40 Interesting Facts about Russia

We will be discussed interesting facts about Russia. then as Russia’s name comes first, that song of Raj Kapoor … My shoe is Japanese, this trouser is English. The red cap on the head is Russian, yet the heart is Hindustani. Not only this, but Russia is also our most important strategic and economic partner. Russia, whose red hat has affected the whole world somewhere. Russia where Lolita is also and Lenin is also. Where Anna is also and Putin is also there. So to say this is that Russia has done the work of strengthening India in literature, economy, and in many areas. Even in the wake of the Cold War, India and the Soviet Union have had strategic, military, economic, and diplomatic relations. In view of this, we are providing you with the facts related to Russia that prove Russia to be the heart of Eurasia.

The official name for Russia is the Russian Federation. Russia shares borders with many countries, including China, Ukraine, North Korea, and Norway. In terms of land area, Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia is located across 9 time zones. At the beginning of 2013, Russia was estimated to have a population of around 143 million. Russian is the official language of Russia but there are many other languages used in various parts of the country. The capital and largest city in Russia is Moscow. Other major cities in Russia include Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk. Russians drive on the right-hand side of the road. The currency used in Russia is the ruble. Russia has a wide range of natural resources and is one of the world’s largest producers of oil.

40 such amazing Fact of Russia that proves it to be a special country of Eurasia.

FACT#1. Rich people in Russia (Moscow) use fake ambulances to avoid traffic.

FACT#2. Russia has more women than men. It can be said that Russia is a female-dominated country.

FACT#3. One-third of Russians believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Yes, this is true. There are also such people in Russia sending the first aircraft to space.

FACT#4. There are many hidden cities in Russia even today. There are at least 15 such cities within Russia which have been hidden from the whole world.

FACT#5. Driving dirty cars in Russia is a crime. Now all those people who never wash their cars, this news is especially for them.

FACT#6. 25 per cent of people in Russian go to heaven before 55 years and a big reason was believed to be the high consumption of vodka.

FACT#7. Our favourite word of all is Vodka from Russia and Vod means water in Russia.

FACT#8. There was a time when Russia’s ruler Peter taxed moustaches. Russian Guys was taken tax for the beard earlier. By the way, boys of Russia are big dudes, but let us tell you that during the rule of Peter the Great, there was a tax on beards here.

FACT#9. Foxes also live in homes. Now, this thing is frightening but true. Scientists have had foxes in Russia since 1959.

FACT#10. America bought the Alaska Mountains from Russia and the US had given the only US $ 7.2 million to Russia in lieu of Alaska mountain in 1867.

FACT#11. In Russia, it is illegal to tell children that gay people are also part of this world. At this point, I hate you.

FACT#12. Every year in Russia, about 5 lakh people die of alcohol consumption.

FACT#13. 77% of Russia is Siberia Yes, the same Siberia where the temperature is always minus.

FACT#14. Russia is bigger than Pluto in terms of area…
Russia is ahead in terms of population, besides it is also top in terms of area.

FACT#15. Russia and Japan are still fighting World War II. Russia and Japan have not yet signed a peace agreement. Kuril is still the centre of disputes between them.

FACT#16. Metro is the lifeline in Russia. Metro arrived in India much later, but Russia’s metro system is the fastest transport of its kind. Here a train passes every 90 seconds.

FACT#17. Flowers are not auspicious signs here. While giving flowers in the whole world is considered auspicious, in Russia, giving flowers to women is not considered auspicious. Flowers are seen here by connecting them to the funeral.

FACT#18 Russia is larger than the planet Pluto in terms of area.

FACT#19. Russia is a country in the world that has an evening in one part and a day in another part.

FACT#20. The value of the Apple company is more than the entire Russian market share.

FACT#21. Russia has more than 8400 nuclear weapons than any other country.

FACT#22. Russia’s Lake Baikal has 20% of the world’s pure water.

FACT#23. Each Russian drinks 18 litres of beer every year.

FACT#24. The number of women in Russia is 9 lakh more than men.

FACT#25. Eating and drinking in a coffee house in Russia are free but you have to pay a fee to spend time here. To spend a minute in this cafe you have to pay about 1 to 3 rubles. This idea was first born in China.

FACT#26. America is only 4 km from the last point of Russia.

FACT#27. About 110 people in Russia are keeping 35 per cent of the country’s total assets with them. Economic inequality is widespread in this country.

FACT#28. The Imperial Russian Olympic team arrived 12 days late for their games as they were not using the Gregorian calendar.

FACT#29. The record of giving birth to the most children is named after a woman from Russia. This woman had been born with 69 children.

FACT#30. Russia had launched the first satellite in space.

FACT#31. In Russia, more than 5 lakh deaths occur every year only due to alcohol.

FACT#32. In Russia, teachers are given vodka as a salary.

FACT#33. The first humanitarian was played in 1924 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Chase was a popular sport in Russia around the 20th century. Hence this popularity gave Russia the idea of inventing a human chase.

FACT#34.  In 2011, within Russia, those drinks had been declared as common drinks containing less than 10 per cent alcohol, so beer was recognized as a common food product.

FACT#35.  A torch is burnt at the Olympic Games, it has passed through Russia about 70 times.

FACT#36. Russia’s lake “Karachay” is the world’s most polluted and radioactive lake.

FACT#37 The eagle of Soviet Russia was a bird that used to fly with a huge animal like the elephant in its claws.

FACT#38. There is a bronze sculpture of a dog with a shiny nose at Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station – it is shiny because it’s supposedly good luck to touch it.

FACT39. Padlock trees can be found in Moscow – couples place them here to prove their love.

FACT#40. It has more time zones (11) than any other country, but since 2011 has only used nine.

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