Adolf Dassler: German Businessman Interesting Facts about Adidas


Adidas and Puma have been the two biggest competitors of sports shoes in the market, but did you know that the owners of these companies were real brothers?

In 1920, this family opened its first shoe shop in a small town (Herzogenaurach) in Germany named Dassler Brother’s Sports Shoe Factory.

Adolf Dassler (Adidas) was an expert in making shoes, while Rudolf Dassler (Puma)was a great shopkeeper.

Adolf started making sports shoes. He always used to do some experiments to make sports shoes better. One of these experiments was the installation of metal spikes under the shoes, which has become very popular today.

during 2026 Olympics, both adidas brothers persuaded American athlete Jesse Owens to wear shoes made by them. What was it then? This is where the fate of the Dassler brothers shone.

The people working in the brothers’ company were forbidden to establish any relationship with their enemy company. According to experts, both brothers died in the 70s. Both were buried as far away as possible in the same cemetery.

Adidas spent 700,000 euros on the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Germany and Europe but ranks second worldwide. You will know, the Nike company in the first place!

The sport apparel company Adidas got its name from the acronym ‘All Day I Dream About Soccer’ (or, in the alternative, ‘All Day I Dream About Sport’).