68 Interesting Facts About The United States of America

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country primarily located in North America. It consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, 326 Indian reservations, and some minor possessions. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometres), it is the world’s third- or fourth-largest country by total area.[d] With a population of more than 328 million people, it is the third most populous country in the world. The national capital is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city is New York City. Hello friends, we will tell the most interesting facts about America or the United State of America then you feel more connecting and knowledgeable about America.

FACT#1 It has been said many times that the Apple company has more property than the US treasury.

FACT#2. Smoking is not a crime for minors here. Yes, but they can not buy it.

FACT#3. About 20 million Americans live in mobile homes.

FACT#4. It was illegal to celebrate Christmas by 1836. It was considered a “pagan holiday”.

FACT#5. In 1893 there was a demand for an amendment to change the name of America. Its name was changed to ‘The United States of the Earth’.

FACT#6. 7 per cent of people living in America claim that they are never bathing.

FACT#7. One of the eight people works in McDonald’s in this country. This job is especially for young people here.

FACT#8. A person living in the US uses resources equal to 32 people living in Kenya. There is a great difference in the lifestyle of people in America and other developing countries.

FACT#9. Interesting Facts About America in the US, a black man was the first to be a slave.

FACT#10. In 1867, the United States bought Alaska for $ 7.2 million from Russia. Russia feared that if there was a war with Britain then they would capture it.

FACT#11. America’s smallest state is the largest name. it is called  “Rhode Island”

FACT#12. America’s Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world.

FACT#13. America’s Wabash and Indiana were the first such cities in the world that used electricity.

FACT#14. The highest cyclones in the world come in the midwestern part of the U.S. and from where it occurs, it is called “Tornado Allele” (Tufan Gali).

FACT#15. Ever since the US used Eddie slippers in the war, it has not lost any war.

FACT#16. At the time of the American Revolution, the price of maize was 10,000%, the price of wheat was 14,000%, the cost of flour was 15,000% and the cow’s mass was 33,000% more times.

FACT#17. Governments have control over 32 per cent of America’s land.

FACT#18. America’s first capital was New York, but it was later Washington DC.

FACT#19. In the US, you can drive only when you are 16 years, you can put on a pistol and vote only after 18 years, and buy alcohol only when you are 21 years.

FACT#20. Interesting Facts About America is that the most obese country. Its 33 per cent of the population is a victim of obesity.

FACT#21. One of the eight couples in the United States was added to this year which was found online last year.

FACT#22. Indians did not have the right to take US citizenship until 1924.

FACT#23. Americans spend 90 per cent of their time inside the house.

FACT#24. The average American consumes 6 times more protein than needed every day.

FACT#25. Interesting Facts About America is that Americans eat the highest ice cream on any side of the world in the world.

FACT#26. The most known Hawaii island is the land of America

FACT#27. Only 1 per cent of Americans have 33 per cent of the money and 50 per cent have just 2.5 per cent of the money in the United States.

FACT#28. America’s most populous city is New York and after that comes the number of Los Angeles and Chicago.

FACT#29. America’s Navy force is the world’s second-largest water force, and the air force is number one.

FACT#30. The world’s first telephone directory book was printed in 1878 in the United States. It had only 1 page and 50 names were recorded on it.

FACT#31. 18 per cent of Americans still believe that the Sun travels around the Earth.

FACT#32. Every year 50 million cycles are unleashed.

FACT#33. The earliest coin in the United States was started in 1794. This coin was made of silver.

FACT#34. Americans play gambling for 54-55 billion dollars (about 30 million crores) every year.

FACT#35. Every American uses an average of 8 batteries a year.

FACT#36. There are 800 cyclones in the United States every year.

FACT#37. On average 60,000 people pass over the US by air in an hour.

FACT#38. An American man spends 3,500 hours working during his lifetime.

FACT#39. Americans consume 35,000 tonnes of “Pasta” every year.

FACT#40. In New York was the right of the “Dutch” and it was called New Amsterdam.

FACT#41 Americans make the most pollution in the world.

FACT#42. In America, 18 acres of pizza are eaten in one day.

FACT#43. Americans throw 25 million plastic bottles every year.

FACT#44 Every 45 seconds, a house in the US burns with fire.

FACT#45 Americans eat 1 million to 5 million hot dogs every year.

FACT#46. About 1 million cars were sold in the USA in 1913.

FACT#47. American people read 4 crores and 40 lakh newspapers daily.

FACT#48. The average weight of every woman in America is 50 kg.

FACT#49. 63 per cent of American youth can not find Iraq on the map.

FACT#50. The number of animals is 3 times higher than humans In Montana city of America.

FACT#51. About one of the four Americans has come on a TV show.

FACT#52. Almost every American drinks 600 cold drinks in one year.

FACT#53. There are approximately 535 million dogs in the United States.

FACT#54. If you wrote the names of all 50 states in the English language, you would use all the letters except ‘Q’.

FACT#55. In the US, 80 million tonnes of paper are used every year.

FACT#56. In 1867, the Americans gave only 72 million dollars for Alaska, which is today equivalent to Rs 1 rupees per acre.

FACT#57. Alaska is the largest state in the region in terms of area.

FACT#58. There is a city in America called Ding Dong!

FACT#59. America’s highest mountain peak is called Mount McKinley. Its height is 6,194 meters.

FACT#60. Every American uses paper equivalent to 465 trees during its lifetime.

FACT#61. Hawaii is the newest state in the United States and it became a US state in 1959.

FACT#62. There are three such cities in the United States, named “Santa Claus”.

FACT#63. According to a recent survey, about 81% of Russian people think the United States is negative.

FACT#64. The most paid government employee in the state is a football coach.

FACT#65. The United States of America’s State of Alaska is 429 times larger than Hawaii Island. But the population of the Hawaii Islands is more than Alaska.

FACT#66. Alaska’s coast is the largest of the United States’s 49 states, which connect states with each other.

FACT#67. The real name of the city of Atlanta is “Terminus”.

FACT#68. Maryland is the state with the highest capita income in the United States.

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