20 Interesting Facts About Rocking Star Yash

The film world is such a place, where only a select few become superstars. Coming out of an ordinary home to become a superstar is an even bigger thing. Only a few actors have achieved such fame in India, one of whom is Yash. Despite coming from a humble family, Yash never lost courage and managed to establish himself after a tough struggle. Yash was a popular star in the Kannada film industry till two years ago, but the film ‘KGF’ in the year 2018 made him a big superstar of the country. ‘KGF‘ proved to be a blockbuster hit film all over India, due to which Yash’s fan following has increased tremendously. Now the actor will soon be seen in ‘KGF 2’. Let us tell you 20 interesting facts about Rocking Star Yash.

FACT#1. Yash’s real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda. When Yash started acting, he was suggested to keep some other screen name instead of Naveen Kumar. He then decided to make his childhood nickname Yash his screenname.
FACT#2. Superstar Yash was born on 8 January 1986 in a middle class family in Hassan district of Karnataka.
FACT#3. Yash’s father’s name is “Arun Kumar” who used to drive a bus earlier and his mother’s name is “Pushpa Bai” who is a housewife. And apart from this, he also has a younger sister whose name is Nandani.
FACT#4. Yash’s entire childhood was spent in Mysore and he completed his studies from the Mahajan Education Society of Mysore and used to always participate in the drama competition of his school.
FACT#5. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, when there were school holidays, Yash used to work as a delivery boy.
FACT#6. When Yash came to become an actor, he had only three ₹ 300 and did not know anyone in Bangalore and used to go from place to place to give his audition.
FACT#7. Yash has worked as a background artist in films and TV serials for many years.
FACT#8. Yash started his career with Kannada TV serial named “Nanda Gokula” and it was directed by “Ashok Kashyap”.
FACT#9. Yash’s superhit films are Drama, Googly, Mr. and Mrs. Ram Chari, etc. But his career took off when his film KGF Chapter 1 was released in 2018, which people liked very much and after that Yash’s fan following among people. increased too much.
FACT#10. Now his fan following can be gauged from the fact that on the day when KGF Chapter 2 was to be released, people had written a letter to the Prime Minister demanding a one-day government holiday.
FACT#11. Yash’s wife’s name is “Radhika Pandit” and she has worked with Yash in many films and TV serials and during this both of them fell in love and got married on 9 December 2016.
FACT#12. Yash and Radhika have two children, a daughter named “Ayra” and a son named “Yatharva”.
FACT#13. In the year 2017, Yash and Radhika together formed the Yashomargo Foundation, whose work is to help the needy people.
FACT#14. Talk about his net worth, it is about 50 crore rupees and also he has a bungalow in Bengaluru which is said to be worth 4 crores, besides this he has many expensive cars like Mercedes Benz GLS Class, Mercedes Benz GLC Class, Mercedes Benz E Class, Range Rover Evoque and many more.
FACT#15. Yash charges 5 crores for doing a film. And most of their earnings are from brand endorsements.
FACT#16. Yash was fond of acting since childhood. He had decided till the 12th class that he would become a film actor in the future. He left his studies midway to become an actor.
FACT#17. Yash worked in many TV shows, due to which his popularity increased day by day. He first did a supporting role in the 2008 film Moggina Manasu, for which he received the award. He never looked back and went on to become a superstar.
FACT#18. The character of Garuda in KGF is played by Yash’s bodyguard Ram. Ram has been Yash’s bodyguard for 12 years. He himself taught acting to Ram for the film.
FACT#19. Yash’s journey to enter films was not easy. According to media reports, Yash has done a lot of struggle, even he has done the work of background artist and lightman.
FACT#20. Released in the year 2018, the KGF chapter 1 film grossed Rs 250 crore and made Yash a household name.

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