35 Interesting Facts About Ratan Tata and Tata Company

Today is the birthday of Ratan Tata, former Chairman of Tata Group. He was born on 28 December 1937 in Mumbai. He was adopted by Tata group founder Jamshedji Tata, who later took over the reins of the company. He has taken the Tata group to new heights on the strength of his ability. Tata manufactures cars from salt to cars. People trust their brand blindly. Ratan Tata has a big hand in this. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, let us know some Interesting facts about Ratan Tata and Tata company, which you should also know about.

FACT#1. In 1961, he made his first job with Tata Steel. His job here was to handle Blast Furnace and Shovel Limestone.

FACT#2. Ratan Tata became the chairman of the Tata group in 1991 when he was 21 years old. Under his leadership, the Tata group gained international recognition. All this was the result of his amazing leadership and business skills.

FACT#3. He was born on December 28, 1937, in Surat. He is the son of Naval Tata, the adopted grandson of Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata group.

FACT#4. Ratan Tata is schooled in Mumbai. He has an Architecture BS from Cornell University and an Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.

FACT#5. He also became the chairman of the same company in 1991, after starting his career with the Tata Group in 1961. He retired in 2012.
Ratan Tata, who took over as chairman of the Tata group in 1991, left no stone unturned to take the company to its heights.

FACT#6. He fell in love with a girl in America, tell that Ratan Tata’s love life has also been very interesting. They fell in love four times in life, but could not get married.

FACT#7. Ratan Tata told in the interview that he made love four times and this love was so much that the matter had reached till the wedding. However, each time, in the end, could not be married and these four stories of love, the most serious love story is related to Tata’s stay in America.

FACT#8. According to Tata, “We were going to get married after love in America. In the meantime, I returned to India. She was also going to come to India, but due to the India-China war in 1962 she could not come to India and A few years later, in America, he married someone else. ” Explain that they do not like to talk about their love life much.

FACT#9. Ratan is a Tata book lover. He loves reading success stories of people. They say that after retirement, they are now able to give time to this hobby.
Interpersonal since childhood.

FACT#10. He likes less conversation since childhood. He also talks only formally with his colleagues. Their hobbies reveal how much is hidden inside them.

FACT#11. He merged several big companies into the Tata group. Like Land Rover Jaguar to Tata Motors, Tetley to Tata Tea, Corus to Tata Steel. Because of this, the Tata group achieved unprecedented prosperity.

FACT#12. Ratan Tata was adopted by Jamshedji Tata from an orphanage. Grandpa Jamshed and grandmother Nawazbai Tata loved him very much. After his parents divorced in 1940, it was the grandmother who raised him.

FACT#13. He is a dog lover. A special house for nearby dogs has also been built in Bombay Group’s headquarters Bombay House. In this, they can come without interruption. Ratan Tata owns two German Shepherd breed dogs. He plays with them in his spare time.

FACT#14. Ratan Tata is fond of owning a luxury car, which has given the country a Nano car. He owns cars like Ferrari, Jaguar, vintage car, Mercedes SL500, and Land Rover free lander.

FACT#15. Ratan Tata is also a pilot. He has also boarded a fighter jet. He flew in the Air Force’s A-16 Fighter Jet in 2007.

FACT#16. Ratan Tata donated Rs 5 crore to Harvard Business School in the year 2010. There is also a hall named after him, which is called Tata Hall.

FACT#17. Ratan Tata was from the capitalist family of Gujarat but despite this, he did not have a good childhood and the reason for his parents not being together. Tata was very young when his parents started living apart due to differences.

FACT#18. Tata was raised by his grandmother and then moved to Mumbai for further studies.

FACT#19. Ratan Tata becomes the 5th Chairman of the Tata Group. Explain that till now only 6 presidents have been formed in the Tata group and 2 presidents are not from the Tata family.

FACT#20. The Tata company came into control when they sacked its 6th president, Cyrus Mistry. Because, according to the news, he was made president for about 30 years, but he was removed in just a few years. But the reason was told that Cyrus Mistry was focusing only on the profitable business and started selling non-profit business.

FACT#21. Tata Group is considered one of the most trusted companies which take care of every facility of its employees.

FACT#22. After Cyrus Mistry, once again, Ratan Tata is handling the company as interim chairman.

FACT#23. The Tata group has more than 100 companies in 85 countries.

FACT#24. 70 percent of the group’s business comes from abroad.

FACT#25. The journey of Tata Company is very long. It has been 152 years for the Tata group.

FACT#26 The first salt-making work in the country was started in 1927 in Okha, Gujarat, which was bought by JRD Tata in 1938. And with this began Tata Salt.

FACT#27. Tata Salt brought iodized salt to the country for the first time in 1984.

FACT#28. In 1917, Tata established Tata Oil Mills. With which the group ventured into the field of household goods.

FACT#29. Tata Airlines was launched in 1932.

FACT#30. Tata built its plant in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. The people of the city and the whole city changed as soon as the company opened, after which people started calling the name of the city ‘Tata’. Today, Jamshedpur is also known by the name “Tata”

FACT#31. In 2008, Tata introduced the world’s cheapest car Nano. Actually, Tata had seen this dream only in 1997, so that even a common man can fulfill his car dream for just Rs 1 lakh.

FACT#32. Tata is also said to be the first company in the country to set an eight-hour shift for its employees for the first time.

FACT#33. Ratan Tata has also been awarded the Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan, for his contribution to the businessman.

FACT#34. Tata has also opened many hospitals where people are treated free and cheap. The Tata Memorial Center is a complete center for research and treatment on cancer. Here, 60 percent of the patients coming for treatment are treated free of cost.

FACT#35. Tata’s house feels like a dream amidst the waves of the sea. This bungalow is made of white color. This house is spread over an area of about 13 thousand square feet. This three-floor bungalow is decorated and decorated by Tata himself. The first part has a living area and a sun deck for the party. Also, there is a special study room for Tata, a bookie. This three-bedroom house also has a library, gym. On the upper side are the swimming pool and lounge.

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