Interesting Facts about Raja Ram Mohan Roy

We have discussed interesting facts about Raja Ram Mohan Roy in this article. How many times are Raja Ram Mohan Roy remembered when the Sati tradition is mentioned, when one is to find the creator of modern India then find the creator of modern India. Remember, we will do the whole life of Raja Rammohan Rai, but not in the style of life, but in the form of interesting facts.

FACT#1. In 2004, the BBC conducted a survey in Bengal, where Raja Ram Mohan Roy was ranked 10th in the list of all the great people of Bengal to date.

FACT#2. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was also buried in spite of being a Hindu Because when he passed away, he had gone to England for the financial help of Mughal ruler Akbar II, where he died on 27th September 1833, due to brain fever, but at that time there was no cremation in England because not allowed. So they were buried in Bristol. Today the city also has the tomb of Raja Ram Mohan Rai.

FACT#3. Raja Ram Mohan Roy had given the title of “Raja” by Mughal ruler Akbar II when he was going to England to seek financial help for him so that Mohan Roy would not have problems in meeting anyone.

FACT#4. The words Hinduism was first used by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1816 in the English language.

FACT#4. You would be surprised to know that Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s brother-in-law was burnt alive after referring to “Sati” practice after the death of his brother. After this incident, the decision to erase their “Sati” practice became stricter, and then it became successful in 1829.

FACT#5. Raja Ram Mohan Roy had ended the tradition of only saluting the British. At that time it was the rule that when every British officer was seen, every Indian had to come down from his riding and greet him.

FACT#6. Raja Ram Mohan Roy did not have any effect on world events. Once two of his friends planned and sent him a letter, in which he wrote the news of son’s death. After reading the letter, he looked upset for a while but again started doing his job.

FACT#7. Raja Ram Mohan Roy opposed child marriage lifelong, but he married at a young age. They supported widow remarriage while he having three weddings on their own.

FACT#8. Raja Ram Mohan Roy worked as a Munshi for the East India Company from 1803 to 1815.

FACT#9. Raja Ram Mohan Roy had opposed idol worship by writing a book at the age of 15 due to which he had fired from the family.

FACT#10. Raja Rammohan Roy was born on 22 May 1772 in a Bengali Brahmin family in the Radhanagar village of West Bengal.

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