30 Interesting Facts About Israel

Israel is located at the eastern end of the southeast Mediterranean Sea. A country that is said to be the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization, ISIS is also afraid of it. The same ISIS has threatened a strong and big country like America. Although Israel is surrounded by enemy countries from all sides, he does not care about it, because he knows how to protect and eliminate enemies. Let’s know some interesting facts about Israel, which you hardly know.

FACT#1. Israel is the only Jewish country in the world with a total population of 9.2 million. That is, as many people live in Bengaluru of India as in the whole of Israel. Israel was formed only after breaking out of Palestine. By the 19th century, Palestine had 87% Muslim, 10% Christian, and 3% Jewish people. In 1900, the Jews raised the demand for a separate state.

FACT#2. The area of Israel is so much that even if three Israelis are found, they cannot be equal to the area of Rajasthan. Not only this, the total population here is many times less than the population of Rajasthan. The total population of Israel is around 92 lakhs while the population of Rajasthan is above six and a half crore. It is said that Israel is such a small country that you can go east to west in just two hours on foot.

FACT#3. During the British rule over Palestine, the British supported the demand for a separate country for Jews under the divide-and-rule policy. Israel was born in 1948 with the partition of Palestine, but the dispute between Israel and Palestine has not ended to this day.

FACT#4. Israel is the 100th smallest country in the world. In the US, California can accommodate 19 countries like Israel. Jews currently constitute about 74 per cent of the population in Israel. Non-Jews are mostly people of Arab descent. The Jewish population in India is around 6 thousand. Most Jews are in the states of Maharashtra, Bengal, and the North East.

FACT#5. Piggery is prohibited in Israel. Doing so may result in jail.

FACT#6. The world’s first antivirus was also made in Israel in 1979.

FACT#7. The world’s smallest Bible, 4.16 millimetres wide, is also made in Israel.

FACT#8. Israel is almost entirely self-sufficient in terms of agricultural products.

FACT#9. In Israel, 90 per cent of the population uses solar energy, which is the highest in the world.

FACT#10. The note issued by the Israeli bank can also recognize by a blind person because the Braille script is also used in it.

FACT#11. There are 137 official beaches in Israel. Whereas Israel has only 273 km of coastline.

FACT#12. Israel ranks third in the world in terms of business. Israel has more than 3000 high-tech companies, the largest in the world (except Silicon Valley).

FACT#13. Israel ranks first in the world in terms of home computer use. The first phone in the world was made by the Motorola company in Israel and the first Pentium chip for Microsoft was made in Israel. Not only this, the first voice mail technology was developed in Israel itself.

FACT#14. Israel has fought 7 battles since its birth. In which he has won the maximum. Israel spends the most on the defence sector in terms of the percentage of GDP in the world.

FACT#15. You will be surprised to know that there are only 40 book shops in Israel because every person in Israel is provided books by the government.

FACT#16. You must have known that the great scientist Albert Einstein was a Jew, but do you know that Israel recommended him to be the President of his country. Yes, it happened in the year 1952. However, Albert Einstein turned down the offer.

FACT#17. This is the only country in the world where the citizenship of Israel is attained as soon as the child is born. Even if the child is born in any country. The second exemption is that Jews can settle in Israel wherever they want, wherever they are. Think of it as such that if a Jewish child is born in India, it is considered a citizen of Israel as soon as it is born.

FACT#18. Israel is a democratic country in the world, but there are no written constitutions like Britain and New Zealand. Traditions form and change rules according to convenience.

FACT#19. The language of Israel is Hebrew, which is considered the language of the Bible. It is said that Hebrew is the only language that has been reborn. Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages of Israel. Hebrew is written from right to left like Urdu. Marathi is also considered a part of the dialect of Israel.

FACT#20. Israel is considered a powerful military country in the world. In Israel, it is mandatory for women to work in the military. There are about 3 million soldiers in a country with a 92 lakh population (2020). The more men work in the army, the more women as well. There are about 15 lakh men and women soldiers in the army of 30 lakh.

FACT#21. Army training of children begins in Israel from the age of 15. One has to join military service after completing high school education. Boys are required to work in the army for 3 years and girls for 2 years. It is said that there are deadly weapons in every household in Israel. Every member of the family has to carry a weapon. Women dress in any way but carry arms with them.

FACT#22. If someone has made Israel an enemy, then suppose Israel will leave without taking revenge. The basic mantra of Israel is that if someone kills even one citizen of our country, then we will enter that country and kill one thousand of its citizens. Israel did this after Operation Black September.

FACT#23. Israel is such a country in the world, if you look at the map, it is known that it is surrounded by enemy countries from all around, the enemies in its neighbourhood are more than equal. Yet no country or ISIS has advocated that they can tease Israel. There are many countries that want to eliminate Israel at any cost, but still, their enemy countries are afraid of Israel, Israel is not afraid of anyone.

FACT#24. Israel’s Air Force is counted among the world’s strongest Air Forces. If we look at history, we will find that the Israeli Air Force is known for taking the fastest decision. The Israeli air force fleet has 250 F-16 fighter planes, capable of destroying any enemy in an instant. The highest standards of training are adopted in the Israeli Air Force. In times of terrorism and global crisis, the Israeli army is always ready for war.

FACT#25. Although Israel is a very small country, it also has an anti-ballistic missile defence system. The advantage of this is that Israel can kill any missile coming in its way.

FACT#26. Mossad, the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation, is Israel’s National Intelligence Agency. Mossad means death. Once Mossad’s eyes are up, it is difficult to escape. The dreaded agents of Mossad have the power to find the enemy from any corner of the world. This is the reason why this intelligence agency of Israel is called the most dangerous agency in the world. Mossad has access to every place where any conspiracy is being hatched against Israel or the citizens of Israel. The history of Mossad is 63 years old. Mossad’s headquarters are in Israel’s Tel Aviv city.

FACT#27. When Palestinian terrorists broke into the 1972 Munich Olympic Games Village and killed 12 Israeli players, Prime Minister Mrs Golda Maier called the families of all the dead players themselves and said that we will take revenge. He gave complete relief to his intelligence agency Mossad and said that all the people involved in this incident, no matter in any country of the world, should not let them live.

FACT#28. In terms of education, Israel has the highest number of universities by population. Here 109 research papers are published per 10 thousand population. Which is the highest in the world. Here in terms of books, the maximum number of books are printed per person.

FACT#29. Israel is the centre of the diamond wholesale business. The cutting and polishing of most diamonds are done here compared to any other country in the world.

FACT#30. Israel is among the 9 countries in the world that have its own satellite system. Using this he runs a drone. Israel does not share its satellite system with anyone.

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