20 Interesting Facts About Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: This one incident changed Jaggi Vasudev’s whole life, and he became Sadhguru

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, mystic and author. He is a recipient of Padma Vibhushan and has been listed as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Powerful Indians’ by many prestigious magazines from time to time. His field of work in spirituality, social work and nature conservation needs no introduction. He is an international personality and has appeared on various prestigious international forums like the World Economic Forum. Sadhguru’s life has undoubtedly been an inspirational one. This post lets us get to know interesting facts about Sadhguru in a little more detail.

FACT#1. Sadhguru is in many roles for many people – guru, mystic, yogi, friend, known (and unknown) advisor on all subjects, poet, architect. He has many faces and many dimensions. But he is also a father and a husband.

FACT#2. Not only in India but famous worldwide, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a yogi, mystic, writer, poet, visionary, and speaker of international repute. He has many followers all over the world.

FACT#3. Sadhguru is also the founder of a not-for-profit human service organization called Isha Foundation. Isha Foundation teaches yoga programs in the United States, England, Lebanon, Singapore, and Australia, including India, and also works on several social and community development schemes.

FACT#4. Sadhguru also ranks Special Adviser to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Sadhguru has also authored more than 100 books in 8 languages.

FACT#5. Jaggi Vasudev is known worldwide as Sadhguru. He was born on 5 September 1957 in Mysore in Karnataka.

FACT#6. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev had 3 more siblings, and he was the youngest. His mother was a homemaker and the most respected member of the family. His father was a doctor and wanted his children to take up the same profession. He also saved his notes from his student life so that his children could use the notes while studying to become a doctor. However, all their children went their separate ways.

FACT#7. Since childhood, Sadhguru has been very fond of nature. He loved nature so much that he would disappear into the forest for a few days, sit on top of a tree, enjoy the wind, and go into deep meditation. Jaggi Vasudev started practising yoga at the age of 11. He got an education in Yoga from Shri Raghavendra Rao.

FACT#8. When Sadhguru turned 25, he had given up the pleasures of his life due to some unusual incident. At this age stage, he climbed the Chamundi mountain and sat down on a vast stone. And from there, he started having spiritual experiences. During this, he felt something different, and he felt that he is not only in his body but has spread everywhere in the rocks, the trees, and the earth. After that, he had this experience again and again. This incident completely changed his lifestyle. Because of this, Jaggi Vasudev dedicated his whole life to sharing those experiences. After meditating and travelling for about 1 year, he decided to teach people yoga by sharing his inner experience.

FACT#9. Two years after experiencing a spiritual awakening, he met his wife Vijaykumari, fondly called Vijji. Their first meeting occurred during a Mysore luncheon, where they had gone as a guest. After this, love letters were exchanged between them for some time. On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri in 1984, they tied the knot. Sadhguru’s yoga classes routine was in full swing, and he travelled across South India to organize events. Vizzy used to work in a bank, and she also often accompanied him on his motorbike to support the events.

FACT#10. In 1990, a lovely daughter, Radhe, was born to Sadhguru and Vijji. Sadhguru explains, “Vizzy wanted to be a mother. She felt that the experience of motherhood was essential in any woman’s life. When I was nineteen years old, I had no idea about ​​getting married or setting up a family. In those days, I went to Rishi Valley School. It was one of those schools which J. Krishnamurti founded.

FACT#11. Sadhguru tried many things in his life and was successful in whatever he tried. Sadhguru started earning from a young age as he was an active and intelligent person. He took up various small and big business projects and was successful in them. As a teenager, he had a lot of money due to his efforts.

FACT#12. Sadhguru decided to teach yoga and pranayama to people and share the experience that he had. With this objective, Sadhguru established the Isha Yoga Center in 1992. Today Sadhguru has millions of followers in India and outside India.

FACT#13. People come to Isha Yoga Center to explore their spirituality. The most attractive part of the Isha Yoga Center is the Dhyanalingam. It was Sadhguru’s dream to establish Dhyanalingam. Dhyanalingam is said to have splendid energy around it, due to which people can meditate here.

FACT#14. The Isha foundation was also started through the Isha yoga centre, which opened many more yoga centres worldwide. With the advent of Covid-19 in 2020, some Isha Foundation services were made online. Many more Isha Foundation courses are expected to be available online in the times to come.

FACT#15. During the consecration of Dhyanalinga, Vijji decided to take Mahasamadhi. When asked why she wanted to leave the world then, she replied that the environment inside and outside felt perfect at that time, and she wanted to leave the world very beautifully. He started practising taking Mahasamadhi, i.e. leaving the body without harm. On 23 January 1997, Vijayakumari took ‘Mahasamadhi’ and left her body at 33 in the presence of a meditation group.

FACT#16. Sadhguru starts his day in the presence of sunlight. He usually eats only one full meal throughout the day, which is 4:35 in the evening. They have made ‘energy-giving foods’ an integral part of their diet. He believes in being physically active. He sleeps only 3-4 hours a day.

FACT#17. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has not read any holy book, Vedas or Puranas. He claims that all the knowledge he has come from within. Hence he is popularly known as Sadhguru or the ‘uneducated guru’.

FACT#18. Sadhguru is the second richest Indian Guru after Baba Ramdev. Sadhguru’s net worth is around 200 crores.

FACT#19. Sadhguru likes to play sports like golf, hopscotch, cricket, volleyball and billiards. He loves adventure and hence can ride his bike for hundreds of kilometres. He also loves trekking.

FACT#20. Sadhguru built the ‘Adiyogi’ Shiva statue, also listed in the Guinness Book of world records. It is the giant statue in the world and was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The idol was built to highlight the importance of yoga in human life.

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