40 Interesting Facts About Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was the king of the Sisodia Rajput dynasty in Mewar. He struggled with the Mughal Emperor Akbar for many years. They were known for their valor, bravery, and martial arts. He also defeated the Mughals in many battles. Jhala Mansingh was his trusted soldier who saved Maharana’s life by playing on his life. Shakti Singh had asked Maharana Pratap to leave the battlefield after seeing his favorite horse “Chetak”. The Mughal emperor Akbar wanted to subjugate Maharana Pratap and Mewar. For this, he had appointed four ambassadors. Jalal Khan, Mansingh, Bhagwan Das and Raja Todarmal. But even after persuading all four of them, Maharana Pratap did not accept to be under Akbar. Come, know 40 Interesting facts of that brave warrior Maharana Pratap, which can change anyone’s life:

FACT#1. Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 in Mewar (Rajasthan, India).

FACT#2. Maharana Pratap’s full name was Maharana Pratap Singh Sisodia.

FACT#3. The childhood name of Maharana Pratap was “Kika”. His father’s name was Rana Udai Singh.

FACT#4. Maharana Pratap was a brave man of a tall height of 7 feet 5 inches and his weight was 110 kg. All the physical abilities that a great and brave soldier should have been within Maharana Pratap.

FACT#5. The weight of Maharana Pratap’s spear was 81 kg, which would have killed the enemy in one go. The weight of his chest armor was 72 kg.
Maharana Pratap used to go to war with a spear, shield, two swords, armor, whose total weight was 208 kg. It is not possible for today’s men to fight with such a load.

FACT#6. Maharana Pratap did 11 marriages due to political reasons. This fact is very interesting and surprising.

FACT#7. The sword, armor, and other military items of Maharana Pratap Knight are kept safe in the State Museum of Udaipur.

FACT#8. The great emperor Akbar was also very impressed by the valor of Maharana Pratap. He had proposed to Maharana Pratap that if he bowed before him, then half of India would belong to Maharana Pratap. But he declined this offer. Maharana Pratap said that he would never bow his head in front of the Mughals till his death.

FACT#9. Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak is also very popular. Many of his stories are heard. Chetak was a very powerful horse. His speed used to increase very fast while running.

FACT#10. Once in a battle, Chetak put his foot on the head of an elephant. He jumped over the 26 feet long drain carrying the injured Maharana Pratap. Chetak horse supported Maharana in every war.

FACT#11. In the cave of Myra, Maharana Pratap had spent time eating loaves of grass for many days.

FACT#12. There was a fierce battle between Maharana Pratap and Emperor Akbar in Haldighati. It has been 300 years since this war, but even today swords are found on the battlefield there.

FACT#13. Neither Akbar nor Maharana Pratap won the battle of Haldighati.

FACT#14. Emperor Akbar tried to capture Maharana Pratap for 30 years but he did not succeed.

FACT#15. Maharana Pratap died on 29 January 1597. He had an accident while hunting.

FACT#16. When Akbar came to know about the death of Maharana Pratap, he too cried.

FACT#17. In the Battle of Haldighati, Hakim Khan Suri was the only Muslim chieftain in the army of Maharana Pratap.

FACT#18. The Battle of Haldighati took place on 18 June 1576 AD.

FACT#19. In this war, Emperor Akbar had 85000 soldiers while Maharana Pratap had only 20000 soldiers. Despite this, Maharana Pratap kept fighting with Akbar and did not back down.

FACT#20. Maharana Pratap had 17 sons and 5 daughters.

FACT#21. Maharana Pratap used to keep two swords in battle. If his enemy did not have a sword, he used to give him one of his swords so that the war would be equal. This shows that Maharana Pratap was a just king.

FACT#22. Emperor Akbar once said that if Maharana Pratap and Jaimal join them, then Akbar can become the most powerful king in the world.
Akbar used to see Maharana Pratap in his dream.

FACT#23. Like Maharana Pratap, his generals and soldiers were also very brave. One of his generals continued to fight even after beheading in the war.

FACT#24. Maharana Pratap is also called the first freedom fighter of India.

FACT#25. To take on Emperor Akbar, Maharana Pratap left his palace and started preparing for war day and night. Thousands of people from the blacksmith caste also joined them and worked day and night to make swords.

FACT#26. This blacksmith caste lives in Haryana Rajasthan nowadays which is called Gadiya Lohar.

FACT#27. Maharana Pratap developed the arts very well in his kingdom. He even encouraged Muslim artists. Especially the painter Nisardi or Nisaruddin etc. were such painters who prepared the “Ragmala”. In architectural arts too, he gave great importance to Muslim artists. It is clear from this that Pratap respected all religions and all kinds of artistic talents and he was a supporter of the policy of tolerance.

FACT#28. The people of the Bhil caste of Mewar state considered Maharana Pratap as their son. Rana Pratap also welcomed him wholeheartedly and considered him as his own.

FACT#29. If the rest of the warriors and rulers of the country had followed this policy of Pratap, then perhaps the history of India would have been different. His policy was to always lead a harsh life. Stay away from happiness and glory. The real home of a true and courageous warrior is not in a palace, but in a forest, and only then he becomes the winner.If the rest of the warriors and rulers of the country had followed this policy of Pratap, then perhaps the history of India would have been different. His policy was to always lead a harsh life. Stay away from happiness and glory. The real home of a true and courageous warrior is not in a palace, but in a forest, and only then he becomes the winner.

FACT#30. If historians are to be believed, Pratap took on Akbar at a time when the power of the Mughal Empire was touching the sky. He never went to the Mughal court nor thought of doing so. While many warriors like Shivaji fought against the Mughals, they had come once in the court of Aurangzeb. At the time of Aurangzeb, the Mughal Empire was also starting to weaken.

FACT#31. Akbar sent two of his messengers to him. One Man Singh and one Todarmal. But Maharana Pratap neither came to the talk of these two nor was afraid of Akbar’s military intimidation. He did not intimidate anyone and took every section of his subjects with him and stood in front of Akbar and remained invincible.

FACT#32. From common soldier to Chetak, everyone had the same affection. When Pratap was surrounded by enemy soldiers on the battlefield, Chetak saved him by playing on his life. When Pratap came out safely from Haldighati, Hakim Khan Sur, Netsi, Ramshah, Ramshah’s sons, Shankardas, Jhala Maan, etc. laid down their lives while sacrificing the teeth of the Mughal army. Hakim Khan fought so much that his sword remained in his hand.

FACT#33. Maharana Pratap remained the grit of Akbar’s eyes from beginning to end, but when Akbar got the news of his death, the Mughal emperor’s eyes shed tears. Akbar pressed his tongue under his teeth and said: You neither allowed your horse to get stained nor did you let your turban bow before anyone. Actually Pratap you have won the most.

FACT#34. When Ibrahim Lincoln was visiting India. Then he asked his mother – what did you bring from India for you? Then the mother got the answer- “Bring a handful of dust from Haldi Ghati, the heroic land of that great country, where the king was so loyal to his subjects that he chose his motherland instead of half India.” But unfortunately his visit. was canceled. You can read this in the book “Book of President USA”.

FACT#35. There is also a temple of Maharana Pratapji’s horse Chetak, which is still safe in the Haldi Ghati.

FACT#36. Rana’s horse Chetak was also very powerful, in front of his face the trunk of an elephant was used to confuse the elephants of the enemy. These were two horses named Hetak and Chetak.

FACT#37. Before he died, Maharana Pratapji had re-conquered 85% of his lost Mewar. Leaving gold, silver, and palaces, he roamed in the forests of Mewar for 20 years.

FACT#38. Maharana Pratapji weighed 110 kg and was 7’5″ tall, held a two-sheathed sword and an 80 kg spear in his hand.

FACT#39. The tribal Bhil community of Mewar had trampled Akbar’s army with their arrows in the Haldi Ghati. He considered Maharana Pratapji as his son and Rana lived with him without discrimination. Even today there are Rajputs on one side of the emblem of Mewar and Bhils on the other.

FACT#40. Maharana Pratapji used to cut the enemy soldier including the horse in one stroke.

We are proud that we have taken birth in that Bharatvarsha where great men like Maharana Pratap were born. Tribute to Maharana Pratap on behalf of interesting knowledge… Do not forget to share the interesting facts of Maharana Pratap ji with your friends. thank you

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