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We will be discussed interesting facts about Indonesia in this article. TheĀ islands of Indonesia, also known as theĀ Indonesian archipelagoĀ and formerly known as theĀ Indian archipelago, may refer either to the islands comprising theĀ nation-stateĀ ofĀ IndonesiaĀ or to the geographical groups which include its islands. According to theĀ Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, of 17,508 officially listed islands within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia,

FACT#1. Indonesia spread over thousands of islands between Malaysia and Australia and the largest population of Muslims. It is the largest economy in East Asia.

FACT#2. It is a country full of variations in which more than 300 local languages are used. Indonesia has a habitat ranging from rural hunters and nomads to the modern urban elite.

FACT#3. Indonesia has more islands than any other country, more than fourteen thousand.

FACT#4. It has an estimated population of more than 25.5 million and is the fourth-largest population in the world.

FACT#5. Indonesia is the largest economy in the region and is also a member of the G-20, a group of the world’s largest economies.

FACT#6. A large number of consumers, rich natural resources, and political stability in the country attract investors but investors are also often discouraged by poor infrastructure, corruption, and increasing demand for economic protectionism.

FACT#7. Geographically, Indonesia is sensitive to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A massive earthquake in the sea in 2004 devastated the entire South and East Asia coastal areas.

FACT#8. Around 220,000 Indonesians were killed or went missing in the Indian Ocean tsunami.

FACT#9. The name Indonesia is derived from the Latin word Indus (Indian) and the Greek word nesos (island). In reality, Indonesia is called Indian Islands or East Indies Islands.

FACT#10. Indonesia is the country with the largest group of islands in the world, consisting of 17,508 islands of which about 6000 islands are inhabited.

FACT#11. Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world, behind China, India, and America with a population of 255 million. Java Island is the world’s most populous island with a population of 14 million.

FACT#12. The first European traveler to visit Indonesia was Marco Polo who visited Indonesia in 1292.

FACT#13. The Indonesian Islands extend over the Ring of Fire of the Western Pacific Ocean. There are more than 400 active volcanoes in this country and about 3 Earthquakes record every day.

FACT#14.Bahasa” is the main language of Indonesia but more than 700 other languages are also spoken in the country.

FACT#15. During World War II, from 1942 to 1945, the Japanese invaded Indonesia and captured it.

FACT#16. Indonesia is the third-worst greenhouse gas dropout in the world.

FACT#17. Indonesia is the second-largest biodiversity country in the world after Brazil due to the diversity of flora and fauna.

FACT#18. Three of the world’s ten largest islands, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra are part of Indonesia.

FACT#19. Despite being a country with a growing economy of the world, more than half of Indonesia’s population lives on $ 2 a day.

FACT#20. Indonesia is the largest producer of nutmeg in the world, which is the basic product of Banda Island.

FACT#21. The resident of Indonesia is also superstitious and accepts the belief “latah” (talkative) and it affects when a woman startles someone with a loud voice, then she starts talking.

FACT#22. The word ketchup in English is derived from the Indonesian word “kecap“, which is called sweet soy sauce here.

FACT#23. Residents of Indonesia never discuss sex in the open. Residents of this place use the word “kemaluan” in the Indonesian language for male and female genitals.

FACT#24. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is the most populous center in the world without a metro train system, due to which it has to face the worst traffic jam in the world.

FACT#25. Kissing in Indonesia is called Cium. Most Indonesian residents greet each other on their cheeks.

FACT#26. Adult male orangutans are wild animals found on the island of Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia which are eight times more powerful than humans.

FACT#27. The chili was brought from southern India 600 BC on the island of Java Sumatra, Indonesia. Then the residents here produced pepper and white pepper.

FACT#28. 87.2 percent of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, which is the largest Muslim country in the world.

FACT#29. The Javan Rhinoceros species of Java is found only in Indonesia. It is one of the extinct animals whose population is now about 50.

FACT#30. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the 13th largest city in the world.

FACT#31. Sumatra island (Sumatra) is actually known as Swarnadweep. Marco Polo named it Sumatra during his journey.

FACT#32. Indonesia is the only country where the world’s largest lizard Komodo dragon is seen. The Komodo dragon was first described by Dutch explorers in 1910 when two dragons were killed and their skin was brought to Java. The Chinese dragon is also said to be based on the Komodo dragon.

FACT#33. Indonesia is the only member of the OPEC in the southeastern Asian countries, although it left the contract in 2008 due to rising oil prices.

FACT#34. Rafflesia Arnoldi salt is the world’s largest flower, which is the original plant here and found in Indonesia’s island.

FACT#35. Indonesia is the largest producer of palm oil in the world.

FACT#36. The Indonesian government has recognized only six religions Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Confucianism. Every Indonesian citizen must be a believer in any one of these religions, even if he or she has some other belief. No couple of different religions can legally marry among themselves unless they convert.

FACT#37. The largest volcanic lake in Indonesia is Danau Lake which is located in Sumatra. It is believed that about 70 thousand years ago, there was a volcanic foot here, which was the worst volcano in world history.

FACT#38. Residents of the island of Borneo still believe in Headhunting practice, although nowadays coconut is used instead of real ends.

FACT#39. Indonesia is the largest exporter of Frog Legs in the world, 4600 tonnes were exported to Europe alone in the last decade.

FACT#40. The minority Hindu population in Indonesia mainly resides on the island of Bali. The belief of Bali Hindu residents is that there is a tradition of not touching the newborn baby from the ground for six months from birth, which is done to protect the child from evil.

FACT#41. The famous Java Man fossil, also known as Homorectes, was discovered on the island of Java in 1889 by Dutch explorer Eugene Dubois who is believed to be 1.7 million years old.

FACT#42. Former US President Barack Obama spent some of his childhood in Indonesia, where he studied in a government school and his colleagues used to call him Barry.

FACT#43. Indonesia’s Krakatoa volcano witnesses the largest volcanic eruption. In this volcano erupted on 27 August 1883, as many as 2000 nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima, due to which 36 thousand people died.

FACT#44. According to ancient Java belief, 12 to 16-year-old Indonesian girls were kept captive away from the family, which was called Confinement.

FACT#45. Indonesia’s Pasola festival is Asia’s most extravagant and bloody festival in which the sportsmen get a lot of fun.

FACT#46. The Buddhist temple Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, located on the island of Java in Indonesia. Its height is 113 feet and believed that it took 75 years to complete.

FACT#47. Papua is a unique practice of the Dani tribe of New Guinea, which has the practice of cutting one or two joints of a woman’s fingers upon the death of a close relative. Many donor women have had their fingers cut on the other joint of their fingers, but now this practice has been banned.

FACT#48. On 26 December 2004, the world’s second-largest earthquake (Earthquake) hit the coast of Sumatra island, which was more than 9.3 magnitude. Due to this tsunami, more than 3 lakh people have been killed or lost in dozens of countries of the Indian Ocean.

FACT#49. The Krakota volcanic eruption in Indonesia covered so much of the sky that the darkness covered the sky for several days and the temperature dropped to 12 degrees for many years.

FACT#50. Papua is home to more than half the flora and fauna population of Indonesia where 190 mammals, 550 species of birds, and more than 2000 species of Orchids are found.

FACT#51. In Indonesia, the rice field is called Paddy, the market for rice is called Beras and the cooked rice is called Nasi.

FACT#52. The national dish of Indonesia is Nasi Campur, which is the main dish of everyday food here.

FACT#53. Indonesian children living on Bali Island are always given at least four names. Electricity and TV came on Bali Island in Indonesia at the end of the 20th century.

FACT#54. One of the longest snakes ever found was in 1912 in Sulawesi, Indonesia. According to Guinness World Records, the snake had a length of 10 meters (or about 32 feet 9.5 inches).

FACT#55. In 2004, kissing had banned in public places in Indonesia.

FACT#56. Indonesia’s small Hindu population mainly lives on the island of Bali.

FACT#57. After launching ‘Palapa‘ for the first time in July 1976, Indonesia became the first developing country to operate its own domestic satellite system.

FACT#58. Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia.

FACT#59. Indonesia became popular in the 1900s. Now this beautiful country ranks fourth among the most traveled countries in the world.

FACT#60. A UN report said that during World War II Japanese occupation, 4 lakh people died in Indonesia due to famine and forced labor.

FACT#61. Indonesia has the largest ‘young’ population in the world with 165 million people under the age of 30, while only 8% of the entire population is over 60 years of age (National Bureau of Statistics, August 2001).

FACT#62. According to the 2004 Global Corruption Report, former Indonesian President Suharto was the most corrupt leader of all time, embezzling between $ 15 billion and $ 35 billion.

FACT#63. Homo sapiens arrived in the territory of Indonesia about 45,000 years ago.

FACT#64. Indonesia has the highest rate of deforestation in the world, with Brazil having the second highest.

FACT#65. Indonesia has a total land area of 742,308 sq mi (1,922,570 sq km), which is about 8 times the size of the United Kingdom!

FACT#66. Indonesia aligns with Malaysia in the north, Papua New Guinea in the east, and Timor-Leste in the south.

FACT#67. The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia Arnoldii, weighs up to 7 kg (15 lb) and it grows only on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Its petals grow 0.5 m (1.6 ft) long and 2.5 cm (1 in) thick.

FACT#68. Indonesia – It is an Islamic state, with 87% of the Muslim population. There is a very democratic attitude towards women in this Muslim country.

Women are not required to cover their face, her head covering is sufficient. In addition, women have the freedom to roam freely, they can conduct business and hold high public positions.

FACT#69. The name “Indonesia” was coined by James Logan, a published Indian bilateral and East Asia journal published in Singapore in the 1850s, equivalent to the term “Indian Archipelago“.

FACT#70. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta is one of the largest stadiums in the world. When it was completed in the year 1962 to host the Asian Games, its original capacity was 120,800, making it the second-largest stadium today.

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