21 Interesting Facts About Rainbow

We have discussed interesting facts about the rainbow and its circumstances in this article. Have you ever seen something colorful in the sky? Especially after the rain, hope has been seen but did you try to find out how he made it? Why do we not every day? etc .. etc. No So today we will tell you all the things that you want to know about that rainbow.

FACT#1. The word ‘rainbow’ has been derived from the Latin language, which means the arsenic of rain.

FACT#2. South Africa also called ‘Rainbow Nation‘.

FACT#3. The longest ever rainbow ever had seen on 14 March 1994 had seen in the city of Sheffield in England. It was visible from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

FACT#4. If you straighten the polarized glasses and see the rainbow then you will not see the rainbow. Polarized glasses are glasses in which there is no scent and in which light only comes from one place in our eyes.

FACT#5. In ancient times, different civilizations had different views about the rainbow. According to Greek mythology, the rainbow is a bridge between the heavens and the earth, the ancient people of Serbia believed that the rainbow is the bow of the ‘storm god‘.

FACT#6. The thick part between the two rainbows is called “Alexander Band“. It was first defined by Alexander in 200 AD.

FACT#7. The Titan, Moon of Saturn, and Earth in the Solar System are two such places where it is possible to become a rainbow. On the Titan, the rainbow is formed when the sunlight reflects with the drops of liquid methane. The angle of the rainbow on Titan is about 49 degrees instead of 42 degrees.

FACT#8. You can not touch the rainbow.

FACT#9. When the sun is at the height, we will see the rainbow below and when the sun is down, we will see it at the rainbow height.

FACT#10. No two people can see the same rainbow. Because, if the person standing beside you is standing in a different place, then the rainbow will also be seen differently. Although both of you may find that you are seeing the same rainbow but in reality, you are seeing both different rainbows. Every drop of rain makes its own rainbow so that the person standing there will see the rainbow there.

FACT#10. If two rainbows made together then the color of the second rainbow will be in the opposite order of the primary rainbow. So you will look at the top of the purple color instead of red in the second rainbow.

FACT#11. Sometimes, two or three or four rainbows seen together at a time. This happens when the sunlight strikes the drops of rain more than once.

FACT#12. Rainbow formed by the light of the moon called Moonbow. Rainbow Formed by fog it called fogbow This type of rainbow is very rare.

FACT#13. You can see the rainbow only when the sun is on your back.

FACT#14. Rooney Dakart was the first person who discovered in 1637 that the rainbow makes on the sun’s light when reflected by rain droplets.

FACT#15. In the colors of the rainbow, violet and orange color had added by Isaac Newton in 1666, otherwise, before that rainbow had considered being only 5 colors. However, still in China, there are only five colors in a rainbow.

FACT#16. The sequence of colors of the rainbow: – It is made up of seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. There is also an easy way to remember these colors: ROYGBIV.

FACT#17. Most rainbows on Earth are visible in the USA state of Hawaii. Which is also called ‘The Rainbow State’.

FACT#18. Rainbows are mostly visible in the vicinity of the waterfalls and adjacent areas.

FACT#19. The rainbow is the most visible in the last four hours of sunlight.

FACT#20. The light of the sun is visible to us white, but in reality, it is made up of seven colors that are visible only when we see it with the prism. You have come to know that now, on the formation of the rainbow, when the light of sunlight is refracted and reflected from millions of droplets in the rainy season, then the droplets of water do the work of prism, due to which we have given them seven stars of sunlight The colors begin to appear in the open sky. This is called Rainbow.

FACT#21. Rainbow is actually the whole goal, but only half of the ground shows us so you can see a full round rainbow from the high flying plane.

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