11 Interesting Facts About Motivational Speaker Vivek Bindra

If you run YouTube, then you must have seen Dr. Vivek Bindra’s motivational videos. Although you will be familiar with Vivek Bindra, but in this article, you will be given information about Dr. Vivek Bindra’s career, ups and downs in his life, his lifestyle, family, vivek bindra networth and many more. The life introduction of Dr. Vivek Bindra is very inspirational for us. How did a monk become India’s biggest business coach today? The way he grew up from a middle class family, he is a source of inspiration for every human being. Vivek Bindra was born on 5 April 1982 in New Delhi. His father passed away when he was only two and a half years old. The shadow of his father had disappeared from his head in his childhood itself. Do you think you know everything there is to know about dogs? Think again! Check out these 11 interesting facts Dr. Vivek Bindra about you may have never heard.

Full Name: Dr. Vivek Bindra
Date of Birth: 05-04-1982
Birth Place: New Delhi
Age: 40 (as 2022)
Profession: Motivational speaker, YouTuber, Business coach
hobby reading and traveling
Education: BBA:St. Xavier’s College, New Delhi, MBA:Amity Business College, Noida,U. Q.
Family Wife- Geeta Sabarwal
Son: Madhav Bindra

FACT#1. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known and successful business man, youtuber, motivational speaker, business coach as well as author. He is also the CEO and founder of Bada Business.com Company. The total assets of Vivek Bindra (vivek bindra net worth) are said to be around 7 million US dollars. Apart from big business company, he has started many companies.

FACT#2. The life of Dr. Vivek Bindra is inspirational. The way he grew up from a middle class family, he is a source of inspiration for every human being. Vivek Bindra was born on 5 April 1982 in New Delhi. His father passed away when he was only two and a half years old. The shadow of his father had disappeared from his head in his childhood itself.

FACT#3. After this his mother remarried. After remarrying, his mother left him at his uncle’s place. If seen, Vivek Bindra neither got the love of his father nor the love of his mother in his childhood.

FACT#4. He got his early education from a normal school like ordinary children. He told in an interview that he was interested in sports in his childhood. Also he was good at reading. After the preliminary examination, he did BBA in St. Xavier’s College. Talking about graduation, he obtained BBA degree from Xavier College New Delhi in 1999-2001.

FACT#5. After this, he enrolled in Amity Business College, Noida (Uttar Pradesh) for MBA studies. From this college, he completed his MBA in 2001-2005. In an interview, he told that he used to teach Tucson to the children along with the college. Also did part time work of selling dictionary.

FACT#6. His childhood was spent in many difficulties. We all know about his success. But they don’t know how they achieved this success. In the early days of his business, Vivek Bindra used to interview people. Where his office was just a room. Before starting business, Vivek Bindra had renounced the world as well. And were engaged in worshiping God in the temple, helping the poor children there. Leaving behind his bad times, he has become India’s number one motivational speaker today.

FACT#7. The turning point of his career came when he read the Bhagavad Gita. He had gone to Vrindavan during college. And for about four years he served as a monk. He used to wear dhoti kurta, eat boiled vegetables and lead an eternal life. He believes that the Bhagavad Gita changed his life. He tells about it in his videos and seminars. Dr. Vivek Bindra’s business career started in 2015.

FACT#8. The name of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s company is bada business. Along with this, he keeps doing many programs from time to time. One such program of his, bounce back, got a lot of success. Along with this, a program leadership funnel also got a lot of success. Recently he has launched another program (Everything Entrepreneur). After this, he also started a YouTube channel. Initially most of his videos were in English which was a big problem for the Indian audience.

FACT#9. After 2016, Vivek Bindra understood that if he wanted to reach the Indian audience, he would have to make videos in Hindi and he did the same. As soon as he started making videos in Hindi, through strong content, his videos started going viral on YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. Also, Vivek Bindra became the owner of not only India but also the world’s largest business training YouTube channel. Today he has millions of followers on youtube.

FACT#10. Dr. Vivek Bindra has also given another name “Path Finder” so that he can show the right path to the CEOs and Entrepreneurs of many companies and tell them how to take the business forward. His specialty is that no one has ever been harmed by his advice, but has only benefited. He always gives advice to take the business to a higher level and also tells how it can be done.

FACT#11. Dr. Vivek Bindra has also been awarded many awards for his motivation and guidance. He has received the best leadership trainer award in Asia at Marshall Goldsmith’s World HRD Congress. Bindra ji has recently started a startup called Bada Business, in which he tells everything about business growth and business. Training is being given to people in very low fees through bada business app. This was done especially for the students. Currently Vivek Bindra’s team has more than 500 members.

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