50 Interesting Facts About Japan

We will be discussed Interesting Facts About Japan in this article. This country is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world. Japan also has the most earthquakes in the world, but in spite of so many earthquakes, Japan stands firmly and is at the forefront of technology. There are many interesting facts about Japan, which are very important for you to know. so let start

FACT#1. Japan is a stratovolcanic archipelago comprising about 6,852 islands.

FACT#2. Even though Japan (Japan) is a group of 6,852 islands but 97% of Japan is made up of only four islands that names are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku.

FACT#3. Honshu is the largest island in Japan.

FACT#4. If a person commits suicide under a train in Japan, then his relatives have to pay a fine to interrupt the journey.

FACT#5. It is very strange that 80-85% of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. Now you will think why does this happen? This is because people from there use mobile phones even when they take a bath.

 FACT#6. Japan has the highest earthquake in the world. There are more than 1500 earthquakes in Japan every year, due to this, four earthquakes occur every day in Japan.

FACT#7. The most popular game in Japan is Sumo.

 FACT#8. 73% of Japan is surrounded by mountains that are unsuitable for agriculture, industry, and residential.

¬†FACT#9. The islands of Japan are located in a volcanic region on the “Pacific Ring of Fire“.

 FACT#10. Do you know, that there are 108 active volcanoes in Japan.

FACT#11. In the Japanese city of Tokyo, about 140,000 people died due to the earthquake in 1923.

FACT#12. Being on the “Pacific Ring of Fire“, Japan is prone to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.

 FACT#13. Japan is a famine country in the world where nuclear attacks have taken place.

 FACT#14. Little boy and Fat man are the names of the atomic bombs falling on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan.

FACT#15. Earth’s rotation speed increased by 1.8 micro-seconds due to an earthquake in Japan in 2011.

FACT#16. 20% of the books printed in Japan are “Comics Books“.

FACT#17. Where the black cat is considered inauspicious in our country India, the black cat is considered auspicious in Japan but I do not consider black cats to be inauspicious, it is a simple matter of why to blame a cat for its luck…

 FACT#18. There are more than 90,000 species of wildlife in Japan.

¬†FACT#19. Japan’s military budget is the highest of any country’s military budget.

 FACT#20. Japan is the third-largest national economy after the United States and China in the world.

FACT#21. Most roads in Japan have no name.

¬†FACT#22. The average age of people in Japan is 82.7 years, which is the highest in the world. That’s why people over the age of 100 are found more in Japan.

FACT#23. The train in Japan is very timely. If Japan’s train runs a few seconds too late then it becomes Breaking News.

 FACT#24. Most of the old multinational companies in the whole world are from Japan.

FACT#25. Only 12% of Japan is suitable for farming.

¬†FACT#26. Japan is the world’s third-largest automobile manufacturer.

¬†FACT#27. And you do not know that you own Toyota, the world’s largest automobile company.

 FACT#28. Japan has 20 world heritage sites. These include the historical monuments of Himeji Castle, ancient Kyoto, and Nara.

FACT#29. Japan is building the world’s fastest supercomputer, which it hopes will make the country the new global hub for artificial intelligence research.

 FACT#30. Japan has received the highest Nobel Prize in Science in Asia and 8th in the world.

FACT#31. There are 175 airports in Japan and Haneda Airport is the second busiest airport in Asia.

 FACT#32. Nagoya Port of Japan is the largest and busiest port in the country.

 FACT#33. The children do not have to take any tests until they are 10 years old.

FACT#34. There are about 19 Nobel Prize winners from Japan.

FACT#35.¬†The world’s smallest escalator is in Japan.

FACT#36. Eating while walking is considered rude in Japan.

FACT#37. Japan has only 4% of unemployment.

FACT#38. At least 60% of animated shows are made in Japan.

FACT#39.¬†Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in the world.

FACT#40. The age of people here is at least 83 years.

FACT#41. You must have seen the film ‘Godzilla’. Let us tell you that Godzilla is also an official citizen of Japan.

FACT#42. There are more than 20 ways to apologize to someone here.

FACT#43. Sleeping during work in Japanese offices is acceptable because it is believed that the person is tired due to overwork and is taking a break. It is important to know here that the people of Japan are considered to be the most hardworking in the world.

FACT#45. Let us tell you that the Japanese man who survived the Titanic accident started being called timid by his countrymen because he did not die like other travellers.

FACT#46. The Japanese train is one of the trains in the world that runs at the right time. On average the train here is late by only 18 seconds.

FACT#47. Dancing till late at night here was illegal till 2015.

FACT#48. According to a report, the trend of living by isolating oneself in Japan has increased significantly. In this practice, many youths confine themselves to a particular place, house, or room. The number of such people is said to be from 7 lakh to 10 lakh. These youths end in contact with the outside world. It is called Hikikomori.

FACT#49. Many times you will feel the need for just one bed to relax during travel. Japan has found a solution. Capsules hotels have been built here which have only one-bed space. But facilities like Wi-Fi and TV also remain. However, most capsules are only for men.

FACT#50. In many places, not having the right size teeth is considered bad and people try to get a better shape. But Japan has seen a different trend in the last few years. The youth are trying to get their teeth different from normal. Many youngsters get their Imperfect shape done for cosmetic surgery their teeth.

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