15 Interesting Facts About Athlete Neeraj Chopra

India’s Parsa Singh won the silver medal in the first Asian Games (1951) played in Delhi. After this, Gurtej Singh of India won the bronze medal in the 1982 Asian Games (Delhi). Till now no athlete had won a gold medal in javelin throw, but Neeraj Chopra gave India’s best-ever performance in the javelin throw. Neeraj threw 88.06m javelin and won India’s first gold in the javelin throw. Let’s know about the life of Athlete Neeraj Chopra and her interesting facts.

Neeraj Chopra is originally from Khandara village in Panipat, Haryana. He was born on 24 December 1997. His father Satish Kumar is a farmer. Farming is used to run the household expenses. Neeraj has completed his schooling in Chandigarh. Along with their studies, he liked to go to the farm with his father and uncle and work with them. Neeraj Chopra’s current coach is Ou Han. Neeraj Chopra trains for six hours six days a week.

FACT#1. Neeraj had spread his shine as a javelin thrower at a very young age. He has broken national and international records in many competitions. He is also a Naib Subedar in the Indian Army. Interestingly, he is compared to former Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson. Neeraj’s former coach Gary Calvert used to compare him to the left-arm bowler. Before joining cricket, Johnson wanted to become a javelin thrower.

FACT#2. Initially, Neeraj Chopra’s first love was volleyball. Neeraj Chopra initially used to play volleyball and cricket, but in 2011 at the behest of his uncle, he chose Javelin as a career.

FACT#3. Neerja Chopra’s first memorable win came in 2012 at the National Junior Championships in Lucknow. In that tournament, Chopra set a national age-group record in the Under-16 event with a throw of 68.46m and won the gold medal.

FACT#4. Neeraj once again performed brilliantly in the 2013 National Youth Championship. He secured a place at the IAAF World Youth Championships to be held in Ukraine that year, finishing second.

FACT#5. In the All-India Inter-University Championship, Neeraj took the record of this age group by throwing 81.04 javelins in the year 2015.

FACT#6. Neeraj Chopra was highlighted in the year 2016 when he captured the gold medal in the Junior World Championships by throwing a world record 86.48 meters javelin. In the Federation Cup, Neeraj threw 85.94 meters in his last attempt.

FACT#7. In the year 2016, Neeraj won the gold medal in the South Asian Games by throwing 82.23 meters in the first round itself. This mark became a new national record at the senior level. Apart from this, this is also the best mark in Under-20 at the Asian level.

FACT#8. Neeraj, who hails from Haryana, threw 87.43 meters in the Diamond League held in Doha in May 2020

FACT#9. Neeraj Chopra had qualified for the Commonwealth Games by giving his second-best performance in the 22nd Federation Cup National Athletics Championship held in Patiala this year and there he won gold for the country.

FACT#10. In the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Neeraj threw 86.47 meters and won the gold medal and ​Neeraj Chopra was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2018 after winning gold at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

FACT#11. In the Asian Games, Neeraj threw 88.06 meters in his best performance and got India the first gold in the javelin throw.

FACT#12. Germany’s Johannes Vetter (85.65m) and Finland’s Lacey Atletalo (84.50m), who finished fourth at the Rio Olympics from Group A, and Tokyo Olympic Games title contenders, also automatically finished second and third respectively. : Successfully achieved the qualification level. World number one Vetter made his third while Lacey made the final in his first attempt. Atletalo’s effort is his best performance of the season.

FACT#13. The financial condition of the family was not good. He could not get a spear up to one and a half lakhs. Then Neeraj’s father Satish and uncle added seven thousand rupees. Got a cheap spear. This is what Neeraj used to practice. There was so much in this game that the time was not known. Practiced daily for seven to eight hours.

FACT#14. There was a time when Neeraj did not have a coach. Even then Neeraj did not give up. Runs YouTube channel. From there he learns the details. After that, he would reach the field. By watching the video, many of his shortcomings were removed.

FACT#15. The road has not always been easy for Neeraj. Had to stay off the field due to a shoulder injury. The shoulder is the strongest link. Neeraj could not live without the spear. After recovering, he returned to the field again. Many competitions could not be played due to Corona. But the courage is not lost. Qualified in Tokyo Olympics. Neeraj had secured its quota in his very first tournament.

Achievements of Neeraj Chopra

– Record made by throwing 68.46 meters javelin in the Under 16 National Junior Championships in Lucknow in 2012.

-The record of throwing 86.48m javelin in the Junior World Championships in 2016.

In the 2018 Commonwealth Games, he won gold by throwing 86.47 meters javelin.

In the 2017 Jakarta Asian Games, he won the gold by throwing 88.06 meters.

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