30 Interesting Facts About Sun

A star is located in the centre of the Sun’s solar system, around which the Earth and other components of the Solar System revolve. Sun is the largest body in our solar system and its diameter is approximately 13.99 million kilometres which is almost 10 times more than the Earth. This powerful reservoir of energy is mainly a huge circle of hydrogen and helium gases. Through the process of nuclear merger, the Sun produces energy in its centre. Only a small part of the energy released from the sun reaches the Earth, out of which 15 per cent is reflected in space, and 30 per cent of water is used to make steam. Its strong gravitational force keeps the Earth and other planets wandering in different classes. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Sun? Think again! Check out these 30 interesting facts about Sun you may have never heard.

FACT#1. More than 800 billion neutrons left by the sun will have passed through your body until you have read this sentence.

FACT#2. There are 200,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy, one of them is the Sun, which is the nearest star to the Earth.

FACT#3.¬†The temperature of the interior of the Sun is 14,999,726 degrees Celsius and the upper surface temperature is 5507 ¬į C.

FACT#4. Sun is 4.6 billion years old, and it will take 5 billion years to finish its hydrogen.

FACT#5. Sun is the biggest facts in our solar system, it is so large that it can absorb 13 lac of earth.

FACT#6.¬†The sun’s light takes 499 seconds or 8.3 minutes to reach the earth.

FACT#7. What is the Sun? Sun is a gas ball, it is composed of 72% Hydrogen, 26% Helium, and 2% Carbon & Oxygen. There is nothing concrete on this.

FACT#8. The gravitational force of the Sun is so powerful that Pluto located 6 billion kilometres away is also moving in its orbit.

FACT#9.¬†If any object falls within the sun’s 20 million kilometres, then the sun pulls it on its side.

FACT#10.¬†If your weight on earth is 1 K.G, then it will be 27 K.G on the sun, because the sun’s gravitational force is 27 times more than the Earth.

FACT#11. Sun diameter is 1,392,684 km, which is, 109 times bigger than Earth.

FACT#12.¬†The Sun’s weight is 2 octillion tons. Meaning, 333,060 times weightier than Earth. (2 octillion tons = 1,989,100,000,000,000,000,000,000 billion kg).

FACT#13. All the planets in our solar system rotate around the sun, and on whatever day it takes one round, it becomes the same day of the year as the earth completes its journey in 365 days.

FACT#14. There are also 5% of stars in the galaxy that are bigger and shiny than the sun.

FACT#15.¬†The 7 million tonnes of hydrogen present on the sun is changing every second 6 million 95 million tonnes of helium and 5 million tonnes of gamma rays, which is also the reason for the sun’s bright light.

FACT#16. If the sun comes equal to a pencil’s nib to Earth, even after 145 km you will die of burning.

FACT#17. Sun is 14 crores 96 lac kilometres away from Earth if a cheetah starts running from the earth today, it will take 151 years to reach the sun.

FACT#18. If the speed of 1500 ft/sec is shot from the ground to the sun, it will take 10 years to reach there.

FACT#19.¬†Solar System’s 99.86% weight is of the Sun alone.

FACT#20. Norway is the only country where the sun does not hide for 76 days.

FACT#21. As far as the moon is from Earth, the sun is 400 times more than it is and it is 400 times larger than the Moon in size.

FACT#22. If the sun turns all the energy of one hour into electricity with the help of solar plates, it will be equivalent to the one-year power consumption of the world.

FACT#23. As the earth takes 24 hours to complete the rotation in front of its axis. such as the sun takes 25 days.

FACT#24. The sun produced energy equal to one billion nuclear bombs in one second.

FACT#25. There is a nuclear fusion reaction inside the Sun, it is exactly like a reaction to the eruption of the hydrogen bomb.

FACT#26. The true colour of the sun is white, because of its environment it is yellow.

FACT#27. If solar energy is applied to the entire planet, then 164-watt of electricity will be generated from every meter.

FACT#28. Solar eclipse: The solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, it can be up to more than 20 minutes.

FACT#29.  The Sun has rotated 20 rounds of the galaxy. It takes 2500 million years to complete one revolution so far.

FACT#30.¬†If the sun’s brightness does not reach the earth one day, then the earth will get frozen in a few hours as snow.

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