racing competition. The success of this race introduced the
125cc Tourist model of KTM to the world, and soon KTM became the first favourite bike of the racers.

FACT#11. The Royal Enfield company first started its business by making weapons. His weapon was famous as Enfield Rifle. The Royal Enfield company was first started in the year 1901.

FACT#12. The logo of the Royal Enfield Bullet was like a cannon. Its tagline was “Looks like a cannon, moves like a bullet”.

FACT#13. Before Royal Enfield made it to its own country Britain, Royal Enfield had given Bullet bikes to Russia for the war.

FACT#14. Do you know that only 2 painters from Chennai paint the petrol tank of Royal Enfield Bullet?

FACT#15. You must have seen Bollywood super hit film Sholay. You must have seen Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra in Royal Enfield with a sidecar. But do you know that the first use of Royal Enfield with a sidecar was used in the First World War with machine guns and the army?

FACT#16. Royal Enfield was the first motorcycle company in India to use a 4 engine stroke motorcycle in India.

FACT#17. Royal Enfield first launched a diesel motorcycle in 1990, its name was “Taurus”, but this motorcycle did not get much success in the market, in 2002 the production of this motorcycle had to be stopped.

FACT#18. Royal Enfield was the only company to use Rear Disc brakes in motorcycle vehicles in India.

FACT#19. Royal Enfield exports its motorcycles to India, America, South Africa, Japan, Australia, and a total of 45 countries.

FACT#20. Do you know Royal Enfield has sold as many bikes worldwide as the famous Harley Davidson bike company in India alone?

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