32 Amazing Facts About Spiders

We know that home or shop or road spider is found everywhere, you are reading articles, then a spider will definitely be present around you, there is nothing in our house, nothing happens in the world, whose bite is like this Humans can also die, so let’s know amazing and interesting facts about spiders.

FACT#1. If We Talk about the population on the earth, then the spiders arrive at number 7.

FACT#2. Spider is living on earth for 40 million years. Which is a very long time. Some spiders age 1 year, while some age is 20 years old.

FACT#3. Spiders do not count in insects, because it is related to arachnid like a scorpion. (Spiders are arachnids, not insects.)

What is the difference between Arachnid and insects?

  • Arachnids: Their body is divided into 2 parts.
  • Insects: Their body divided into 3 parts.
  • Arachnids: They have 8 legs.
  • Insects: They have 6 toes.
  • Arachnids: They do not have wings or antennas.
  • Insects: They have feathers of more than seventy.
  • Arachnids: They can not chew.
  • Insects: It can chew.

FACT#4. There are more than 46,000 species of spiders that exist on earth till now. Only one of these species named ‘Bagheera Kipling’ is a vegetarian.

FACT#5. There are about one million spiders on one acre of land. and can you believe that a person can not be more than 10 feet away from the spider?

FACT#6. The spiders have glands that make silk. It can produce 7 kinds of silk whose thickness is 0.003 mm.

FACT#7. Spiders are not far away. But some species can also see those lights which humans can not even see. Such as – UVA & UVB Light.

FACT#8. Spiders can run due to ‘Hydraulic Power‘. They do not have a Backbone.

FACT#9. The spider web is one of the strongest things in the world. These goods are 5 times stronger than weighing steel. We have not yet received any such technique so that such a strong thing can be made. If it collects and makes as thick as a pencil, then it can also stop the Boeing 747 flying aircraft. Let me tell you, the speed of this aircraft is 988km / h speed.

FACT#10. A spider has 48 knees Yes, you can count. It has a total of 8 braces and has 6 pairs on each leg. 8 × 6 = 48.

FACT#11. Spiders can walk on the water and breathe in it. It spreads its weight equally by spreading its eight legs so that the surface tension can not break and it becomes easy to walk on the water.

FACT#12. Spider is afraid of ants because it contains formic acid.

FACT#13. Our muscles (veins) are out of the skeleton but the spider muscles are inside their skeleton.

FACT#14. The spiders have small hair on their feet. With the help of these, they are able to feel this sense of well-being and these hairs also help them in getting hold of climbing on the wall.

FACT#15. A spider eats about 2000 insects in one year, and all the spiders eat worms as much as the weight of the total population of Britain in a year. ( Britain’s population is 6 Crore 8 Lacs.).

FACT#16. the size of the male spider is very small compared to a female spider in some species.

FACT#17. The colour of spiders, snails, and prawns is blue because their blood is copper instead of iron.

FACT#18. God has given the talent separately in some species of spiders, Such as: –

  • Crab Spider can change its colour according to the place
  • The jumping spider can jump to very high
  • Wolf spiders can run at a speed of 2 feet per second.
  • A Desert spider named “Stigodifeus” feeds vomiting children themselves
  • Femdom Black Widow eat his partner after having sex.

FACT#19. “Patu digua endemic” is the world’s smallest spider. Its length is just 0.37 mm. It is so small that such 10 spiders can come on the back of the pencil.

FACT#20. “Goliath Birdeater” is the world’s most enormous spider by weight and size and ‘Huntsman‘ is the world’s most enormous spider. Its length is about 12 inches long. These rats can eat from lizards to birds. Both of these spider dinner plates are of a size.

FACT#21. The fear of the spider is a very common phobia It has Called “Arachnophobia“. According to a study, 10% of the world’s men and 50% of women are afraid of spiders.

FACT#22. One species of spiders ‘Jumping Spider‘ can jump up to 50 times its length. This is possible because it has very high blood pressure in its previous limbs. If a man gets such a high jump then its height is 230 feet.

FACT23. Almost all species of spiders are harmful to humans. But their bites have resulted in very few deaths. The last death of a spider was in Australia in 1981.

FACT#24. Scientists of the US Department of Defense are trying to make a copy of the spider’s web called ‘Gold Orb‘. They want to use it in a bulletproof jacket.

FACT#25. The spiders also stick to their nets, which prevents them from falling down and climbing up again like a rope, it is called ‘Draglines‘. Spiders can not fly but they can float up to several meters in the air with the help of their webs, it is called ‘Ballooning‘.

FACT#26. 2 species of spiders have also been found at 23,000 feet. Due to the lack of oxygen at such a height, the plants are also found in small quantities.

FACT#27. If a spider appears to run fast, then there are a lot of chances that he is looking for a partner to have sex with.

FACT#28. Spider webs contain Vitamin K which helps in the formation of a blood clot. Before the invention of stucco, people used to stop blood from spider webs.

FACT#29. The male spider does not have a sex organism then it is sex with the face.

FACT#30. Spiders also recycle their nets. When the viscosity of the webs begins to disappear after 1 day or so, the spider collects the old jar like ballet and removes the acid from its stomach on it so that it turns into liquid and the spider eats it. And then again makes new webs. Their mouths are very small, so they also melt their prey like this, and then drink it like soup.

FACT#31. Only half of all species find weaving. Their jets look like a wheel of a bike. A spider takes about 60 minutes to make the net. Some spiders weave new nights every night, while some old ones repair it. Then sitting in the middle of it waiting for its prey.

FACT#32. When the spiders can not fly then these two would have seen the spiders’ mesh between two trees and thought how it would be made a small spider had so much How can the distance be fixed? This distance can also be up to several feet. So the answer begins with the process of making spider nets. Actually, the spiders take out fluid from the glands of their stomach that gets converted into solid. The silk of this trap is so light that it can swing flying far away even with a light breeze. Even so, it swells in the air even from the heat coming out of the earth. With the help of being sticky, it sticks to the twigs of the tree.

Conclusion: It is able to do this with the help of air. Why does a spider not be trapped in its own web? You will know, how difficult it is to remove it after adhering to a spider web. Small insects are easily trapped in the spider’s web but the spider itself is never trapped. Actually, the entire web of the spider is not sticky. The spider is very clever, it makes some parts sticky and where it is supposed to sit, the piece wears it without the sticky footprint. So it can be


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