10 Interesting Facts About Lesbians

Women who are not interested in men or say women who are not sexually attracted to men can be lesbians. Such women do not show interest in men but only in women. A woman who is a lesbian will be sexually attracted to other women. Many women try to find out if he is a lesbian or not. Do you think you know everything there is to know about lesbians? Think again! Check out these 10 interesting facts about lesbians you may have never heard.

There are many misconceptions about lesbian sex. So what’s the truth? Join us and learn more!

FACT#1. lesbian women don’t need penetration
Simple logic – when she does not need a male partner, it does not mean that she neither enjoys penetration nor does she expect any such thing. This is strange to hear. , why? The pleasure associated with penetrative sex is a physical response that doesn’t demand what your gender should be before making itself felt. So whether you’re gay or not, penetrative sex is fun for everyone. But since lesbian women The sexual orientation of men is such that they are likely to be more than happy to do so with a woman.

FACT#2. Lesbian sex cannot be called real sex (penetrative sex).
Most people have an idea of how sex between two men does or can happen, but sex between lesbian women is still a mystery to many. It is so misrepresented that people think that sex between two women is limited to kissing, cuddling, caressing and oral sex. Which is actually far from the truth! There are so many different sex toys on the market for lesbian women that they don’t even need a man to do the penetration. In fact, they can engage in many of the same sexual activities as men.

FACT#3. Lesbian sex lowers risk of sexually transmitted diseases
This is a very serious misconception. Many STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) such as warts, HPV-2, etc. do not require any fluid such as blood or semen to be transmitted. They can be spread through direct contact with genitals and broken skin. Gay women may also be at risk for STDs that can only be spread through bodily fluids. Sex between gay women also provides many opportunities for this to happen because vaginal discharge, menstrual blood And sex toys can do the same. A 2014 report also found that there was no significant difference in the percentage of lesbian and non-lesbian women infected with HIV.

FACT#4. lesbian women love aggressive sex
Many people think of lesbian women as more masculine and aggressive than other women. Because of this perception, people think that lesbian sex will always be more erotic and uncontrollable! But let us tell here that like butterflies and candles, there are many types of women whether they are lesbian or not. Now it may be that some women like aggressive, uncontrollable sex, while some also like tenderness during sexual activity. Now there should be no need to tell here that same woman can have sex at different times with different attitude towards sex.

FACT#5. There is also a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ in the sexual act of lesbian women.
This is a myth that surrounds gay couples. Such things are prevalent in society because of people who fail to understand how love and sex can exist between two people of the same sex! There are many stereotypes associated with lesbian sex, such as ‘lesbian lesbians’ being masculine and more active in sex, and femme lesbians being soft and submissive. But these are all nonsense!

FACT#6. In fact, it is said that out of two lesbian partners, one has a man-like personality, which is called ‘Butch’. Such girls are fond of wearing masculine clothes. She likes to have short hair and wear pant shirts. On the other hand, the personality of the other girl is like that of women. This is called fame. Such girls would wear skirt-suit-saree and would like to have long hair. But often many lesbian couples are also seen in which both the girls are like men, and in some both the girls are also like women.

FACT#7. Girls who keep thinking about women, then such girls can be lesbians. Those girls who do not like spending time with men at all and are always desperate to spend time with girls, those girls can be lesbians. If you also have such symptoms, then you too can be a lesbian.

FACT#8. If a woman thinks about another woman while masturbating instead of thinking about a man, then she can be a lesbian. Lesbian women prefer to have sex with other women and are not interested in men. If you also imagine a woman while masturbating, then understand that you can be a lesbian.

FACT#9. The risk of obesity is very high in lesbian women or girls. This has been revealed in a new research. It has become normal to open up about changing lifestyles and relationships. Many changes are also seen in lesbian women or girls.

FACT#10. The term “lesbian” came from the Greek word Lesbos. This was an island in Greece where Sappho wove her women-loving-women poetry. But the terminology’s history is a bit more colourful. It came to a point in 1925 when the word lesbian became the female version of sodomite.

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