40 Interesting Facts About World Crazy Laws

We will be discussed some interesting facts about crazy laws in this article. There are lots of rules and laws that we have to follow. But some places around the world have laws that are so strange, it’s hard to believe they’re real or even necessary. Don’t take our word for it—check them out!

FACT#1. Dogs cannot bark after six o’clock in Little Rock, Arkansas capital. If the dog barks then the owner may be arrested.

FACT#2. In Belling-ham, Washington, it is illegal for a woman to take back three steps while dancing.

FACT#3. Noisy shoes and slippers are banned in Capri, Italy.

FACT#4. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore.

FACT#5. In Utah, the USA everyone has the freedom to marry a cousin but after the age of 65 years. It is believed that your decision will not be wrong at that age.

FACT#6. Do you know that if you drive a car wearing a slipper in Spain, you can also be arrested for this?

FACT#7. In San Francisco, it is illegal to put a 6 feet high pile of horse manure on the roadside.

FACT#8. It is against the law to make furniture through half nude in Devon, Texas.

FACT#9. No one can “have sex” at night in a church in Birmingham, Alabama.

FACT#10. In West Virginia, it is illegal to take a nap while on a train.

FACT#11. No person in Michigan can take an oath in front of children and women.

Law Related to Alcohol

FACT#12. In Bolivia, married women are not allowed to drink more than a glass of wine.

FACT#13. Egypt has a weird-poor law. According to this law, if a husband sees his wife with a non-masculine man and angrily kills her, then that murder is not considered a big crime.

FACT#14. During the honeymoon in Colombia, the bride’s mother stands in front.

FACT#15. Countries like Malta and Lebanon have strange laws against women. According to this law, if the girl is kidnapped and married, then her crime is dismissed. However, in such a marriage, the condition is that divorce cannot be taken before 5 years.

FACT#16. No fish is allowed to be caught barefoot in Kansas.

FACT#17. In South Carolina, it is not illegal to kill women outside the courtroom on a Sunday.

FACT#18. Farting in public places is illegal in Florida after 6 pm on a Thursday.

FACT#19. Quilt mattresses cannot be purchased on Sundays in Washington.

Need to Permit for Shaving

FACT#20. People in the American province of Missouri must obtain a permit before shaving.

FACT#21. tells the customer, “I am an actor”, it is illegal.

FACT#22. In Portugal, it is illegal to pee at sea.

FACT#23. Can not kiss more than 5 minutes in Loa.

FACT#24. There are some countries where women cannot participate in any sports competition. Especially swimming is strictly prohibited.

FACT#25. In San Salvador, there is a provision to burn a drunken person with fire.

FACT#26. It is illegal for North Carolina to swear in front of dead people.

FACT#27. In Thailand, it is illegal to go out of the house without wearing “underwear”.

FACT#28. It is illegal to stop a train on a German highway.

FACT#29. In Florida, it is illegal for unmarried women to fly on parachutes on Sunday. They may also be jailed for this.

A crazy law for catching Lizard

FACT#30. It is illegal in the US province of Louisiana to catch lizards after evening.

FACT#31. Do Mimicking of an animal is a legal offense in Miami.

FACT#32. Tying a giraffe in a telephone or electric pole in Atlanta, Georgia is considered a legal offense.

FACT#33. In Virginia, driving without shoes is considered a crime.

FACT#34. In some countries, women cannot read fashion magazines.

FACT#35. There are many countries where even a woman cannot buy Barbie dolls.

FACT#36. Men in Pennsylvania cannot buy “alcohol” without the written consent of their wives.

FACT#37. The testimony of women in Yemen is considered half as long as they do not have the support of a man. They are not taken seriously.

FACT#38. Playing video games is a crime in Greece. In 2002 the government banned gambling, electronic gaming machines. There, electronic things disliked which made by humans.

FACT#39. In Texas, it is illegal to milk another person’s cow.

FACT#40. Under a law in 24 states of America, a woman can divorce her husband if she is a nominee.

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