20 Amazing Facts About the Human Brain

Do you think you know everything there is to know about the brain? Think again! Check out these 20 interesting facts about the Human Brain, you may have never heard.

FACT#1. The human brain continues to grow until the age of 40.

FACT#2. If the brain does not get oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes then it can stop working forever.

FACT#3. Your new memory reminds you of a new beginning in your brain.

FACT#4. The average man’s brain can produce so much electricity that a bulb can be generated from this light.

FACT#5. The physical and mental power of the enlightened person has proven the effect of the mind. They have found that when a person becomes strong then his brain destroys the ability of someone to sympathize with someone.

FACT#6. Taste receptors like the fibres, who know how the taste of food is present, are present in many parts of our body. Surprisingly, it is also in the intestines, the testicles, the lungs, and the brain in the anus.

FACT#7. The famous scientist Einstein’s brain was stolen by a doctor, who tested him with his body. That doctor kept Einstein’s brain in a jar for 20 years.

FACT#8. 60% of our brain is fat only.

FACT#9. According to scientific research, if you do not take enough time, your brain starts eating itself.

FACT#10. The design of the mind of a person, such as an orgasm, is similar to that of an orgasm.

FACT#11. You drink alcohol as much as you want but your brain always has the ability to remember things. But when you come out of alcohol drunk, your brain forgets all those things that you used to drink alcohol.

FACT#12. Minds are rarely used in the process of seeing and therefore, children’s mind does not develop quickly. Children’s mind develops more than reading stories and listening to them because reading books makes the children more imaginative.

FACT#13. There is no difference between the right and left parts of your mind. This is just a myth. Both parts of the brain work together.

FACT#14. One study found that if you work long hours on your smartphone, then your risk of developing tumours increases in your brain.

FACT#15. Taking less sleep will have a very bad effect on your mind. This slows down your responses.

FACT#16. Cells found in the brain within six minutes of drinking alcohol start giving feedback.

FACT#17. Whenever you take some new information, your brain structure changes.

FACT#18. Whenever you listen to music, your brain leaves chemistry called dopamine, which positively influences you.

FACT#19. Little children sleep much because their brain uses 50% glucose made by their body.

FACT#20. Your brain does not feel any pain because your brain does not have any receptor that tells pain.

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