100 Fast Facts, You Definitely Didn’t Know

FACT#2. Every day 10 billion tissues and cells fall from the skin of the human body.

FACT#3. The average HB pencil can draw a streak of 35 miles and write 50,000 words.

FACT#4. A quarter of your body bones are in your feet.

FACT#5. The average man spends two weeks of his entire life waiting for the red traffic signal to turn green.

FACT#6. It takes calories to eat celery as much as celery does.

FACT#7. A donkey can drown in a swamp of sand but not a mule.

FACT#8. The largest snowflake (snowflake or lint at the time of snowfall) was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.

FACT#9. The tip of the bullwhip is so fast that it sounds like a small supersonic boom.

FACT#10. The natives of America used to name their children in the name of the thing that they see first as soon as they got out of their house.

FACT#11. The people of the “Matami” tribe of West Africa use the skull of a dead human to play football.

FACT#12. Your heart stops for a second while sneezing.

FACT#13.Almost” is the longest English word in which all words come in alphabet order.

FACT#14. Human Femur bone is stronger than concrete.

FACT#15. Cockroaches can live without their heads for several weeks.

FACT#16. It is impossible to sneeze open eyes.

FACT#17. Of all the words in English, “Set” has the highest meaning.

FACT#18. If you sneeze in a church in Nebraska city of America, then you can be made legal action.

FACT#19. Earth is the only planet that has not been named after any god.

FACT#20. The world’s oldest chewingam is 9000 years old.

FACT#21. In one study, scientists chased the butterfly up to 3000 miles.

FACT#22. The silkworm eats 86,000 times its weight in 56 days.

FACT#23. The bee has to roam for 2 million flowers for a pound of honey.

FACT#24. A colony of 500 bats can eat up to 2,50,000 insects in an hour.

FACT#25. The bloodhound is the only dog that can be brought to court as evidence.

FACT#26. James Fixx died of a heartbeat while running but promoted jogging in the USA.

FACT#27. The FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) allows no legal action to be taken in case of a maximum of 5 live insects on every 100 grams of apple butter. 

FACT#28. There is no blue-coloured fruit in the world. Blueberries are also purple in colour.

FACT#29. Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton is still kept at all important meetings at London University. Jeremy Bentham was a British philosopher, jurist, and social reformer. He died on 6 June 1832.

FACT#30. The elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump.

FACT#31. The longest flight of a chicken is still only 13 seconds.

FACT#32. Honey is the only substance in human consumption that never spoils.

FACT#33. The great scientist Albert Einstein never wore socks in his entire life.

FACT#34. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

FACT#35. 11% of the world’s people eat left-handed.

FACT#36. The paused clock shows the correct time 2 times a day.

FACT#37. Nobody listens to the quack voice of a duck.

FACT#38. It is impossible for the pigs to look up at the sky.

FACT#39. Sugar was first made in India only.

FACT#40. Copy and Paste were invented by Larry Tesler of America. Thanks, Larry!

FACT#41. The city of London has 86 billionaires, the highest in any city in the world.

FACT#42. Only 3 out of 100 people in India pay Income Tax.

FACT#43. India is number three in the world in terms of making world records.

FACT#44. Our mind cannot make a single face by itself, so every face that appears in the dream is seen somewhere.

FACT#45. The first thing cooked in the microwave was popcorn.

FACT#46. Leopard can see well even in the dark of night.

FACT#47. The world’s first computer mouse was built in 1964. That too with wood.

FACT#48. Prior to the invention of the printing press, it was not necessary to apply Comma while writing.

FACT#49.  30 minutes of exercise every day makes you 10 per cent smarter.

FACT#50. Warm colours such as yellow, saffron and red increase appetite. This is the reason why some restaurants are painted yellow, saffron and red.

FACT#51. Human eyebrows change every two months.

FACT#52.  Proteins found in semen are said to be very good for women’s skin.

FACT#53. A one-third increase in population is due to unwanted pregnancy.

FACT#54. Only 2% of people in the world are those whose eyes are green in colour.

FACT#55.  People in Italy consider wearing red underwear lucky in the new year.

FACT#56. Goldfish never closes its eyes.

FACT#57. Hong Kong city has the most Rolls Royce cars in the world. It is also called the City of Rolls Royce.

FACT#58. The Raman Magnesay Prize is called the Nobel Prize of Asia.

FACT#59. If you burn a spider, it will explode like gunpowder.

FACT#60. You lose weight very quickly by eating chocolate cake at breakfast.

FACT#61. A hippopotamus can open its mouth up to 180°.

FACT#62. The skeletal structure of our body keeps growing until the age of 35 years.

FACT#63. There are 6800 different languages in the world.

FACT#64. There is often a lack of iron in women, but if you eat green chilli and eat it daily, then your deficiency will also be fulfilled.

FACT#65. A person yawns for about 6 seconds.

FACT#66. Paris is most liked among the cities that love to roam the world.

FACT#67.  If the skin of the human body is spread flat, it will cover 20 square feet of space.

FACT#68. The actual colour of the Egyptian pyramids was white. With time, their colour became muddy.

FACT#69. The first KISS on the cinema screen was done in 1927 in the movie Wings.

FACT#69. Black people have fewer heart attacks.

FACT#70 You will be shocked when you see that Coca-Cola can also be used in toilet washing.

FACT#71. There is a second brain in your stomach which is called the enteric nervous system. This is called gut feeling in English.

FACT#72. Women usually ask questions to which they already know the answers, so it is better that you tell the truth.

FACT#73. Thinking more leads to a kind of despair and you find yourself socially and emotionally alone.

FACT#74. Australia was discovered by James Cook.

FACT#75. Your nose gets hot when you lie.

FACT#76. If you send a message to someone in advance, then there is a 90 per cent chance that that person is not interested in you.

FACT#77. Homosexuality was considered a disease in Sweden until 1979.

FACT#78. If cats rub their faces with something, it means that they consider it their thing.

FACT#79. If you use the headphones for one hour, it means that the bacteria in your ears has increased up to 700 times.

FACT#80. New York City’s Nick’s Name is Big Apple.

FACT#81. The currency note is not made of paper but of cotton.

FACT#82. If you want to have sex with someone then you will find it difficult to lie to them.

FACT#83. Tickling was a method of torture in ancient China because it left no trace.

FACT#84. Daydreaming is beneficial for your mind. This makes you creative.

FACT#85. 80 per cent of people spend their nights remembering old dialogues and wondering what they should have said.

FACT#86. If light music is playing in the background then you work more carefully.

FACT#87. Using the mobile while charging may damage its battery. This is why the charger coil is so small.

FACT#88. Sometimes Morning Sex is better than sex done at night.

FACT#89. Girls do not like boys who cheat on others.

FACT#90. The most searched thing on YouTube is How To Kiss.

FACT#91. An amazing fact is that 55% of people start getting bored after reading the word “Ubaasi” in India.

FACT#92. If you are in the elevator and it is falling down, then you save yourself by lying in the middle of the lift.

FACT#93. The more people who smoke, the sooner the hair becomes grey.

FACT#94. A glass of cold water instead of a cup of tea in the morning opens your sleep fast.

FACT#95. Nobody can kill themselves by stopping breathing.

FACT#96. When sugar is applied to injury then the pain is reduced immediately.

FACT#97. More tension may stop your brain for some time.

FACT#98. 92% of people just laugh when they do not understand the front thing.

FACT#99. The most commonly used password in the world is 123456.

FACT#100. Your brain can not make a single face on your own; Whatever face you see in dreams, you have never seen in life.

Do You Know These Amazing Facts around the world.?