Death Valley Road Length: The 300 km Road without a Turn

Characteristics of Death Valley Road:

  • Straight highway spanning 300 km with no turns.
  • Located in California, connecting Nevada and California.
  • Known as one of the hardest and most dangerous roads globally.
  • Length of approximately 190 miles (305 kilometers).

The temperature on Death Valley Road:

  • Death Valley is renowned as the hottest and driest place in North America.
  • Summer temperatures can soar up to 120°F, making it extremely challenging.
  • Recorded the world’s highest air temperature of 134°F on July 10, 1913, at Furnace Creek.
  • Advisable not to use Car AC in summer to prevent engine overheating and potential fires.

Traveling Tips for Death Valley:

  • If planning a trip, bring all necessary items, especially food, as there are no restaurants for many kilometers.
  • Lack of public services on the road, necessitating preparation for emergencies.
  • If forced to stop, it’s safer to stay in the car due to the risk of wild animal attacks in the desert.

Mystery of the Moving Stones:

  • Legend of large stones mysteriously moving from their places in Death Valley.
  • Some attributed it to magical powers, while others believed in a mysterious magnetic force.
  • NASA Scientists Richard D. Norris and James M. Norris solved the mystery in 2014.
  • Stones moved due to a rare combination of conditions in winter, involving ice melting and strong wind pressure.

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